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The Guys Who Sang ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ Are Back With a New Song About Tying Knots

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Remember exactly one year ago when a weird little song that told us what the fox says blew up in a very major way? Well, those guys — Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis — are back on the scene and they’re no longer singing about animals. They’re over that. This time around, they’ve got a new obsession: knots.

Yup, really. The duo’s new track, “Trucker’s Hitch,” is an ode to the difficult art of tying knots — in particular, the very tricky little kind called the trucker’s hitch. It’s a catchy little ditty and, like last year’s hit, is pretty bizarre, but it just doesn’t seem like it has the power to blow up in the same way. (The “What Does the Fox Say” video has nearly 450 million views. Just saying.) Plus, the video isn’t nearly as over-the-top and absurd.

We could be totally wrong here, though. Maybe Ylvis die-hards will help give “Trucker’s Hitch” the momentum it needs to become even more of a smash hit. But somehow, foxes just seem so much more compelling than knots.

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