Watch the Thrilling Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

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There have already been three, so why not one more? The Mad Max franchise is gearing up for a fourth installment, slated for release on May 15, 2015. The preview above is a riveting look at the upcoming film’s fast-paced action and grisly desert wars waged from anachronistic-looking vehicles.

The Mad Max series, inspired by the 1973 oil crisis, is as much about conflict over the scarcity of resources as it is about a lone hero struggling to survive in a dystopian world. In this latest installment, Mad Max: Fury Road, the battle is over water.

“People effectively went to war for oil” after 1973, said series director George Miller, The Verge reports. “We arguably have been fighting oil wars ever since. Now, in some places in the world, there are water wars.”

It’s hard to make any definite plot conclusions from the preview alone, but one thing seems certain: there will be more than enough explosions to satisfy adrenaline seekers.

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