The 15 New Emoji We Need Right Now

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In July, 250 new Emoji—from “Dove of Peace” to “Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended”— will be installed in the Emojipedia for all of us to use and enjoy. But if that’s not enough for you, here’s 15 more Emoji that should really be a part of the next batch.

1. Black People

While the new Emoji installment boasts nearly every imaginable meteorological setting (“White Sun With Small Cloud,” “White Sun Behind Cloud,” “White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain,” the list goes on), we’re still waiting on some basic ethnic diversity here. Get on this, Emoji people.

2. Burritos

Making dinner plans at Chipotle? Burrito Emoji. Hungry? Burrito Emoji. Bored at work? Burrito Emoji.

3. Sad Poop

There’s already the “Pile of Poo,” but in Emojipedia’s own words, that’s “for some reason smiling in a friendly and approachable manner”—hardly appropriate for something that gets mercilessly flushed away every day.

4. Sigmund Freud

So that you can tell your friends their ego is showing. Plus, Freud’s face in nearly every one of his portraits looks like he’s creepily staring into your unconscious — great Emoji material there.

5. Sarcastic Eye Roll

Helpful in a complex digital language in which “Ok” and “Ok.” mean two completely different things.

6. A Wrecking Ball

People come in like wrecking balls frequently, but not always with relationships: at an open bar, for example, or when someone leaves their Seamless account logged-in on your computer.

7. Beyoncé

Beyoncé may have an Emoji interpretation of her song “Drunk in Love,” but an Emoji of Beyoncé herself would kill two birds with one stone: a way to express that you’re feeling like a queen, and also Emoji #1 (that much-needed racial diversity).

8. A Flying Pig

So that when someone asks you to hang out, to go on a date or to help move their furniture, you can reply with, “when pigs fly.”

9. White Wine

Not everyone likes red wine.

10. Fork in Eye

It’d be much cuter in Emoji form.

11. Unimpressed McKayla Maroney

For when you get an A- on a paper, or less than 100 likes on your profile picture—or when you land on your tailbone during the Olympics vault finals and get a silver medal.

12. Talk to the Hand

For those people who haven’t yet discovered that you can block someone’s messages on iPhone.

13. Grumpy Cat

When your friends want to go to Sunday brunch at 10 a.m. or stand you up for dinner, let grumpy cat do the texting.

14. Aziz Ansari

This way, Emojipedia could trash their stereotypically South Asian Emoji—Aziz Ansari is Indian, but there’s no turban on his head.

15. Foot in Mouth

The perfect morning follow-up to your texts from last night.

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