How To Improve the World in 140 Characters

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Can you make the world better in 140 characters or less? We asked online luminaries for their best ideas. Tweet your own using #TIMEIDEAS.

  • @mariobatali, Chef, cookbook author and restaurateur: “The first step to empowering a new generation to innovate and thrive is to make sure every child is fed.”
  • @MalalaFund, (Malala Yousafzai), Founder: “The best way to fight terrorism is to fight ignorance with books and pens.”
  • @llcoolj, Entertainment icon: “More love, more kindness, more selfless acts.”
  • @susancain, Author of “QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” and co-founder of the Quiet Revolution: “”Introverts today are roughly where women were 50 years ago. Time for a Quiet Revolution!”
  • @rickygervais, Creator and star of “The Office” and “Extras” actor, writer, comedian: “Remember: When you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It’s only painful and difficult for others. The same applies when you are stupid.”
  • @robdelaney, Comedian: “Read a book to a kid. Hopefully they’ll live longer than you and maybe do something good with their life. Worth a shot?”
  • @stevewoz, (Steve Wozniak), Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.: “The only person you must convince in a disagreement is yourself. When someone is bad to you, be good to them. Make peace, not war.”
  • @nancylublin, CEO of @dosomething: “More big data for social change, like @CrisisTextLine. (And free chocolate for everyone.)”
  • @adambraun, Founder of @pencilsofpromis: “Ensure everyone had a great mentor and teacher in their life at all times.”
  • @nespector, (Nancy Spector), Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Guggenheim Museum: “With the best art, everything you thought you knew comes into question, even who you are. And we need to remember that this is a good thing.”
  • @scotthoying, Singer, @PTXofficial: “If music is the language of the world, then just imagine how beautiful a 7 billion part harmony would be.”
  • @SarahRobbOh, (Sarah Robb O’Hagan), President of Equinox: “I’m thinking team sports that involve boys n girls together. So they learn what gr8 gender balance feels like at an early age. #WinTogether”
  • @alexisohanian, Co-founder of @reddit, investor, entrepreneur: “What if we all had to live a day in someone else’s body? That’d be interesting. Someone work on the app for that.”
  • @AdamMGrant, Wharton professor and author of “Give and Take:” “A new definition of success: not just what you achieve, but also what you help others achieve.”
  • @humansofny, (Brandon Stanton), Creator, Humans of New York: “Free internet from outer space for the whole world.”
  • @patkiernan, Anchor, NY1: “The tech breakthrough that would change everything: Affordable renewable energy (and batteries to store it).”
  • @kevinroose, Author of “Young Money” and @nymag reporter: “Eliminate those plastic clamshell packages that are impossible to open without industrial-strength scissors and also global hunger.”
  • @benjlerer, Founder, Thrillist Media Group: “The Monday after the Super Bowl should be declared National Hangover Day and all businesses should be closed.”
  • @thegothamgal, (Joanne Wilson), Founder of the blog Gotham Gal and Gotham Gal Ventures: “Have more women rule the world. Lead our countries and our companies. Legalize pot in every state. #change”
  • @teddygoff, Partner at Precision Strategies: “More disruption! An app in every pot. Oh, and campaign finance reform, without which other meaningful reforms will not happen.”
  • @NellSco, (Nell Scovell), Journalist and TV writer: “Be female positive and carbon neutral. #fixedit”
  • @hmason, (Hilary Mason), Data Scientist in Residence, @Accel Partners: “We should build technology to be empowering to people, not businesses!”
  • @cyrusmassoumi, Founder and CEO of @zocdoc: “$6.5 trillion opportunity: Make healthcare as user-friendly as every other consumer industry.”
  • @mary_roach, Author of “GULP” and “STIFF:” “If the curb space fits two cars, don’t park in the middle of it. Don’t be that guy.”
  • @vpostrel, (Virginia Postrel), Author of “The Power of Glamour” and a columnist for @BloombergView: “Get over ‘one best way.’ Nobody’s normal. People are different. Stop trying to make everyone like you. ‘Like’=both verb & preposition.”
  • @marcidale, (Marci Harris), CEO of @popvox: “We can change the world by recognizing every person on the planet as an individual with dignity, worth & agency, rather than a statistic.”
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