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• Frequent flyers just got way more fly. Jay Z opened a “scaled down” version of his 40/40 Club sports-bar chain in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

• A loyal Mariah Carey fan fought music piracy as only a diva would: he spent $1,200 to fly to Germany and buy her album early.

• Sip your Slurpee with a side of irony this summer: 7-Eleven’s mason jars and mustache-adorned straws will bring all the grungy hipsters to the yard.

• It’s not delivery, it’s a drone! A Mumbai eatery says it dropped off its first pizza with an unmanned aircraft, after a similar Domino’s stunt last year.


‘The higher you climb in life, the more ridiculous your hats will become.’

CHARLIE DAY, star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, delivering words of wisdom during a commencement speech at his alma mater, Merrimack College, in North Andover, Mass.


The Austrian painter Maria Lassnig called her portrait style “body awareness,” and, as in Sciencia, above, she aimed to translate onto canvas not what bodies look like but what it feels like to be in one. A survey of her work is on view at MOMA PS1 in New York City; after the artist’s May 6 death, the museum extended the show through Sept. 7.



Increase in sales of songs by Solange Knowles–Beyoncé’s younger sister–in the week after video footage leaked of her now infamous elevator fight with Jay Z


50 Cent

The “In da Club” singer’s latest album drops June 3, but that’s just part of 50’s plan for media domination. On June 7, Power, a show he executive-produced, set–where else?–in the world of New York nightclubs, premieres on Starz. Here, the 38-year-old entertainer talks to TIME.


Your new album is called Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win. What’s the story behind the title?

A lot of the material in hip-hop is [about] life and death. This time, I searched for something different. It has a more positive energy.

The art is a picture of a lion. Do you think lions are particularly ambitious?

Well, then it would be the female lion, right? She does all the hunting. I used the lion because it has an aggressive look.

Good point.

It’s the most violent image you can have and be completely appropriate.

Speaking of titles, what does “power” mean to you?

For me, the definition of power is influence.

So who influences you?

It changes. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, to be honest. I’ve seen people with so much money they’re trying to figure out how to buy cool.

Can you do that?

They’re trying! I’ve been places where people pay me $100,000 to come for a walk-through of a nightclub and when I get there, it’s residential, and there are 12 people. They just want to be able to say they met 50 at a crib.


• HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

“I don’t get a chance to consistently see anything because I’m not in one town. I was into [that show] for a minute, with DVR.”


The “sails” of the Sydney Opera House are among the most recognizable architectural shapes in the world. Since May 23, they’ve also been canvases. As part of the annual Vivid Sydney light-and-music festival–timed to celebrate the start of winter, which is just beginning Down Under–artists were commissioned to create a new video piece to be projected onto the building’s white roof, where it will be shown every night through June 9.


Jobs That Are (Almost) Too Good to Be True

The China-based Giant Panda Protection and Research Center’s recent post about hiring a so-called panda nanny–someone paid to spend a year documenting their time on its reserve in order to raise awareness about panda endangerment–led some animal lovers to call it the ultimate dream job. But it’s not the only profession vying for the title.

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(per year)




Both major and regional breweries hire professionals to judge brews on taste, texture and market potential.



SplashWorld resorts hired a college student last year to rate its slides on the basis of splash size, adrenaline factor and more.



Manicurist Pattie Yankee has turned celebs’ nails–including Pink’s and Katy Perry’s–into Pinterest-worthy works of art.



The best professional whistlers have performed Mozart in concert halls and recorded albums.



Retailers and tech companies routinely hire trend forecasters to determine what’s cool and what’s not, especially for younger demographics.


• The engineer who security-proofed President Obama’s BlackBerry revealed that it cannot support Angry Birds.

• Kanye West dropped a new track, called “God Level,” on the same day he married ### #######.

• Brazilian soccer star Neymar (full name: Neymar da Silva Santos Júniora) has kicked off a mullet-hawk craze among his younger fans.

• Some New York parents are hiring professional organizers to pack their kids’ suitcases for sleepaway camp–for as much as $250 an hour.


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