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Nick Offerman Stars in Decemberists’ Heartbreaking New Music Video

Brief performance exists at the intersection of humor and pain

We know Nick Offerman best as a man’s man, a man of few words whose stoicism rarely betrays the emotions within. And that’s why the times when he does express an ounce of sadness or regret cut a little bit deeper. In this video for the Decemberists’ “Make You Better,” Offerman gets laughs as a fumbling German talk show host interviewing lead singer Colin Meloy. But it’s his portrayal of longing and insecurity that makes the performance memorable.

Though he’s all moustache and bravado on the outside, Offerman’s character faces that familiar pain of unrequited love, and a nerve too weak to proclaim it. As he struggles to find the right words, the Decemberists play a song of need and regret to match the shape of his wound. The premise is funny, but the execution, a little bit heartbreaking.

“Make You Better” appears on the forthcoming album What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, which drops on Jan. 20.

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Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow Curse Each Other Out on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


There was a mini-Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, but no one was very friendly.

Former Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were both guests on Kimmel’s show as Aniston was making the rounds to promote her new film Horrible Bosses 2 and Kudrow was celebrating her comeback on The Comeback.

However instead of a joyful reunion between former cast mates, Kimmel pitted them against each other in a vicious war of words called “Celebrity Curse Off.” Each actress was given five seconds to come up with a jaw-dropping vulgarity until one of the women failed to deliver a fittingly shocking return volley.

If you can read between the beeps — and Aniston went Greek at one point – it’s an X-rated foray into diabolical language, with Kudrow getting a boost thanks to her teenaged son’s vocabulary.

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Watch Several Teasers for Billy Crystal’s Upcoming Sitcom The Comedians

Crystal and Josh Gad play an intergenerational comedy duo

Billy Crystal is set to return to the small screen next year in The Comedians, an FX sitcom co-starring Josh Gad of Book of Mormon fame. Crystal and Gad play an unlikely pair of comedians, one old and one young (an obvious fact, and one that bears pointing out only in its importance to the show’s premise), paired up on a late-night comedy sketch show.

Based on the teasers released so far, we can expect to see Crystal feeling cast off for his comparatively advanced age (up top).

But there’s also Crystal resenting his much younger partner:

Crystal resenting his much younger partner some more:

And a nice dose of bathroom humor:

The Comedians is based on the Swedish show Ulveson and Herngren, whose creators will co-produce along with Crystal. The show will run for 13 episodes in 2015, though a premiere date has not yet been announced.

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Watch Stephen Colbert Question Jon Stewart’s Patriotism

“Are you a blame America first?” the show host asks his former boss from the Daily Show

Television worlds collided Thursday when Jon Stewart appeared as a guest on Daily Show alumni Stephen Colbert’s show, The Colbert Report, to promote his new film Rosewater.

“How does it feel to know that your entire career could have been shouted into a sock and thrown over an overpass?” Colbert says, needling his old boss.

Colbert calls Stewart his “friend and nemesis.”

“Rather than killing everyone else what if we were to…coexist with them in some kind of fashion,” Stewart asks the reactionary conservative Colbert.

“You mean like the bumper sticker?” asks Colbert.

Colbert praised Rosewater, a film about a journalist jailed in Iran after doing an interview with a Daily Show corespondent.

“It’s a beautiful film and that offends me. Why is it that you can do your show,” Colbert says, “and you do it well, and now you’re doing something else well.”

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Sarah Silverman Edits Her Graphic Bill Cosby Rape Joke

Comic replaces colourful tweet

Comedian Sarah Silverman came under fire Wednesday night after she tweeted a joke about being raped by Bill Cosby, leading her rewrite the joke in a tamer tweet she posted an hour later.

She initially tweeted:

The tweet elicited scores of angry responses.

An hour later, Silverman said she wanted to “edit” her joke, though she did not delete the original from Twitter.

These Twitter exchanges come amid a growing scandal of sexual assault allegations against Cosby.

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Watch Mae Whitman and Ken Jeong in the Trailer for Teen Comedy The DUFF

A new take on the She’s All That nerd-to-hot story

It’s hard to sit comfortably with the idea that Mae Whitman, known for her roles in Arrested Development and Parenthood, could play ugly or fat. But that’s exactly what she is as Bianca in The DUFF, a teen comedy slated for 2015 based on Kody Keplinger’s novel by the same name. A “DUFF,” or Designated Ugly Fat Friend, is the least attractive person in her friend group. And Bianca doesn’t want to be a DUFF. She wants to be dateable.

So she asks the guy with the chiseled abs—the one who alerted her to her DUFF status in the first place — to help reverse-DUFF her in exchange for tutoring. At first, Wesley (Robbie Amell) offers up real-talk: “You’ve got a uniboob, your posture sucks — you need to start dressing less like Wreck-It Ralph.” Later, he softens, advising his pupil, “You need to realize you’re only as awesome as you think you are.”

There’s already a sub-genre of music in which men tell women that they’re beautiful despite their self-perceived flaws (see: John Legend, One Direction). But Whitman is both a talented actress and a supporter of feminist causes. And a supporting cast that includes Ken Jeong and Allison Janney is nothing to sneeze at. Let’s hope this movie sings a different tune.

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Watch Alec Baldwin Give Out Relationship Advice in His New Web Series

His unsolicited counseling sessions take place in a taxi cab

There’s no doubt that Alec Baldwin has made a few mistakes in his life, but he’s learned a few things and wants to share his relationship insights with the world. In a new web series from Above Average, aptly-named “Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride,” Baldwin is taking those valuable life lessons and turning them into (sometimes NSFW) golden nuggets of truth that he is handing out for free in the back of a New York City taxi. As you do.

Aided and abetted by behind-the-scenes advisor (and long-time SNL scribe Paula Pell) in each episode, Baldwin grabs a couple off the street and takes them for a ride, doling out helpful (-ish) relationship advice along the way. First up is Corey and Francesca, an adorable young couple that seems perfectly happy in their relationship, but happy to hear Baldwin’s pearls of wisdom anyway. See another episode here.


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Yes, Bill Cosby Actually Told a Joke About Drugging Women In a Comedy Routine

Bill Cosby
A portrait of Bill Cosby taken in 1969 Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

An old comedy routine takes on chilling tones as allegations against Cosby come into focus

Rape allegations against the comedian Bill Cosby were given new life last month when comedian Hannibal Buress called out Cosby during a standup routine. Buress’ bit went viral online, making it harder to ignore the fact that several women had long publicly asserted that one of America’s most beloved television dads drugged and assaulted them.

In a column published last week in the Washington Post, one accuser, Barbara Bowman, wrote that Cosby, now 77, “brainwashed me into viewing him as a father figure, and then assaulted me multiple times.” The two met on the set of The Cosby Show in 1985, when Bowman was 17 years old. In her essay, Bowman notes that it took “30 years for people to believe” her story about him, and that “only when a male comedian called Cosby a rapist did the accusation take hold.”

In Bowman’s account and the accounts of several other women, Cosby allegedly slipped incapacitating drugs into the women’s drinks. They would pass out and wake up with Cosby assaulting them. As it turns out, years before he was doling out folksy wisdom on The Cosby Show, Cosby used that exact kind of scenario as joke fodder.

In a clip recently unearthed by the Village Voice, Cosby unsettlingly laughs about slipping the aphrodisiac “Spanish Fly” into women’s drinks as if dosing women was a sort-of universal boys-will-be-boys lark. In the clip, Cosby even says he went to Spain with his costar from the television show I Spy — for which Cosby was the first African-American costar in a primetime series — in hopes of picking up some Spanish Fly while there.

It’s True! It’s True! was recorded live at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe and is one of the few Cosby records that isn’t family-friendly. Aside from the now-chilling Spanish Fly routine, the comedian drops a few curse words, and discusses burlesque shows and gambling.

The album is something of an outlier in a career famously marked by “clean” routines, by the man who would become known as one of America’s most beloved dads, Cliff Huxtable, on The Cosby Show.

It’s True! It’s True! came out in 1969, which was a good year for Cosby, professionally speaking. He won a Grammy for his 1968 comedy album and took home an Emmy for his primetime comedy special The Bill Cosby Special.

That was also the year that another woman, named Joan Tarshis, claims Cosby invited her back to his bungalow to work on some comedy routines. “I thought, ‘That’s cool, getting to work with Bill Cosby on jokes,'” Tarshis told CNN. She alleges the comedian gave her a drugged cocktail and then raped her.

The allegations are all the more disturbing given the disparity between what these women claim to have experienced and what audiences know of Cosby’s gentle, avuncular humor and his status as a beloved television dad. Over the course of his decades-long comedy career, Cosby earned nine Grammy Awards, four Emmy Awards and countless other accolades.

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The Mindy Project Scores 6 More Episodes This Season

Dr. Lahiri has a dedicated following despite lackluster ratings for the TV comedy overall

Season Three of the Mindy Project is about to get even better, now that Fox has ordered six additional episodes of the half-hour comedy starring Mindy Kaling as the romantically-challenged New York City doctor Mindy Lahiri.

The Tuesday night comedy earned an average of a 1.6 rating in its current season, though Fox noted that ratings improve markedly when measured across 30 days and all devices. As a point of comparison, the hit show The Big Bang Theory scored a rating of 4.5 Thursday night.

The order for more from the the Mindy Kaling-led cast will bring the show to 21 episodes for this season, reports Entertainment Weekly.

This season fans are also due for a surprise. As E! Online reports, this season the show will introduce Alex, Mindy’s first sexual partner, played by Halt and Catch Fire star Lee Pace.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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Watch Dick Cavett Revisit the Office Where He Got His Start

The television legend drops by his old stomping grounds

The story of how Dick Cavett got his start isn’t a secret: as recounted in the 1971 TIME cover story about the star, he was working at this magazine as a copy boy — a now-obsolete gofer gig — when he wrote a few jokes meant for Jack Paar, brought them across the street to bring to the Tonight Show host, had them read on the show and eventually got hired as a writer. And the TIME-comedy links didn’t stop there. As Cavett tells it in his new book, Brief Encounters, he also used his access to the magazine’s files to track down entertainment icon Stan Laurel.

Much of Brief Encounters is devoted to Cavett’s observations about how the world has changed — so, on the occasion of his book’s release, Cavett came back to visit the place where he got his start. And, he discovered, even when it comes to office space, time refuses to stand still.

Read the Dick Cavett cover story, here in the TIME Vault: The Art of Show and Tell

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