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A study that was recently published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that you actually have no idea what your colleagues think of you. When MBA students were told to judge their own assertiveness in mock business negotiations, less than half of the participants gauged their behavior correctly.

Now there’s an app for that! Knozen is supposed to let users compare coworkers to discover “what people like most about you,” according to its website—or hate. Like a workplace version of Hot or Not (which is actually transforming itself into a dating service), Knozen shows you two coworkers and asks you to pick which one is more analytical, trusting, or more likely to leave work early for a date. Then, it displays how many of your coworkers agree or disagree with you, giving an aggregate evaluation of each worker’s strengths and weaknesses. No, it won’t tell you how hot they are.

Knozen founder Marc Cenedella told Business Insider that he wants the app to become a kind of “personality API” that shows you how represent yourself to other people. But it also forms a self-surveillance system for employees—the presence of the app could make you behave better, or just make you paranoid enough to always be on your best behavior with coworkers. You don’t want to be rated as the laziest team member, do you?

(h/t Business Insider)

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