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Watch Kids React in Utter Bewilderment When Trying to Use a Typewriter

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What happens when you sit a bunch of kids in front of a typewriter? A whole lot of utter confusion, apparently. In the latest installment of their “Kids React” series, the Fine Bros. gathered a group of youngsters, ages 6-13, to see if they know what the heck a typewriter is and how it works.

Turns out that most of these kids do know what typewriters are — mostly from watching movies and TV — but as for knowing how they work? No chance.

Their reactions to this outdated, clunky technology is priceless — and they just can’t seem to grasp the idea that people really and truly used these things. When asked how he felt for those people, one kid replied, “I feel very sad for them. They can’t FaceTime…”

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