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Get Ready to Procrastinate: Today’s Google Doodle is an Interactive Rubik’s Cube

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Prepare to spend your whole day procrastinating, because Monday’s Google Doodle is an interactive Rubik’s cube to honor the 40th birthday of the addictive puzzle.

You can click the Cube to twist it, and Google keeps track of how many moves you’ve made so far, so you can spend the whole day beating your own score instead of working on that important project. You’re “Googling stuff.”

The Rubik’s cube has been the toy of choice for nerds, geniuses, and loud kids in the back of the car ever since it was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik. It’s the world’s most fun math problem, and you’ll probably never solve it—but good luck spending the rest of the day trying.

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