Mary-Louise Parker From ‘Weeds’ Says She Hates Drugs

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Actress Mary-Louise Parker starred as a soccer mom-turned-drug dealer on the hit Showtime TV show Weeds for eight seasons, often involving her on-screen kids in the illegal business. But when it comes to her real-life, Parker said that she’s actually scared of drugs.

“I’m very afraid of drugs and very afraid of what happens especially to people who have particular biochemistry that is susceptible to addiction, which runs in my family,” the actress told People on Tuesday.

Parker, 49, also said she has regular conversations with her son William Atticus, 10, and daughter Caroline Aberash, 7, about the dangers of of addiction.

“We talk about drugs a lot,” Parker said. “I really hate drugs, and I was always the person where that was my thing: Mary-Louise doesn’t do drugs.”

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