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61-Year-Old Man Spraypaints Police Station, Escapes on Scooter

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This is no Banksy. A 61-year-old man in Kingscliff, Australia, spray painted “DUMB COPS” and “KINGY BOYZ RULE” on a police station—while the police were still inside. When the cops ran after him, he tried to escape on a “toy scooter,” according to the Gold Coast Bulletin.

The elderly man even put up a fight, giving one officer a shoulder injury that will put him out of work for a week. “The reasons why he went to these lengths… are quite irrational, particularly with police being in the building at the time,” said detective Brendon Cullen.

This was no innocent man, either—he knew exactly what he was doing. Before spraying the facade of the building, he spray painted over all of the security cameras so no one would catch him in the act.

Perhaps you were thinking that punk might be dead? Clearly, it is not.

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