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More than 40 million people have become hooked on the virtual worlds of Minecraft. But some fear that the game could change under new ownership. Sabrina Lane, 10, writes an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on behalf of its many young players:

Dear Mr. Nadella,

So I’ve heard the news that Microsoft is buying Minecraft. Kids like me–and teens–love the game, so I have a message for you: Please don’t change it! People like me love Minecraft the way it is–educational (parents really like that part) and really fun. Minecraft is educational because you have to earn your stuff. If you want milk, you milk a cow. If you want diamonds, you start mining. You also mine gold and iron to make swords and armor. Yes, you really mine in Minecraft–it’s just like the real world. You have to grow your own food to eat too, and you have to sleep to fill up your energy.

Minecraft is perfect the way it is. You can choose to build any way you want, making amazing creations, or you can build like you’re in the real world and do amazing things. So, Microsoft, you should know that we all want to keep Minecraft the same!

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