Hate Spoilers? Netflix Made a Website That’s Your Nightmare

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Screams could be heard throughout the TIME newsroom. Caps lock proliferated the office chat room.


Netflix launched a website Tuesday that has but one goal: To purposefully spoil some of the biggest twists in popular TV shows and movies in a neatly-packaged 20-second clip.

In the name of journalistic curiosity, I had to learn more. The homepage to the torture chamber gives a warning of Dante-esque proportions: “Behind this door lie some of the biggest spoilers in TV and film. What you are about to see cannot be unseen.”

A second roadblock reiterated the question echoing in my head: “Are you sure?” I abandoned all hope. I pressed the red button. I entered.

Netflix’s Spoil Yourself is a game of Russian roulette—you don’t know what is going to get ruined until it has been, well, ruined. But there’s an adrenal rush that eggs you on to pull the trigger. Every click was exhilarating:

Primal Fear. (Already seen it. Phew.) Breaking Bad. (I would have been REAL mad if that got spoiled.) Good Morning Vietnam. WAIT. NO. I HADN’T SEEN THAT ONE. IT WAS IN MY QUEUE!


My day was ruined. I only have myself to blame.

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