Hero Pig Saves Family From Fire

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Quick: go adopt a pet pig. It just might save your life.

A heroic pig named Lucky is credited with saving the life of Ina Farler and her two grandchildren after a fire broke out in their mobile home early Sunday morning, NBC affiliate WFIE-TV reports. While Lucky normally woke the family in the morning, Farler knew something was wrong when the pig started squealing around 4:40 a.m.

“He started screaming,” Farler said. “He would jump down, run to the door and then jump back up on the bed and hit me really hard. I sat up to see what was wrong with him, because he usually doesn’t do that through the night. When I sat up, I realized the room was really smoky.”

Thanks to the swift action of their pet and a helpful neighbor, Farler was able to get out of the trailer with her two grandchildren. Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the flames. While the home and everything inside is gone, Farler and her family and their beloved pig are safe.

[Via WFIE]

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