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New Quantum Break Footage Makes Me Wish I Had a Time Machine

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Quantum Break looks really, really good. Better than Heavy Rain good. Better than a lot of CGI films good. Assuming Microsoft’s showing us actual Xbox One footage in the trailer above and not something running on a supercomputer-like PC render-farm, Xbox One owners have something special to look forward to, visually speaking, when Remedy’s third-person shooter drops in 2015.

Yep, I said 2015. That’s new. If you missed the earlier news, the game, which was due sometime this year, just got officially bumped to sometime next year. That’s okay, we’ll wait. And while we’re waiting, the trailer above — narrated by Remedy’s enjoyably stentorian creative director Sam Lake — offers a peek at what Remedy’s planning to show, more expansively, at Gamescom 2014 in Europe this August.

I could do without the buzzy “fusion of a cinematic action game and a top-of-the-line live-action show,” because that tells me nothing you couldn’t say about all kinds of games we’ve been playing for years. My advice to Remedy’s PR team, who’ll doubtless just laugh at me, would be to lose that stuff and just have Lake tell us, “We’re having a blast making this thing,” then let the video deliver the message. Because from 1:19 on, it’s doing some pretty persuasive talking.

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