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Tesla Is Going to Build Its Huge Battery Factory in Nevada

6,500 jobs to be created in Reno

Tesla Motors has picked Nevada as the location of the electric-car company’s $5 billion battery plant, dubbed the Gigafactory.

The deal is expected to bring 6,500 much needed jobs to the state’s Reno area, reports USA Today.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told the audience at the official announcement Thursday that the plant would “enable the mass production of compelling electric vehicles for decades to come.”

But before the deal can be finalized, USA Today reports, Nevada will have to cough up a huge incentive package estimated to be worth $1.5 billion over 20 years.

Tesla aims to be pumping out lithium-ion battery cells on a huge scale from the plant by 2020, which will ultimately bring down their cost.

“I am grateful that Elon Musk and Tesla saw the promise in Nevada,” said Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. “These 21st century pioneers, fueled with innovation and desire, are emboldened by the promise of Nevada to change the world.”

With an eye to sustainability, the plant will produce its own energy and adopt labor-saving construction techniques.

The deal will now go to the state’s legislature for approval and is due to be called in a special session next week.

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Giant Floating Duck Proposed to Bring Green Energy to Copenhagen

Energy Duck: A submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition by artists Hareth Pochee, Adam Khan, Louis Leger and Patrick Fryer. Courtesy Land Art Generator Initiative

The unique structure could theoretically provide the environmentally conscious city with solar energy and hydropower

Here’s an idea for energy sustainability that’s not mere quackery: A team of British designers and artists have proposed a floating tourist attraction that would gather solar energy in Copenhagen Harbor as the Danish city works to become carbon-neutral by the year 2025.

The 12-story-high structure just happens to also be in the shape of a giant sea duck.

Built from lightweight steel and covered in solar panels, the “energy duck” would by day collect the sun’s rays and by night bask the harbor in LED lights that change color in rhythm with the hydro turbines inside it, according to blog designboom.

Visitors wouldn’t just be able to admire the light show from a distance, they’d be able to board the energy duck and see the inner workings for themselves.

The supersized bird was developed by artists and designers Hareth Pochee, Adam Khan, Louis Leger, and Patrick Fryer as part of a competition run by the Land Art Generator Initiative, a project that aims to integrate art with sustainable design to come up with alternative energy solutions.

It’s just a concept, of course, but let’s hope this plan doesn’t go a-fowl.


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