The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
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March 14, 2014 8:51 AM EDT
  • “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday morning started talks with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov in a diplomatic push to stop an intensifying crisis over Russia’s military presence in a southern region of Ukraine. But even as the two shook hands and met at the home of the U.S. ambassador in London, the rhetoric from Moscow continued to be harsh.” [Washington Post]
  • Warnings from the Ukraine Crisis [WSJ]
  • “A proposed U.S. aid package for Ukraine’s fledgling pro-Western government stalled Thursday amid festering Republican Party feuds over foreign policy.Tensions erupted on the Senate floor late in the day after the chamber did not advance the measure, with Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) berating the dozen or so of his Republican colleagues who, for various reasons, objected to the legislation.” [Washington Post]
  • White House reviewing deportation practices [TIME] and presenting new rules for for-profit schools [TIME]
  • “Senators struck a bipartisan deal on Thursday to revive expired long-term jobless benefits following months of dramatic stops and starts on the issue. After an afternoon of frantic negotiations, five senators from each party announced a deal that should finally deliver 60 votes necessary for the aid package to pass the Senate, barring procedural snags.” [Politico]
  • “The delegation from the National Cannabis Industry Association made a point of dressing well for its day on Capitol Hill, sporting mostly dark suits, lots of ties and plenty of the group’s signature lapel pins, which feature a sun rising over vibrant fields of marijuana.” [Washington Post]
  • “Kentucky’s state Senate voted unanimously Wednesday to advance a bill that allowing the use of marijuana oil to treat some cases of childhood epilepsy. Senate Bill 124, sponsored by state Sen. Julie Denton (R-Louisville), would exempt the marijuana extract cannabidiol from being classified as marijuana when used in Federal Drug Administration-approved studies, allowing children suffering from debilitating seizures to be treated as part of FDA trials. It would also approve use of the oil when recommended by a state research hospital.” [Huffington Post]
  • Putin on the Couch [Politico Magazine]
  • Democrats are addicted to Koch, too [National Journal]
  • Amid review of response to ignition failures, report finds 303 Deaths linked to GM cars with failed airbags [NYT]
  • Missing jet search area goes from ‘chessboard to football field’ as search expands to Indian Ocean [CNN]
  • Michael Bloomberg defends policies in interview with Katie Couric [Yahoo News]
  • Metro-North review finds “safety is lacking,” according to New York Times


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