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Sisters Make You Popular, According to Baboon Study

Christian Heinrich—Getty Images/Imagebroker
Yellow Baboons with babys sitting on a trunk, Moremi Nationalpark in Botswana, Africa. Christian Heinrich—Getty Images/Imagebroker

Mothers pass their high ranks onto their daughters, and sisters help give that a boost

A study of dominance in female baboons reveals two keys to a high rank in primate society: a close bond with your mother and a circle of supportive sisters.

Duke University biology professor Susan Alberts and her colleagues studied a population of yellow baboons in Kenya, observing the rise and fall of females on the baboon social ladder.

“Daughters of high-ranking females generally mature more quickly, produce more offspring, and have better access to food and mates. It’s like being born with a silver spoon in your mouth,” said Alberts.

Baboon mothers often assist their daughters in competition for food and mates, helping establish their daughters’ position in the animal kingdom.

Researchers also discovered the power of sisterhood among baboons; female’s with many sisters were more likely to reach the rank of their mothers.

Sisters are willing to gang up on rival families in order to boost their siblings’ rank. But when it came to competition within the family, that support drifted away; baboon sisters helped each other only as long as their own rank wasn’t in jeopardy.

The study, published in August’s issue of Animal Behaviour, suggests that the secret to the Kardashian family’s popularity might not be its reality show, but rather sisterhood. And that baboon theory could also explain why Kim is always the queen bee.

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Beyoncé, Solange and Jay Z Desperate to Convince Us Things Are Back to Normal

They've all been hanging out in New Orleans

Last week, Beyoncé went on an Instagram spree, flooding her feed with photos of her sister Solange to convince us that everything was cool following the mysterious elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z.

We weren’t sure when those photos were taken, though, so we weren’t completely convinced that everything was cool. But over the weekend, Beyoncé posted a new photo of the sisters, which she made sure to timestamp for us so we know that it was indeed taken on Saturday:

The photo’s caption simply reads, “New Orleans May17th 2014.” So this means they were hanging out together, wearing bright clothing and smiling for pictures. The sisters apparently had lunch with Jay Z over the weekend, too, and there were no reports of any fighting.

So it seems like all is calm and they’ve all resumed their celebrity lives. Alas, we’ll probably never know what Jay and Solange were saying to each other, but SNL has a pretty good guess:

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