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Mom Finds and Returns Wallet with $1,000 Inside

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If the movie Fargo is to be believed, North Dakotans are a special bunch—warm and kind, with a funny accent and a can-do attitude. From Fargo again comes a heartwarming story, this time with a less gruesome ending.

A woman was out running errands with her daughter, the Associated Press reports, when she found a wallet with $1,000 inside. The woman, Sadie Hill, opted to return the wallet to J. Pat Wiggington to set a good example for her daughter, Adalee. As the AP notes, Hill is a single mother who works two jobs, and could have used the money:

“The only option was to return it,” she said. “But, I called my mom and I said, `You know, God is really testing me today.'”

Hill and her daughter found identification in the wallet and drove to J. Pat Wigginton’s home to return it. He gave them a $20 reward but later wished he’d done more.

Initially, Wigginton didn’t get their names, but said that he appreciated their honesty; with the help of a local-interest TV story, however, he found Hill and her daughter and sent them a $200 gift card for this year’s back-to-school shopping.

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