Morning Must Reads: March 13

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  • Lawmakers optimistic about mortgage reform plan [TIME]
  • “The White House has been withholding for five years more than 9,000 top-secret documents sought by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for its investigation into the now-defunct CIA detention and interrogation program, even though President Barack Obama hasn’t exercised a claim of executive privilege.” [McClatchy DC]
  • Holder endorses proposal to reduce drug sentences [NYT]
  • Public feud between CIA, Senate Panel follows years of tension over interrogation report [Washington Post]
  • “As the oldest current sitting senator, Feinstein, 80, may look like a sweet granny, but boy, is it a bad idea to cross her, something the Central Intelligence Agency is just learning. Feinstein, the first female chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has often defended the CIA in the past on its surveillance tactics. But when the spy agency apparently used those same tactics against her, allegedly hacking her staff’s computers and stealing sensitive files, Feinstein was having none of it. Her speech taking the CIA to task on the floor of the Senate Tuesday morning was jaw dropping.” [TIME]
  • The un-American, anti-Koch campaign [Politico Magazine]
  • “Several anti-abortion lawmakers on Wednesday urged the GOP to focus on social issues this November and in 2016, arguing abortion rights supporters engage in ‘savagery.'” [The Hill]
  • Jan Brewer in 2016? [CBS News]
  • “U.S. investigators suspect that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 stayed in the air for about four hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location, according to two people familiar with the details, raising the possibility that the plane could have flown on for hundreds of additional miles under conditions that remain murky.” [WSJ]
  • “In his first year in Rome, Pope Francis’ comments on everything from gays to atheists have gotten most of the attention, but his aggressive efforts to reform the Vatican’s scandal-scarred financial apparatus show he’s not all talk.” [NBC News]
  • 7 Killed by explosion in East Harlem [NYT]
  • What’s prettier in print: The new issue of TIME

  • The Idea’s Issue: We asked 37 smart people how to make the world better. Here are their boldest blue-sky ideas
  • Conservatives, Inc. by Alex Altman and Michael Scherer
  • Crimea’s New Boss by Simon Shuster
  • Putin Has Already Lost by Rana Foroohar
  • More Must-Reads From TIME

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