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Oscar Mayer Wants to Make Your iPhone Smell like Bacon

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Finally, a scent-emitting device that attaches to your iPhone and wakes you up to the smell of bacon.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. For starters, you’ll have to win the bacon emitter by filling out a form and getting accepted as an Official Bacon Beta Tester by Oscar Mayer. The form consists of two multiple-choice questions and a third, open-ended question about how much you love Oscar Mayer bacon. You’re going to have to sell a sliver of your soul, in other words.

Assuming you can crack into the elite team of bacon testers, you’ll get a little doodad that attaches to the bottom of your iPhone and pairs with Oscar Mayer’s free Wake Up & Smell the Bacon alarm app.

When it’s time to wake up, the app produces a sizzling sound and emits a whiff of bacon from the device. You, in turn, wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon and, what’s more, the smell of bacon.

You don’t, however, wake up to the taste of bacon. Such a feat involves a complicated process of stove-igniting and refrigerator-opening that’s far beyond the scope of this article.

For those of you too lazy to apply to be a bacon tester, you can download the app and use it to wake up to the sound of bacon. Those of you with loftier life goals can and should go for the smells, too, though.

On a related note, we may be on the verge of a smell-o-vision-like smartphone trend. Harry already tried the Pop Secret iPhone popcorn smell emitter late last year. Spoiler: He said the unfortunately-named Pop Dongle “really does smell good!”

Knowing that no smell-emitting smartphone gadget would be complete without an over-the-top video, here’s Oscar Mayer’s over-the-top video for the bacon dongle:

Wake Up & Smell the Bacon [Oscar Mayer via HLN]

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