You Can Now See How Much More Popular You Are Than Your Coworkers

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As if the job market wasn’t competitive enough already. LinkedIn is introduced a feature Wednesday that allows users to stack themselves up against their connections’ profile views.

The stats include a percentage ranking comparing users to their place among their connections, as well as a numerical ranking. It also appears beside a list of your top-10 most-viewed connections, plus some inks to tips on updating your profile.

The new ranking system sheds light on how much data LinkedIn collects about us, as well as how much the network is used by others to find out about us. It may also be a subtle nudge to push users to add connections, update their profiles and spend more time on the social network.

LinkedIn said in a blog post that the feature lets consultants and business owners see how effective their marketing strategies are, and it allows new graduates to “thoughtfully build their network.” The Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature—adjacent to the profile ranker—also allows job seekers to see which employers have looked at their profiles, LinkedIn said.


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