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The Tragic Risks of American Football
Sixteen-year-old Chad Stover died playing a game after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Is the game worth it?

Rules of the Game

U2’s Mission to Save Music
Will giving away their new album help persuade consumers to value music again?

The Rise of Concealed Weapons in America
Why more people are walking around with guns hidden in their belts, bags and purses than ever before

Francois Hollande Fights Personal Scandal
France’s leader tries to contain political fallout after release of former partner’s book

John Kerry’s Wary Coalition
Will the U.S.’s shaky group of partners hold against ISIS?

The Triumph of Index Funds
CalPERS’ move is a vote for passive investing

Reading For Riches: Fall’s Big Business Books
From lessons on how to influence people to the future of the global economy, these titles are all on the money

The Science of Earning Respect

NASA’s New Big Winners
The space agency announces who will build its next orbital spacecraft

Bill Cosby’s Maddening Paradox
A new book explores America’s favorite TV dad

10 Questions With Ian McEwan
The author on wandering spouses, long lost brothers and that other Ian

How Much Salt Is Safe?
Warnings abound that we’re overloading on salt, but earlier in September a study found that sodium wasn’t significantly linked to high blood pressure in people who were not hypertensive. How to make sense of it all? Start here.

Tina Fey’s Family Drama
“This is Where I Leave You” is the kind of bet Holllywood doesn’t like to make anymore

Silence of the Liams
The stalwart Neeson stalks psychos in a grim, sadistic thriller

Shonda Rhimes Night in America
For three hours on Thursday, it’s OMG TV

Ten ‘Common Core’ Requirements for Teens
These won’t get teens into college, but will make them better people

The Pot Raiders
Private security pulls weed in an economy no longer quite underground

The Case for Staying Connected
We don’t need to ditch the grid. We need to fix the power business

Mojang, Creator Of Minecraft

Dark Clouds

Pop Chart




Robert Mueller
The former FBI director probing the NFL

Ian Paisley
Northern Irish unionist

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