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Watch 10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC

"Hey your worship..."

It wasn’t a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but recently, right here in the streets of New York City that Princess Leia silently walked the streets for ten hours and recorded every catcall, every “Hey Princess….”, every attempt to introduce her to an “aid” named Lobot that was flung at her.

It’s the latest parody of the Hollaback! PSA, which captured the experience of a woman walking the streets of NYC and getting catcalled to raise awareness about street harassment. The spoof manages to be fun to watch without making too light of the original video’s serious message.

As Leia drifted down the street wearing a conservative ankle-length, turtleneck white tunic and simple ear buns, she was called after by everyone from Darth Vader to creepy hooded Jawas to supposed good guy Luke Skywalker and even Boba Fett, who just walked silently along side her for several minutes. While obviously noted sleaze-ball Lando Calrissian hollered at his girl, even Jedi Master Yoda couldn’t help but shout-out to the princess who was just trying to mind her own business (and probably save Alderaan).


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A Supercut of Fake Ads From Movies

Watch mock ads from Ghostbusters to Toy Story to Happy Gilmore

If you want to visit Big Al’s Toy Barn, have a sip (or a slug) of a Dunk-A-Cino or order in some ghostbusting, you’ll want to watch a new supercut of fake ads from real movies.

The new video from Screen Junkies showcases the ads used in movies to sell a product like Al Pacino’s Dunkin Donuts coffee drink, remind viewers to tune in at 6 to catch Anchorman‘s Channel 4 news, erase memories with Lacuna Inc, or buy a Buzz Lightyear doll at the local toy shop.

The video features ads from movies like Lost in Translation, The Wolf of Wall Street, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Beetlejuice.

Pour yourself a glass of Suntory whiskey and watch.

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This Local News Reporter Dancing to T.I. Is Everything

"Where They At Doe" is unstoppable.

Local news is a treasure trove of incredible moments. Like this or this or this or this video of West Virginia news anchor Dan Thorn busting a move to T.I. at the news desk.

WVNS 59 News was on a commercial break, but the cameras were still rolling when the reporter started getting down to T.I.’s “Where They At Doe,” proving you don’t have to be in the club to drop it low.

While this video would seem to prove the theory that when T.I. plays, you dance, Thorn’s co-anchor Sarah Pisciuneri was clearly not impressed with his iPad-wielding dance moves. Her disinterest was explained when she tragically announced that she just can’t dance on camera. Seems like she could pick up a few pointers from Thorn on that front.

As for Thorn, now that he’s practiced dancing alone to T.I., we’ll look for his appearance on dancing alone to Pony.

H/T Tastefully Offensive

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Charlie the Beagle Will Trade You His Toy for Your Breakfast

It's only fair.

Charlie gets it.

He may be a dog, but he understands that in this life, nothing is free and good things — like a human-sized breakfast — only come to those who work for it. After all, everyone, even pets, need to contribute. (Hence with Charlie’s whole helping change the baby’s diaper thing.)

In the latest video from the lovable canine YouTube sensation, Charlie quickly realizes that if he wants his human’s sausage and egg breakfast, he’s going to have to do some serious bartering. Luckily, he has a plan and quickly suggests a trade.

This isn’t Charlie’s first time at the swap meet, after all. A few months back, the usually well-mannered pup tried to entice his human sister into a generous, if guilt-ridden, trade when he swiped the toy she was playing with at the time.

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Deer Spotted With Doughnut on Antlers

The unusual sight was captured on video

When nature calls, sometimes it brings doughnuts.

A camper in the Wyoming part of Snake River Canyon was surprised when a mule deer casually walked up to him across a creek. The animal had a mini powdered doughnut hanging off of its antler, much like the fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror of a Camaro.

The deer did not seem to react to the camper’s pointing and laughing.

In the YouTube video description, the camper surmises that another generous camper shared the doughnut with the deer.

WATCH: Hovercraft Rescues Deer Stranded on Frozen Lake

WATCH: Adorable deer Demands Constant Belly Rubs

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Watch This Pilot’s Dramatic Midair Video of the Antares Rocket Explosion

The cause of the explosion is still unknown

Ed Sealing was up in a Cessna airplane hoping to get a glimpse of a rocket launch at NASA’s facility in Wallops Island, Va. “I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a rocket launched before,” Sealing told USA Today. “And I still haven’t…. It was definitely dramatic.”

Sealing had the camera on his iPad rolling when the launch turned into a dramatic and unfortunate series of explosions that blew apart the unmanned Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo module. “I just kind of thought, that’s not right, something’s wrong there,” Sealing said. “Then there was a second big explosion.”

Sealing was able capture it all and posted the footage to YouTube where it has quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

While no one was hurt in the explosion, the cargo rocket was carrying 5,000 pounds of experiments and equipment for NASA, including food supplies for the astronauts in the International Space Station.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

MORE: What NASA’s Antares Explosion Means

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World-Class Skiers Don Special LED Suits in Gorgeous Video

Where can we get a suit like that?


This article originally appeared on Lost at E Minor.

This will be the most amazing thing you watch this year, there’s no doubt about it. The creative team behind this film have really pulled out all the stops to create a visually stunning experience. A collaboration between Sweetgrass Productions, Philips TV and Ahlstrand & Wållgren, a teaser clip of Afterglow has been released to tease audiences… and we are most certainly teased!

The feature length film follows pro-skiers wearing incredible custom-made LED suits as they glide down pristine snowy slopes at night. The effects of the colored light reflecting off the snow and lighting up the darkness is unspeakably beautiful. Filmed in Alaska, the project was on a mammoth scale.

“Deep pillows and Alaskan spines, all filmed at night, with massive lights, custom made LED suits, and a national governments worth of logistics, planning and civil engineering,” said the filmmakers.

We only have one question. Where can we get a suit like that?

(Via Wired)

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Wedding Filmed by a GoPro Attached to a Whiskey Bottle

Whatever it takes to get through a wedding.

If you’re wondering who is the most popular person at a wedding, be assured it’s not the bride or the groom, but the person toting the bottle of whiskey.

At a wedding, most people (bride, groom, and guest alike) have two things on their mind: Try not to cry too much during the ceremony and have fun at the reception. Both can require a bit of liquid fortitude, hence the popularity of the whiskey bearer. To prove that status, someone attached a GoPro camera to a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and let it loose at a wedding.

What was captured on the camera is exactly what anyone who has been a regular on the wedding circuit would expect: Lots and lots of shots by people in their Sunday best, chugging straight from the bottle, no chaser required. Whatever it takes to toast the happy couple, right?

[h/t Uproxx]

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OK Go’s New Music Video for “I Won’t Let You Down” Won’t Let You Down

As long as you’re into mesmerizing umbrella choreography

OK Go’s approach to music videos has been nothing short of pioneering, often generating visuals that are even more memorable than the songs they accompany. The band’s latest effort, for the single “I Won’t Let You Down” off their recently released album Hungry Ghosts, is brought to life by umbrella-wielding dancers and aerial videography. While they may never top their creation of the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine, the results here are nonetheless impressive.

Some shots conjure Busby Berkeley, the Hollywood choreographer known for his mesmerizing bird’s-eye-view shots of synchronized swimmers and dancers. Others look like a life-sized Lite-Brite, using the opening and closing of colorful umbrellas to generate images and spell out words. The four band members cavort through the shots riding Honda UNI-CUBs, which are kind of like seated Segways that look uncannily like robotic penguins. Honda also contributed the “multi-copter” camera used to shoot the video.

The song itself is synth-heavy and dance-worthy, though ultimately less likely to stick with listeners than the video’s images. OK Go’s commitment to arresting visuals and feats of choreography is perhaps more responsible for their continued relevance than their songwriting. And as long as they keep up the creative videos—staying true to their promise not to let us down—then there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Someone Set the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer to Celine Dion

"My Ultron Will Go On"

Near, far, wherever you are, this mashup of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer with Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” will send chills down your spine — though that’s probably true of any video you slap the famous Titanic love song onto. There’s something about the contrast between Dion’s epic vocals and the images of destruction in the clip that make this version even more ominous than the original. And since children creepily sing songs in movie trailers is an established practice (Avengers included), perhaps Hollywood studios can take note and start making Celine Dion songs the go-to soundtrack for all their movie trailer needs.

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