Illustration by Justin Metz for Time. Photo reference for emerald ash borer courtesy of PDCNR—Forestry Archive,
July 17, 2014 6:52 AM EDT

Invasive Species, Coming Soon to a Habitat Near You
From pythons to pine beetles, alien wildlife is on the move

The Border and Obama
It’s time to stop running away from the nation’s troubles

U.S. Navy’s Biggest Ships Are in China’s Sights
A new missile threatens American aircraft carriers in the Pacific

In Hot Pursuit of Cold Cases
Meet the prosecutor taking on 11,000 forgotten unsolved rape cases

Silicon Valley’s Arrogance Is Out of Beta and Ready to Ship
Venture capitalist Tim Draper’s proposal for a Silicon Valley state (and 5 others) is the apotheosis of tech hubris

Is Organic Food Really Healthier?
The latest research sheds some light on how to shop

Surprise: The Economy isn’t As Bad As You Think
7 signs America has turned the corner

Anton Corbijn: Dutch Master
The director of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last film soldiers on

Jenny Lewis, Bon Voyager
Indie queen Jenny Lewis just wants a good night’s sleep

The Emoji’s Strange Power
The Internet’s favorite icon can do much more than decorate a tweet

How to Stop Your Child From Spending a Fortune on Mobile Games
A few taps and swipes, and the costs can start to add up

Party in the USA
What I learned about this great country of ours when I threw an America-themed party

10 Questions With Keira Knightley
The actress on bleeding fingers, working with her mom and how she discourages male attention


In Charities We Trust
The IRS takes nonprofits at their word

Closing the Sunscreen Gap

Aliens Among Us



Nadine Gordimer
South Africa’s Literary Conscience

LeBron James


Warren Rising
The liberal Senate populist is winning crowds in red states

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