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Canadian Boy Dies After Spending Several Hours in the Cold

Elijah Marsh.
Toronto Police/EPA Elijah Marsh.

3-year old Elijah Marsh wandered away from an apartment building in Toronto

A young boy died Thursday after spending several hours outdoors in frigid Canada temperatures.

Security footage showed three-year-old Elijah Marsh wandering away from his Toronto apartment wearing a T-shirt, diaper and winter boots around 4:20 a.m., the Toronto Star reports. Police found the boy around 10 a.m., when he showed no vital signs. He was taken to a hospital and later declared dead.

The temperature in Toronto at the time was around -4° F.

[The Toronto Star]

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The Big Freeze Shatters Records on the East Coast

At least 15 weather-related fatalities in Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky

Relentless, teeth-chattering, record-shattering cold gripped the eastern United States on Friday as the next winter storm threatened to make an icy, snowy mess out of the weekend for tens of millions of people.

Flint, Michigan, dipped to 25 degrees below zero, tying the record for the coldest morning there since records were established in 1921. Philadelphia, Washington and Lexington, Kentucky, had their coldest morning in two decades.

Elsewhere, from Maine to Florida, temperatures were as much as 40 degrees lower than normal. Forecasters said it might turn out to be the coldest air of the entire winter…

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January Wasn’t Nearly as Cold as You Thought

It was actually the second-warmest one on record

Last month was the second-warmest January on record, according to new data released Thursday, despite the frigid temperatures that had many on the East Coast shivering.

Land and sea temperatures across the globe were on average 1.39 degrees Fahrenheit above the average for January, and on land temperatures were 2.57 degrees higher than normal, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Temperatures have only been higher once since the agency began tracking temperatures in 1880—in 2007, when the average land temperature was 3.31 degrees higher than normal throughout the month of January. According to NASA, 2014 was the hottest year since 1880.

While the East Coast faced a typical winter chill in January, the West Coast’s heat was more dramatic, USA Today reports. Seven states had the one of the 10 hottest January’s on record, while no states faced record cold.

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Watch a Train Dramatically Plow Through a Massive Snowdrift in Canada

So much more efficient than a regular old shovel

Several parts of eastern Canada have been slammed with truly crazy amounts of snow — but not enough for the freight trains to stop running. In fact, these locomotives are working quite nicely as heavy-duty snow plows.

Earlier this month, a video of one such formidable freight train circulated because it was just weirdly mesmerizing to watch. Now, a new video of a train boldly taking on the snow has emerged, and it’s equally impressive. It was captured along the Ontario Southland Railway line between the towns of Salford and St. Thomas, CBC News reports. (Yes, it’s a designated plow car, but still.)

Watch as the residual snow literally knocks a man to his feet and then just totally buries him.

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Kentucky Police Blame Cold Weather On … Elsa From Frozen


"Suspect is a blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress and is known to burst into song 'Let it Go!'"

Cold weather hasn’t stopped a Kentucky police department from showing its sense of humor.

The Harlan City Police Department posted on its Facebook page Wednesday that it blamed poor weather on Elsa from Frozen, and that it had taken out a warrant for the snow princess’ arrest.

For the uninitiated, Elsa possesses the magical power to create snow and ice.

Shortly after, the Harlan police posted another message warning residents that, joking aside, the weather was still serious business.

While we might not be able to blame Elsa for the weather, how about issuing an arrest warrant for getting “Let It Go” stuck in our heads for the past year and a half?

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Record-Breaking Cold Set to Hit Eastern U.S.

Visitors view frozen Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, New York, Feb. 17, 2015.
Lindsay DeDario—Reuters Visitors view frozen Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, N.Y., Feb. 17, 2015.

The Midwest and East Coast will suffer through subzero temperatures on Thursday and Friday

Meteorologists are predicting parts of the eastern United States could experience historically low temperatures over the next few days thanks to a cold spell called the “Siberian Express.”

The National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center details that temperatures in the upper and middle Mississippi Valley and Tennessee Valley, all the way to the Carolinas and lower Great Lakes, will be 25 to 45 degrees below average. That could mean record-low February temperatures for Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio and West Virginia.

The air responsible for the shift has been traveling in from Siberia, over the North Pole and down into North America over the past week.

According to the Washington Post, the nation’s capital didn’t drop below 6 degrees last year. But this week, the region’s NWS office noted that Washington, D.C.’s temperature may fall below zero for the first time since Jan. 19, 1994.

The center also expects more “heavy snow” for parts of New England, making for unwelcome news after successive storms dumped several feet of snow in the region over the last few weeks.

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Here’s What Niagara Falls Looks Like Frozen

A winter wonderland on the border

Frigid temperatures by the Great Lakes are giving tourists a whole new reason to visit Niagara Falls.

The famous waterfalls by the Canada-U.S. border were partially frozen this week as temperatures in the area hit 13 degrees below zero on Monday. Though the falls were hardly frozen solid—water continued to flow—layers of ice built up, giving the impression of a winter wonderland amid its icy mist and surrounding snow.

Temperatures aside, the cold weather doesn’t deter necessarily tourists. Last year, the site received more visitors during a week in early March than the average winter week as word (and photos) of the falls’ frozen appearance spread, USA Today reported.

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Winter Weather: Subzero Cold Coming to Iced-Over South

Winter Weather Kentucky
David Stephenson—AP Jamie McCall shovels his driveway as he tries to keep up with the snowfall at his home in Paris, Ky., Feb. 16, 2015.

In Nashville, Tennessee, the forecast low for Thursday morning is 2 below zero

Hundreds of thousands across the Southeast were still without power Tuesday evening, and with another deep freeze arriving Wednesday, utility crews were in for a long week.

Already iced over by the rare winter storm, much of the region won’t even get back to freezing before the next bitter blast blows in Wednesday night and Thursday morning, pushing low temperatures below zero in parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina, The Weather Channel said.

In Nashville, Tennessee, the forecast low for Thursday morning is 2 below zero. That would be the latest in the year that Nashville has been at zero or below in the 144 years that records have been kept there…

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Washington Gridlocked Again… By a Snowstorm, Thankfully

It was a blanket of snow that shut down the federal government this time, not a feuding Congress

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Snow and Ice Storms Cut Across South and Mid-Atlantic

Winter Weather Kentucky
David Stephenson—AP Jamie McCall shovels his driveway as he tries to keep up with the snowfall at his home in Paris, Ky., Feb. 16, 2015.

Blizzard conditions stretch south of the Mason-Dixon line, leaving a quarter of a million people without power

A wintry blast of snow and ice swept from the Midwest to the South on Monday night, burying some regions in more than a foot of snow and cutting off power to hundreds of thousands of homes.

Power outages rolled across Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Arkansas, NBC News reports, as sheets of ice downed power lines and coated city streets. Six governors declared states of emergency and over a quarter-million people were without power Tuesday morning.

The highest recorded snowfall, 18 in., fell in eastern Kentucky, while accumulations of up to 9 in. were forecast for Washington, D.C., as snow fell up and down the Eastern seaboard. The federal government said it would be closed Tuesday because of the inclement weather.

Meanwhile, the city of Ithaca in upstate New York has officially posted a surrender notice to this year’s winter weather, inviting visitors to its official tourism webpage to visit Key West instead:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.19.02 AM

[NBC News]


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