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Watch a Pilot Propose to His Flight Attendant Girlfriend at 34,000 Feet

A cheeseburger started it all

Alaskan Airlines flight attendant Brandy Hollenbeck had flown from Seattle to Juneau many times before, but the March 18 flight turned out to be a surprising one for her and everyone else onboard.

Unbeknownst to Hollenbeck, her pilot boyfriend, Eric Greener, was hiding in the flight deck jump seat. And once the flight was in the air, Greener began addressing the cabin over the intercom.

“I happened to meet this beautiful blond flight attendant, who was sitting there … chowing down on a double cheeseburger,” Greener recalled. “All I could think, folks, was, ‘My gosh, a flight attendant who has the courage to eat a cheeseburger in the terminal is a woman to know.’ ”

“We hit it off, I got her number and I met the woman of my dreams at 34,000 feet. So I figure it’s time to continue our lives at 34,000 feet,” he said before appearing at the end of the aisle.

He got a definite yes, by the way, in case you can’t tell by the couple’s beaming faces or the applause from throughout the cabin.

Hollenbeck was quoted by the official airline blog as being surprised by the proposal to the point that she continued serving coffee to passengers through most of it. “At one point I thought, ‘Someone up there is telling my love story!’ ” she said.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

TIME relationships

15 Ways to Empower Others in 15 Minutes

Getty Images

Being the agent of positive change for those around you is a responsibility

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.” – Lao Tzu

Empowering others happens as you develop into a better leader and friend. After empowering YOU, the key is using that courage and sensibility to lead and change lives. Building a community, a tribe, a plan for world domination—all of that big, heavy world-changing stuff begins with the ability to make other people do positive things they already want to do. Sounds crazy, right? Strong female leaders such as Michelle Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi are able to mobilize entire communities and countries, with just words and actions, and they do it with intellect and style. Here are 15 fifteen-minute ways to empower others:

1. Smile.

The universe is made up of little interactions that stimulate the energy and growth within a community. Whether that community is New York or Reykjavik, friends and strangers alike are influenced by a simple smile.

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2. Be positive.

Be conscious about your words and actions so that you can be a positive force, rather than fueling the fire. Your energy will offer insights to any discussion and invite others to see things from your perspective.

3. Give genuine compliments.

I’m a firm believer in saying what you want, when you want to—especially if what I say will make someone feel great. Whether it’s acknowledging someone’s generosity or their new shoes, compliments generate conversation and allow others to open up to you.

4. Challenge others.

My friends often impress me with their talents; however, many of us are plagued by extreme self-doubt or paralysis-by-analysis. I try to help by brainstorming ways in which my friends can take their skills to the next level, either to make money or gain followers. It’s rewarding, and I find that we challenge each other to be better every day.

5. Encourage creation.

From themed movie nights (like rom-com marathons) to cooking classes to photo-shoots, doing things with friends is an excellent way to foster creativity and refine skills. MAJOR plus: there’s nothing like taking great photos to post on Instagram or making new friends through collaboration.

6. Do things together.

Little things matter, like grabbing breakfast or lunch with coworkers or calling a friend who’s having a bad day. Smaller groups encourage sharing and empower the shyer ones to speak up.

7. Share ideas.

Budding entrepreneurs and artists can relate because sharing ideas is crucial to the work, but everyone thrives from idea generation because it leads to incredible bonds and unforeseen adventures. Sharing ideas can take 3 minutes or it can turn into hour-long conversations over caffeinated beverages… so share away.

8. Teach.

Education is powerful and necessary, but not left to just certified teachers. The most prolific and impactful teachers are often friends and family. It could be a small anecdote of how you overcame an obstacle, how to do a V-lookup on Excel, or dating advice. Teach others so they can be more efficient, knowledgeable humans.

9. Participate.

Attend events (join Local Levo here), inspiring lectures, and even parties. Seek them out, and be a resource for others. If there are places you want to go, chances are others do, too—but need an extra push, so don’t be afraid to motivate others to join.

10. Travel.

Okay, so traveling takes more than 15 minutes, but booking it only takes a few! Exploring new, exotic places immerses you in a diverse environment. It makes you a more open-minded, innovative, inviting leader because living outside of your comfort zone requires resourcefulness and courage.

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11. Mobilize.

Working together toward a common goal or purpose is a surefire way to empower an entire team. Suggest volunteer days with your pals, or join a meet-up for a cause you believe in. You’re bound to meet like-minded individuals and inspire each other to do even greater things together.

12. Live outside your comfort zone.

It’s contagious. Start by making video blogs or striking up conversations with strangers.

13. Make connections.

By expanding your network, you’re gaining influence in your “tribe”—your beliefs and values are as contagious as laughter. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

14. Pay it forward.

Hold the door open, turn in a lost wallet, or recommend a friend for her dream job (find your dream job here). Pass on the goodwill.

15. Trust in karma.

Whether you believe it or not, treat positive energy as a plentiful renewable resource. It doesn’t diminish with use. So do good things, give freely, and treat others with respect. That positivity will inevitably come back around.

Being the agent of positive change for those around you is a responsibility, so wear it wisely and wear it well. It takes real determination and commitment to your own values to be a great leader. However, learning about you, your community, and the way the world works is a valuable tool for success and happiness.

This article originally appeared on Levo.com.

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This Couple Is Getting Married 38 Times Around the World

Cheetah Platt Ajanta Caves — Maharashtra, India

Now that's a destination wedding

On Saturday, Rhiann Woodyard and Cheetah Platt are getting married in Thailand.

They’re also getting married in Singapore, Australia, Fiji, and the United States, and they’ve already been married in Colombia, Spain, Ireland, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya and India. Each of these destinations is a stop on the three-month “wedding tour” they’re taking around the world.

The couple, who normally live in California, came up with this elaborate plan after they became increasingly frustrated with the mounting costs that came along with wedding planning. In their budget, they could afford an “acceptable wedding, but not their “perfect wedding,” Platt tells PEOPLE.

On top of that, they couldn’t decide what they wanted. They liked night weddings, but they also saw the appeal of getting married during the day. Outdoor weddings were nice, but so were indoor weddings.

So, instead of starting a pro-con list to choose, they decided not to decide at all. Instead, they bought a $100 tux and a $100 dress, packed them in their respective backpacks and set off get married all over the world, as many times as they could.

Still, just like a normal wedding, their adventure took some planning. And with a 12-country tour not so easy to pull off, it took them eight months to plan the whole thing, Woodyard says, even though the only components of their trip that they figured out before they left were transportation and lodging.

In addition to how to get there and where they’re going to sleep, the rest of their trip is up in the air. None of their weddings is planned; rather, they find each “venue” as they go.

Letting Nature Decide

In Colombia, they set off on a hike in the jungle and found their spot along the way. In Thailand, they decided only the day before where they wanted to wed.

“We’re using nature as the venue,” Woodyard says. “In terms of the ceremony, the only rule is that we say our vows.”

This spontaneous attitude towards marriage may be unconventional, but for them, the mechanics work. Each wedding lasts only two to four minutes, depending on the time constraints dictated by the ceremony’s locale.

No outside officiator is present during their weddings, either. Both Woodyard and Platt were ordained online and are conducting “self-unifying ceremonies,” where they marry each other. It’s a practice that’s legal in several states, and “once we found that out,” Platt says, “we thought that is us.”

Cheetah Platt

One Rule About the Dress

While the ceremony is conducted without restrictions, the couple did introduce one special requirement for their travels: They have to wear white. – a rule that mostly came about because they thought it was cute.

“We’re dorky and we like to match,” Woodyard admits.

They also thought it was a way to make the experience even more personal.

“We wanted this to be really be our wedding,” Platt says. “And in our wedding, we wear all white.”

Cheetah Platt

Budgetary Restrictions

Most three-month-long international trips are pretty pricey, but Woodyard and Platt were committed to doing this on the cheap. To start, they refrained from being too selective when considering locations, not caring where they went, so long as they went somewhere.

“If we were picky, it would have been astronomically more expensive,” Platt says.

They spend about a week in each country, sometimes more or less (a number of cities in Thailand over the course of 12 days, but fewer than 48 hours in Egypt). Their nights are spent in AirBnB rented apartments or cheap hotels, and they fly budget airlines to get from one destination to the next. They also set up their own sort of registry that allowed their friends and family to fund their plane tickets to Morocco, or a few nights’ stay in Ireland, rather than gifting a new toaster.

Their families aren’t only involved financially. It may just be the two of them on this months’ long adventure, but both Platt and Woodyard wanted to make sure their loved ones were a part of the experience.

“We want it to be interactive,” Platt says. “We don’t want it to be individual.”

Cheetah Platt

Linked to Loved Ones

And while their loved ones haven’t been able to tag along in their travels, they’ve still been a part of their experience. Thanks to the Internet, they’re in constant communication. So much so, in fact, that Platt says, “It does feel like we’re on the adventure with us.”

And for one of their stops, they’ll be able to participate in person. On April 18, the two plan to marry in Big Bear Lake, California, with their friends and family watching.

The newly married (and soon to be married again) pair may be seeing the world, but if anything, their three-month-long wedding is only making them want to travel even more.

As Woodyard says: “It’s been enough time for a wedding and to meet people and to know that we want to go back.”

Cheetah Platt

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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Eva Mendes Is Right, Sweatpants Can Lead To Divorce

Eva Mendes seen filming a commercial on Feb. 18, 2015 in New York City.
Charles Bladen—GC Images Eva Mendes seen filming a commercial on Feb. 18, 2015 in New York City.

Brian Moylan is a writer and pop culture junkie.

The real sweatpants are the emotional sweatpants: not bringing flowers home, gaining 20 pounds, and not buying a present just because

Yesterday, Extra published an interview with professional attractive person and new mother Eva Mendes where she took umbrage toward people wearing the slouchiest of wardrobe staples: sweatpants. “No, no, no! You can’t do sweatpants,” she said. “Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America? Sweatpants! No, can’t do that.” You know what, she’s right!

Now, of course, Eva Mendes was joking, and our culture of knee-jerk outrage went into a tizzy claiming that people can wear whatever they want at home alone or that sometimes busy moms just need to wear something simple. I don’t disagree with those points either, but they seem to be intentionally misunderstanding what Mendes has to say.

I will be the first person to defend any person’s right to do and wear whatever they want in their own home, even if they want to parade around in their birthday suit while watching old episodes of Nashville on the DVR. Hey, it’s your life, buddy. The difference is when you share your life and your home with someone else. My boyfriend, a man who spends more on clothes than some people do on rent, gets in the door after work and strips off his immaculately conceived outfit and puts on a pair of navy blue Adidas basketball shorts, what he likes to call “comfy pants.” I can’t stand it, and I see how it could lead to divorce.

The problem with Mendes’s quote is that it was a joke and is not intended to be taken literally. I’m not going to divorce my boyfriend because, well, we’re not married (neither are Mendes and her super fine babydaddy Ryan Gosling), but I’m also not going to break up with him over the “comfy pants.” But while the sweatpants in my case are quite literal, the spirit of the comment is not quite literal.

When I heard what Mendes had to say, what I heard was not “sweatpants” and “divorce” but something more along the lines of, “If you let yourself slide in your relationship, it’s going to spell trouble.” The sweatpants could be anything. The “sweatpants” are a guy who doesn’t bother ironing his shirt anymore before date night. The “sweatpants” are no longer making the bed even though your partner prefers hospital corners. The “sweatpants” are not waiting for your spouse to catch up on House of Cards so that you can finish staring at Robin Wright’s perfect hair together. The “sweatpants” are not bringing flowers home or not having sex regularly or gaining 20 pounds or peeing with the door open or buying your partner a present just because.

The sweatpants are familiarity and the contempt that they breed. Familiarity is one of the great things about being in a long-term relationship, the possibility to be so comfortable around another person that you can just be yourself. But it’s also dangerous territory. The problem is when your real self is sometimes a little bit less desirable than the ideal version of you that your partner saw in your first few months of courtship, when the emotion was high and those intoxicating love hormones in your brain were freely flowing. That’s why, sometimes, we have to give up our comfort and do something a little special for our significant other.

That’s what Mendes was talking about, giving up on her sweatpants sometimes to show that she’s making an effort for Ryan Gosling. (After all, who wouldn’t make a bit of an effort for Ryan Gosling?) And it is a very easy way to derive pleasure in your relationship. My favorite days are when I come home from work and my boyfriend is sitting on the couch still in his suit and tie looking just like the handsome man who picked me up for our first date. Not only does he look better in real clothes (sorry, Adidas) but it also shows that he’s putting my opinion first and that he cares enough to be a little bit uncomfortable for an extra hour or two.

If my boyfriend stopped doing things like that, well, then it might be time to consider a breakup. Relationships are about two people and knowing when you need to put someone else’s needs and preferences above yours. The sweatpants aren’t a real thing, but they are a symptom of a larger complacency that can be toxic to a lifetime of happiness. The sweatpants, whatever they are, should be taken very seriously.

Mendes later apologized both to her sweatpants and anyone who took offense on Instagram, saying she knows that they aren’t the number one cause of divorce, orange Crocs are. Gosling also piped up to defend his partner, tweeting that it was a joke and that he was wearing sweatpants while typing. This is a symptom of a healthy relationship, having each other’s back when the other is facing adversity. But we already knew these two had a strong bond, because Mendes truly understands that sometimes you have to put a little bit of work into keep the spark alive, even if that means keeping your pants on for a little bit longer than you would like.

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Here’s What The Millionaire Matchmaker Thinks About 7 Viral Proposals

Patti Stanger judges 7 viral engagements for National Proposal Day

Getty Images

For those who narrowly escaped the crushing romantic pressure that Valentine’s Day puts on relationships, the worst is still to come. March 20 marks not only the first day of Spring, but also National Proposal Day, which, yes, is a real thing.

Of course, on the Internet, it always feels like it’s National Proposal Day. There’s a new viral engagement video almost every week — and whether it involve flashmobs of professional Broadway dancers or flashmobs of pugs, each new one seems to top the last.

“If you’re a private person, then it’s going to scare the crap out of you,” says relationship guru Patti Stanger, star of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker. “But if you’re a person who’s over the top, then go for it.”

It’s best to know if your intended public proposal is “adorable” or “ew” before you pop the question. So TIME had Stanger judge seven different types, although she doesn’t think a viral proposal is necessary.

The Millionaire Matchmaker airs Sunday on BRAVO at 9/8c.

  • Pug on Pugs on Pugs

    Proposal: A man enlisted the help of 16 pugs, donning heart-shaped balloons, to propose to his dog-loving girlfriend in late 2013.

    Stanger: “As long as PETA was OK with it, I’m OK with it. It was a cute proposal, but should he have given her a pug? That would have made sense. It should have been all the pugs in a row and the last one’s yours. Maybe that one says, ‘Will you marry me?’ Maybe it should have been holding the ring.”

  • 99 Too Many iPhone 6s

    Proposal: A man in China reportedly spent 2 years of savings on 99 iPhones 6s, costing an estimated $85k. He then arranged them into a heart and publicly proposed to his girlfriend on China’s National Singles Day. (She reportedly said no.)

    Stanger: “This is stupid. That’s 85 grand you should have put into the ring.”

  • The Home Depot Dance Flashmob

    Proposal: A man unsuspectingly went to Home Depot with his roommate and was surprised when his boyfriend (and friends and family) did a choreographed dance to Betty Who’s Somebody Loves You before proposing.

    Stanger: “I don’t know… It was kind of cute, but I’ve seen this kind of proposal before. It’s not an original idea. I also thought it was creepy that the family was involved with that, it was overwhelming and a little over the top. I think proposals should maybe be a little more personal.”


  • Photo Booth

    Proposal: A guy took his high school sweetheart into a photo booth to pop the question in between pictures.

    Stanger: “Boring. That seemed, to me, very high school.”

  • The Jumbotron and Gender Norms

    Proposal: Last year, a Maryland woman took her boyfriend to a Miami Heat game and proposed to him on the Jumbotron. “I thought this would make me the best wife-to-be ever to do it in front of his favorite team,” she told a local FOX affiliate. He said yes, and that he would have proposed “eventually.”

    Stanger: “Ew. Yuck. Creepy.” On top of thinking that Jumbotron proposals are overdone in general, Stanger had a big problem with the woman proposing to her boyfriend — rather than the other way around. “That was like, OK listen, I know the only way to get your attention is at the Miami Heat game, so here’s what I’m going to do and I’m going to put it on the screen? What if he said no? Men are used to rejection; women are not. She will always have the pants on in the relationship… Lesbians can propose, straight girls cannot.”

  • The Year-Long Secret

    Proposal: A man “secretly” proposed to his girlfriend every day for a year by writing different variations of “will you marry me” on a whiteboard when she was distracted doing everyday tasks like brushing her teeth or folding laundry. He videotaped his effort and showed her the video in Aruba, where he actually proposed.

    Stanger: “Also a little creepy. After a while it’s going to get older than old, baby.” Does she think the woman would have rather had her now-fiance just propose a year ago, when he was ready? “Um, yeah no sh**.”

  • A Little Help From My (Celebrity) Friends

    Proposal: In the above video, a man recorded eight different celebrities (including John Stamos) convincing his girlfriend to marry him. Other people have proposed via the Old Spice Man and Mariah Carey.

    Stanger: “This is my favorite. I love it. I get calls about this all the time, too. Find your favorite celebrity that she loves and you surprise her with that. That’s adorable.”

    Stanger Sidenote: “John Stamos was really cute in that. I was just thinking about how single he is and how I need to fix him up.”


MONEY Odd Spending

Get a Vasectomy and Have a Ball Watching March Madness

Shabazz Napier #13 of the Connecticut Huskies cuts down the net after defeating the Michigan State Spartans to win the East Regional Final of the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Madison Square Garden on March 30, 2014 in New York City.
Elsa—Getty Images Shabazz Napier #13 of the Connecticut Huskies cuts down the net after defeating the Michigan State Spartans to win the East Regional Final of the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Madison Square Garden on March 30, 2014 in New York City.

Yes, timing your vasectomy to coincide with the NCAA March Madness tournament is a thing.

“Get your vasectomy, then sit on the couch for 3 days watching sports–Doctors orders!”

That’s part of the pitch for the “Vas Madness” deal currently being offered by the Texas-based Urology Team. The special package costs $595 and includes an initial consultation and the surgical procedure that’ll stop you from getting anyone pregnant. But sorry sports fans, “consultations and vasectomies cannot be performed on the same day,” the promotion warns.

As bizarre as it sounds, the idea of getting snipped around the time of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is not new. Vasectomy clinics report spikes in appointments around March Madness, presumably from men who feel that there’s no better period than tourney time to recover from the briefly painful procedure. The recovery involves little more than a few days of guilt-free sitting and icing one’s nether regions. And since you’re immobile for a spell thanks to doctor’s orders, why not see if there are any good games on TV?

One year, a clinic in Cape Cod even threw in free pizza as part of its March Madness-themed vasectomy package.

The vasectomy-March Madness connection dates back at least a half-dozen years. Many people credit the seemingly odd concept to the Oregon Urology Institute, which ran a “Snip City” radio ad in the late ’00s, encouraging men to have a little “snip-snip,” followed by “doctors orders to sit back and watch nonstop basketball.”

Who are the men who time this sensitive, life-changing procedure in such a way? “They are the clever ones, the men who put some thought into when they scheduled that not-often-discussed elective surgery,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported back in 2009. “Their wives might even wait on them.”

At the time, one Cleveland-area urologist told the paper that his schedule was completely booked with vasectomies timed to coincide with March Madness. And he said he fully understood why men timed it so: “If they’re going to have a day off, it might as well be on a day when they would want to be watching basketball, as opposed to watching ‘Oprah.'”

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Boyfriend Uses Crowdfunding Campaign to Save His Relationship

"We have a great thing going and I would hate to see it go down the drain for a little sand and sun"

The latest attention-grabbing crowdfunding campaign isn’t about reuniting two TV stars or making another Star Wars fan film – no, all Azel Prather Jr. needs is $300 for a plane ticket to Miami, so that he can “save his relationship.”

Prather said his girlfriend and her friends went to Florida for spring break, which has him worried that she will find someone new. “We have a great thing going and I would hate to see it go down the drain for a little sand and sun,” the 25-year-old Maryland resident wrote on his GoFundMe page. “If you can find it in your heart to donate ANYTHING to help save my relationship I would greatly appreciate it.”

His campaign has now been shared 1,700 times on social media. After starting off more with “a bump than a bang,” the Washington Post picked up Prather’s story Saturday.

He told the paper he was sincerely worried. “I think the sun just melts all the morals in Miami. It’s a free-for-all!” he said.

That sincerity attracted its own supporters. “Sir, I read your amazing story and I must say you are absolutely right,” wrote one Reggie Reg on GoFundMe. “In the Bible it says ‘thou woman not loyaleth when it Miami’ – Austin 3:16. So with that being said The First Baptist of Freebands would like to donate to your cause.” (Reg gave $5.)

Of course, not everyone fully believed in the merits of Prather’s cause.

“The lady I got love for miles away,” one user on Twitter joked. “Plane tickets expensive. Let me pull a ‘Zell.’ ”

Prather responded, “My GoFundMe was from the heart … meant it.”

The cause seemed momentarily lost – three days in, the campaign had raised only $91, according to the Post – and Prather said his girlfriend’s social media activity had him worried.

“She’s posted on Instagram two times and both times she was in a bathing suit and it received more than 200 ‘Likes,’ ” he told the Post. “I asked her to stop. That’s too many likes for me.”

In an update Saturday, Prather wrote on GoFundMe about a similar photo posted by his girlfriend. “I should be on that wall beside her. I can tell the Miami sun is doing exactly what I thought it would do. Things have escalated quickly … Help.”

But he can now take heart: As of this writing, the campaign has raised $325 from 24 people. He told the Post his girlfriend will return later this week.

“The weekend is halfway over in Maryland,” Prather said. “But every day is the weekend in Miami.”

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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4-Year-Old Boy Gives His 90-Year-Old Veteran Best Friend ‘Friends Forever’ Dog Tag

The two developed an unlikely friendship


What started as an unlikely friendship between two neighbors grew into a beautiful bond.

The family of Emmett Rychner, 4, lived next door to 90-year-old WWII veteran Erling Kindem in Farmington, Minnesota, for the past decade, but only in the last year did Emmet and Erling become best friends, according to KARE 11. But then they were forced to split apart when Emmett’s family moved away and Kindem went into a retirement home.

That didn’t stop them from continuing to hang out. Emmett’s parents take him to the retirement home regularly and paid Kindem a special visit on March 1 to celebrate his 90th birthday, when the boy gave his older pal a present he’d never forget.

After singing “Happy Birthday,” Emmett pulled out two boxes, one for each other them. What was inside? Two dog tags, one reading “Emmett and Erling” and the other saying “Friends Forever.”

It all began when Emmett first became intrigued by Kindem’s tomato garden.

“Every time he saw me out there, he’d come running over,” Erling told KARE 11. “[Emmett would ask,] ‘Erling got any ‘mattoes?’ ”

From the beginning of their friendship, the pair has spent time together drawing pictures, riding bikes and lawnmowers and learning from each other.

“It is very special,” Emmett’s mom, Anika Rychner, said about their relationship.

When it was time for Emmett to leave the birthday party, Kindem said to him, “You come back again.”

“I will, eventually,” Emmett replied, and then went in for a heartfelt embrace. “Happy Birthday, Erling.”

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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This Is Exactly How Much You Need to Drink to Seem More Attractive, Backed by Science

healthiest foods, health food, diet, nutrition, time.com stock, red wine, alcohol
Photograph by Danny Kim for TIME; Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME

No more, no less

Want to seem more attractive to the opposite sex? Drink one — exactly one — very large glass of wine.

That’s what a recent study by a group of researchers at the University of Bristol’s School of Psychology, published in Science Daily, suggests.

The researchers asked 40 heterosexual men and women, divided equally between both genders, to complete an attractiveness-rating exercise. The volunteers were then shown two images of a person, one taken while the subject was sober, one after the subject had consumed 250 ml of wine (equivalent to a very large glass), and one after 500 ml of wine (two-thirds of a bottle) had been consumed.

The photos of those who drank 250 ml wine were rated as more attractive, followed by images of sober subjects. The photos of those who had drank 500 ml were considered least attractive.

The researchers attributed this to the increased facial flushing that comes with consuming low amounts of alcohol, along with additional muscle relaxation and subtle smiles that portray a heightened positive mood.

One more good reason to drink in moderation.

[Science Daily]

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Watch This Guy Propose to His Girlfriend 365 Times Without Her Knowing

He videotaped himself holding up a whiteboard, asking her to marry him, every day for a year

Dean Smith has been prepping for his marriage proposal to his girlfriend Jennifer for 365 days.

Smith videotaped himself holding up a whiteboard asking her to marry him every single day for a whole year, starting with January 8, 2014.

He did this while he was doing everyday things, such as brushing his teeth, eating breakfast or folding laundry.

The big reveal was while they were vacationing in Aruba with her family.

The family, who were in on the creative proposal, escorted her to a beach using similar white boards and then sat her down in a chair and had her watch Smith’s video.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love you, how incredibly smart, funny, caring and stunningly beautiful you are,” Smith said in the video. “To me, you are perfect.”

He revealed that he made the video the day he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

“Jennifer, I love you more than anything in the world,” he said. “I know that you’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, but I want the timing to be perfect and make this moment special. For the next year, I’ll show you how much I love you and that you’re in my thoughts every day. I want to marry you.”

Smith then walked up behind her on the beach and got down on one knee.

It was an emotional gathering for all. One stranger who had gathered nearby even yelled out, “We all want invitations to the wedding!”

The beautiful gesture was complete with a big group hug and lots of happy tears.

This article originally appeared on People.com

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