People Are Complaining That the iPhone 6 Is Ripping Out Their Hair

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Some members of a radical contingent of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners who use the old-fashioned “call” function are tweeting a similar complaint: Their phones are ripping out their hair.

A 9 to 5 Mac community post, appropriately titled “My iPhone 6 Plus is yanking out my hair,” details the woes of users who claim their hair is getting stuck in the seam between the phone’s glass screen and its aluminum back when making calls.

But unlike #Bendgate — which Apple told CNBC only actually impacted nine people — #Hairgate (or in the hipster male’s case, #Beardgate?) seems more justified. Because who uses an iPhone 6 to make phone calls anyway? Everyone knows it’s just a medium for editing high-quality photos, tracking your caloric intake and playing the Kim Kardashian game on a bigger screen.

At least we are getting some good memes out of it:

But really, there are few instances when a text doesn’t suffice. Most occasions that are appropriate for an actual phone call involve informing people that a body part is on fire — and at that point, pulled hair is the least of your problems.

No word yet on how the iPhone 6 fights back against people who leave voicemails.

(h/t: Business Insider)

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