August 4, 2014 2:09 AM EDT

As the final season of True Blood winds to a close, the roller coaster ride continues. This week everyone — human or not — seems to be grappling with their humanity and trying to make sense of the insane world in which the show takes place. Plus, there’s a sex dungeon, a hot-and-heavy pool table scene, the return of a favorite character and some sex with the ex, which should make fans very happy.

Here’s what happened on True Blood:

Pam and Eric and Yakanomo Corporation’s Gus Jr., are searching for Sarah Newlin and some answers about how Sarah’s vampire sister Amber was cured. Under duress, Amber lets it slip that Sarah is the cure, but refuses to give up her sister’s whereabouts. Eric quickly loses his temper and stakes her, making her both a mess and a true dead end. Pam and Gus are not pleased, but Gus has a plan. He wants to eradicate Hep V, but he knows the vampire public has lost faith in the Yakanomo Corporation and he needs vampire testimonials to get back in business. In Pam’s word he wants “Eric to be the spokesperson for the vampire Jenny Craig commercials.” He is pretty, after all. A partnership is born.

Now that she knows Eric is after her, Sarah is, if possible, even more on the run than she was before. She heads to the site of her former church, but the pressure is getting to her. She hallucinates Jason Stackhouse, Steve Newlin and her guru before hearing the crunch of car tires on gravel. Eric, Pam and Gus are outside and they are ready to hunt.

Over at Vampire Bill’s house, Jessica and Sookie are sitting shiva before Bill is gone, watching as the black veins of illness curl over his body at a rapid clip. Sookie blames herself, thinking it’s her fey blood that has set the disease on its ravaging course. Bill continues to have sepia-toned dreams about his past, this time flashing back to when his father arranged his marriage to Caroline.

In other dreams, Arlene is not a fangbanger, but that does not stop her from having a smoking sex-filled dream about Keith, her vampire blood donor. When he shows up later at the bar, Arlene almost acts on her fantasy but remembers she is Hep V positive. When she tells him they can’t have sex, he wins her heart by suggesting they just dance instead.

Sheriff Andy and Holly are on the hunt for their runaway teens. They find Adilyn’s and Wade’s cell phones, abandoned in their tree house of desire, but there is no sight of the lovebirds. Andy decides to call Jessica — who is basically an Adilyn Lojack — and is greatly relieved when she reports that she doesn’t sense a problem. So where might the couple be? Vampire Violet’s sex dungeon, of course. She gives the teens a tour of her Whitman’s Sampler of whips, leather, handcuffs and enough bondage gear to make Christian Grey blush. She tucks the almost step-siblings into bed and gives Adilyn a big kiss on the lips. After a night together, Vampire Violet finally makes her move. She knocks out Wade and uses the fur-lined handcuffs on Adilyn to drain her fairy blood. Jessica senses the danger and runs to save Adilyn from the woman whose boyfriend she just stole.

Meanwhile, Mayor Sam is trying to answer Nicole’s ultimatum. He doesn’t know whether to leave with Nicole and his daughter or stay in the town he loves. Arlene pours him a drink and gently points out that Bon Temps is the only town that he’s ever loved. Sam’s not the only one struggling with the harshness of their reality this week. While searching for their kids, Andy stares at the waves lapping on a lake and starts to bawl his eyes out at the incongruity between the peacefulness of nature and his life. Hoyt Fortenberry returns to Bon Temps with a cute, blonde girlfriend on his arm. He stops at Bellefleur’s for a bite and tells Arlene that he has to stop by the police station to see Officer Stackhouse. In his glamour-ed brain, he can’t remember his former best friend’s first name. Jason takes Hoyt to see his mother’s body, sadly struggling with the fact that he has lost his best friend, even though he is standing right next to him.

Sookie is looking for a miracle, but she settles for a doctor. She calls in Dr. Ludwig — the tough-as-nails, scared of nothing medical professional who would give Dr. House the shakes — who treated Sookie back in season 2 when she was attacked by a magical maenad. Dr. Ludwig doesn’t believe that Sookie’s blood is to blame for the rapid pace of Bill’s disease, but when she enquires about Sookie’s family line, she hears the name Niall and bolts. Sookie’s grandpa is apparently the only thing that can frighten her.

Sookie takes her flight as a sign and goes to ask Niall for help. He materializes in her kitchen and asks for a plate of spaghetti and, after she feeds him, admits that he doesn’t like Bill for her — and, in fact, watched her infect him with Hep V. Still, he agrees to help her. He stands outside Bill’s house to “channel nature’s memory” and conjures up a vision that lets Sookie watch her sometimes beau’s baby be born, which somehow doesn’t make Sookie feel awkward. Her grandfather is touched by the miracle of birth, but tells Sookie that magic can’t fix Bill. She sends him away in disgust.

Later, in a recreation of their first romantic encounter, Sookie runs through the graveyard to Bill’s house, promising that she won’t leave him. They make love by the fire as the disease-blackened veins wind like vines over Bill’s body.

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