August 6, 2014 10:16 AM EDT

Usually pop songs have to compete with the half-naked bodies in their music videos for viewers’ attention — rarely is it ever the other way around.

But Chelsea Lankes is one of pop music’s better-kept secrets, and the cat just might be out of the bag for good with her new music video, premiering exclusively at TIME. The upbeat track’s edgy guitar riff marks a slight departure from her ethereal debut single, “Ghost,” but Lankes’ voice is just as dreamy as ever.

“‘Secret’ is about intimacy between two people and the connection you have with someone that goes beyond words,” the singer tells TIME. “It was really fun creating a world where these two characters could interact. You can see these two people in this raw state of their relationship.”

Though she lives in Los Angeles now, to shoot the video Lankes traveled back to Nashville, where she’d been performing for the past few years, for a little Southern inspiration.

“We shot the video in Nashville in this huge mansion,” Lankes says. “We completely revamped rooms to create a set that looks like the motel we envisioned this story between these characters beginning.”

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