By Samantha Grossman
August 13, 2014

Critics who’ve already rolled their eyes at Iggy Azalea’s assertion that she’s “the realest” are sure going to have fun with this.

Newly leaked footage, from some unknown point in the rapper’s career, reveals a musical past that’s, uh, pretty different from the style she popularized in songs like “Work,” “Bounce” and, most recently, “Fancy.” Oddly enough, this leaked track is called “Nothing Like Me.”

Go on, take a second to appreciate that.

“Nothing Like Me” is basically a shapeless, generic dance-pop tune with a serious Britney Spears vibe — although, to be fair, you can hear traces of the Southern drawl that Iggy’s now known for (despite being, you know, Australian).

Also on prominent display is her oft-discussed derrière — which is actually a good way to identify that this indeed is Iggy Azalea. Do beware: some people have questioned the authenticity of the audio here — but it sure looks and sounds like Iggy.

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