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• Aubrey Plaza, who plays a grumpy office worker on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, will voice Grumpy Cat in a live-action Lifetime Christmas movie.

• The Limited debuted a clothing line inspired by Scandal’s perpetually chic Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington).

• Lupita Nyong’o appeared on Sesame Street to tell Elmo that “skin comes in lots of beautiful shades and colors.” “You know what, Miss Lupita?” he replied. “Elmo loves the skin he’s in.”

• Stephen King’s best-selling JFK-assassination thriller 11/22/63 will become a Hulu miniseries.


‘My words hurt people … and frankly, I disappointed myself.’

PAULA DEEN, on the Today show, reflecting on her use of the N word and subsequent public shaming



Price a skullcap worn by Pope Francis was expected to fetch in an eBay auction for charity; it was obtained by the host of the Italian comedy show La Iene, who personally traded hats with the Pope


Pop art was more than just Andy Warhol and soup cans. “Pop Departures,” a new exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum that runs from Oct. 9 through Jan. 15, includes works like Lynn Hershman Leeson’s photo-collage TV Legs (1987) to showcase the breadth and lasting influence of the movement.


Cristin Milioti

The 29-year-old actress is clearly a big fan of sitcoms for which viewers already know the ending. She played the titular mom on How I Met Your Mother and now stars in NBC’s A to Z (premiering Oct. 2), about a quirky couple destined to break up.


Your show is called A to Z. Are there 26 episodes, one for each letter?

I think it would be 22, so they would combine some of the letters. I heard [creator] Ben Queen say LMNO is–God, I sound like a grandma–texting code for laughing my nuts off.

Well, you learn something new every day.

I always thought it was LMAO, which is laughing my ass off. That’s the one I know. And obviously good old standard LOL.

I’m partial to ROFL.

I’ve seen that one too!

It’s almost onomatopoeic. That’s what I imagine rolling on the floor laughing sounds like.

Rolf-rolf-rolf. Yeah!

Now that you’re on a show about dating, what’s your ideal date?

It would probably involve the beach and eating.

Good choices.

That’s all you need!

In the past, you’ve been nominated for a Tony and won a Grammy for the Once soundtrack. Are you going to go for an Oscar and Emmy too?

I don’t know–I’ll try, I guess! It seems like I just went to a store and asked them to make me a Grammy. It’s so unbelievable to have that thing in my house.

Speaking of music, will you and your A to Z boyfriend (played by Mad Men’s Ben Feldman) swap mixtapes this season?

Do people still do that? People should do that.

You need to speak out and make them cool again.

This is a public statement: I’m in favor of mixtapes.


• Sia

“I’m constantly on a Sia kick. I think she’s out of this world.”

• Nathaniel Rateliff

“He is really fantastic. I was really into his older album, and then he came out with another one last year. It’s absolutely beautiful.”


Despite being one of the most important snapshots of American life to emerge during the Great Depression, Thomas Hart Benton’s massive mural America Today–one of its 10 panels is shown above–had been put away in storage by the insurance company that bought it nearly three decades ago. In 2012, however, the company donated the painting to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where it will hang from Sept. 30 to April 19.


Celebrity Poets

Artist, actor and serial grad student James Franco is whipping up another Internet frenzy–this time, for poems in his new book, Hollywood Dreaming: Stories, Pictures, and Poems, which chronicles his personal and professional life. (“That was a time we had down in F-L-A … was special, like a bubble, in which/We all lived,” he writes of shooting Spring Breakers.) But Franco isn’t the first entertainer to reason with rhymes (or free-form). Here, a sampling of stanzas from five more unexpected poets.


“on the beach turtles lay eggs/ nightly/ and we watch them/ with special infra red lights/ miraculous every time”


“I reared digital moonlight/ You read its clock, scrawled neon/ across that black”


“A night of drink,/ A night of hate,/ A night as dark,/ As last nights date.”


“The guilt you fed me/ Made me weak./ The voodoo you did/ I couldn’t speak.”


“Organic girl dropped by last night …/ to tell me again how beautiful and serene she feels”

Sources: “Organic Girl,” originally published in Touch Me: The Poems of Suzanne Somers (Somers); “A Thoughtless Soul,” originally published in A Peace of My Mind (Sheen); “My Heart Is a Wiffle Ball/Freedom Pole,” originally published in Marie Claire (Stewart); “Remembrance of Who I Am,” originally published on britneyspears .com (Spears); “Butterflies,” originally published on (O’Donnell)


• Patchy-haired Lykoi cats, which are gaining buzz, bear an eerie resemblance to werewolves.

• Ylvis, the Norwegian comedy duo behind last year’s “What Does the Fox Say?,” is trying to win viral fame again with a song about … tying knots.

• Netflix’s new web app, Spoil Yourself, reveals major twists in popular TV shows and movies.

• Matthew McConaughey will not be in the Magic Mike sequel, which is not all right (all right all right) with fans.


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