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The SF Batkid Got Bumped from Appearing at the Academy Awards

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Young Miles Scott, the 5-year-old leukemia patient who became “Batkid” late last year, was originally part of the program for this year’s Oscars ceremony, which had a vague heroes theme. But he got bumped, with little explanation given to the family.

The International Business Times reports that he was scheduled for a surprise appearance and attended rehearsal on Saturday, before his family was told on Sunday that his participation would no longer be required. “It is kind of a disappointment, but things happen,” his mother Natalie Scott told the Times. “I know that’s how TV goes and how Hollywood is. We’re just not used to that. We’re from a really small town.” The Academy has not responded to a request from TIME about why the segment was canceled.

Miles became a hero to the world after doing derring around San Francisco when the Make-A-Wish Foundation transformed the city into Gotham last November. Crowds of thousands rallied to cheer him on as Miles saved a woman tied up on the cable car tracks and chased down the Penguin, who seal-napped the Giants’ mascot. After rescuing Lou Seal and saving the city from certain destruction, the mayor awarded Miles a key to the city. The streets were awash in goodwill as the Make-A-Wish Foundation announced that Miles’ leukemia was in remission.

The day’s adventure quickly went viral, with President Obama even sending out a Vine thanking Miles for his heroics. His appearance at the Oscars, which has gotten ho-hum reviews, certainly would have been a highlight for the many viewers who had been moved by his story.

“We have regular interaction with celebrities, television productions, and other high-profile events and unfortunately we’ve learned that sometimes these type of things happen for a number of different reasons,” a Make-A-Wish official said about the segment being canceled. “Regardless, we shared in the family’s disappointment.”

Miles had been outfitted in a tiny tux for the occasion. Here’s hoping the family will still share a snapshot of Batkid in his Bruce-Wayne best.

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