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Watch: This Guy Invented Crazy Shoes That Let Him Walk Upside-Down

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Fresh off of his invention of retractable Wolverine claws, British inventor Colin Furze has unveiled the latest gadget in a growing line of X-Men inspired creations: “Magneto shoes.”

Furze debuted the shoes on YouTube with an upside-down stroll across a rafter in his garage. The shoes have two home-made magnets mounted to a pair of Vans.

Rather than pay upwards of “80 quid” for industrial strength magnets, Furze explained in an accompanying how-to video that he could create the same supercharged forces by salvaging microwaves from a local dump, clipping transformers out of the back and running an electrical current through them. Moments later, he’s hanging upside down by his feet, shouting, “Oh my god, that is holding my whole weight.”

The rest is history, of sorts.


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