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This Is How a 3-Year-Old Responded To His First Parking Ticket

A Halifax police officer wanted to show the job's softer side

In some ways, a viral photo of Declan Tramley being stopped by the police looks like the typical scene of a frustrated motorist receiving a ticket. The photo shows Tramley with his hand on his head, looking away from the officer in embarrassment. But, unlike other ticket recipients, Tramley is 3 years old and his motorcycle is made of plastic.

“Remember, no motorcycle parking in the circle by the ferry terminal,” the Halifax Police Department wrote on Twitter. “This ruthless biker was caught yesterday!”

The prank was planned by Tramley’s father in coordination with Halifax Police Department Constable Shawn Currie, who agreed to write the fake ticket. Currie told CTV News that it was nice to show a more fun side of the police. “We’re not always making arrests and hauling people away,” he said. “We like to have fun.”

But the message about tickets may have been lost on the three-year-old. Tramley, whose parents say he loves the police, was so excited about his ticket that he tried to sleep with it.

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Man Flies High in Lawn Chair Attached To Balloons in Real-Life Up Stunt

The police weren't too happy about it

A Canadian man flew high in the sky on Sunday on a lawn chair attached to around 110 helium balloons.

CBC News reports that Daniel Boria did the stunt to gain attention for his cleaning products business. Police didn’t think it was very charming, however, as they arrested Boria.

Boria reportedly intended to parachute off the lawn chair into the Calgary Stampede, an annual rodeo in the area. However, he missed and ended up in a field.

The lawn chair and balloons may still be in the air.

[CBC News]

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Escaped Prisoners May Be On Their Way to Canada

Manhunt NY Escaped Prisoners
Scott Olson—Getty Images Law enforcement personnel prepare to head out on a search for convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat on June 26, 2015 in Chasm Falls, New York.

Items that appear to belong to the inmates have been discovered in northern New York towns

The two killers who broke out of a New York prison three weeks ago may be headed for Canada, authorities said Friday.

Maj. Charles Guess of the New York State Police said he could not go into specifics, but “based on what we know at this point, we have a high degree of confidence in our conclusion.”

David Sweat and Richard Matt were reported missing from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, on June 6.

Investigators believe the men are moving in the dark of night, and items that appear to belong to the men have been found in the northern towns of Belmont and Malone, according to Guess. Authorities believe Matt and Sweat have not yet crossed the Canadian …

Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News

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Vancouver Votes to Regulate Marijuana Stores, but Canada’s Government Isn’t Happy About It

Visitors walk past a flag similiar to th
MARK RALSTON—AFP/Getty Images Visitors walk past a flag similiar to the Canadian one but showing a cannabis plant instead of a maple leaf at a store in Eastside Vancouver during the Vancouver Winter Olympics on February 22, 2010

City's move fuels debate surrounding marijuana legalization in the lead-up to October's federal election

Vancouver’s city council has voted to regulate the city’s many marijuana shops, becoming the first Canadian city to take the step, the Guardian reports.

Marijuana is illegal in Canada, but access to medical marijuana is not for those with a prescription. That allows Vancouver’s many pot shops — some say they outnumber Starbucks outlets in the city — to offer weed in a pseudo-medical manner, often with naturopaths on the premises available for consultation.

Municipal authorities in Vancouver will now impose zoning controls and license fees in a bid to get a handle on the trade. The city’s police force is also tolerant, claiming that cracking down on the stores has not been a priority.

Canada’s conservative government has voiced its displeasure, however. Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose has ordered the council to vote down the policy and the police to enforce the law.

Geoff Plant, the former attorney general of British Columbia, told the Guardian that the federal government was “increasingly out of touch.” He said, “They are stuck in a ‘reefer madness’, non-evidence-based position.”

There is heated debate surrounding marijuana legalization in Canada in the lead-up to October’s federal election. According to the CBC, British Columbia has the highest support for legalization in the country, at around 46%.


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Teen Shot Dead After Using App to Find Missing Cell Phone

He tracked his phone to a car and was shot when he tried to retrieve it

A young man was shot dead after he used a location app to track down his missing cell phone.

Jeremy Cook, 18, left his cell phone in a cab and used an app to find out where it had gone. He eventually arrived behind a strip mall in the London, Ontario area, and at 5:15 a.m. Sunday he and a relative walked up to a car parked behind the mall. When the car started to drive away, Cook reached for the door and then was shot multiple times.

The car eventually ran into a pole and fence, and the three suspects inside fled. Cook’s phone was discovered near the vehicle.

“The app is not what makes the scenario dangerous—it is the human beings or the people you interact with,” Const. Ken Steeves told CTV News Channel. “So, our advice is if there is any indication of violence, or of potential violence, just give us a call … and we’ll attend.”

[CTV News]

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How to Travel Abroad Without Breaking the Bank

MONEY teamed up with Travel + Leisure to give you some tips of great places to travel without breaking the bank.

International travel is great for broadening your cultural horizons, but it can get expensive. Luckily, our friends at Travel + Leisure teamed up with us to give you some great ideas for memorable trips abroad that won’t obliterate your bank account.

Cape Town
The South African Rand is trading favorably with the dollar, at $1 for every 12.35 Rand. Check out the Cape Cadogan boutique hotel, in the heart of the buzzy Gardens district, with rooms starting at $170 a night.

The dollar and the euro are trading neck-and-neck, which is the closest they’ve been in recent memory. Berlin is already a discount destination in Europe with plenty of rich culture and history. Stay at the 25 Hours Bikini Hotel, with rooms starting at $167 a night and a rooftop restaurant and a bar that overlooks the Berlin Zoo (you can even see monkeys playing in the trees, which is how the bar got its name).

Ah, yes. Our friendly neighbors to the north. The Canadian dollar, often called the loonie, is trading at C$1.2 for every dollar. Stay at the Auberge du Vieux-Port, with rates starting around $200 a night. Walk along the Saint Lawrence River, or head to Old Montréal to visit Le Serpent, a new Italian-Asian fusion restaurant where you can find entrees for less than $20.

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Hope Solo Allegedly Abused Police Officers During Her 2014 Arrest, Report Claims

Soccer: U.S. Women's National Team Women's World Cup Media Day
Andy Marlin—USA Today Sports/Reuters USA goalkeeper Hope Solo addresses the media at the USA women's national soccer team media day at the Marriott Marquis in New York on May 27, 2015.

Claims made on the eve of the Women's World Cup

U.S. women’s soccer star Hope Solo was belligerent toward the police officers arresting her, many of whom deemed her the “primary aggressor,” in a domestic-violence incident last year involving her half-sister and nephew, according to a new report from ESPN.

The report — based on police records and other documents, two sworn depositions obtained by ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and an interview with one of Solo’s alleged victims — claims the U.S. national goalkeeper called one officer “such a bitch” and claimed he was scared of her “because you know that if the handcuffs were off, I’d kick your ass.”

The 33-year-old athlete reportedly called another officer a “14-year-old boy” and told him that the necklace he asked her to remove cost more than he made in a year. The ESPN report also reports further allegations on the incident through interviews with Solo’s half-sister Teresa Obert, including that she had been drinking, that she punched Obert multiple times in the face and slammed Obert’s then 17-year-old son’s head into a concrete floor.

Solo, who begins her Women’s World Cup campaign with the U.S. national team in Canada on Monday, was arrested in June 2014 after being accused of assault but has repeatedly proclaimed her innocence and said she was the victim.

Read more at ESPN.

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Man Fined For Using Apple Watch While Driving

Police in Quebec equate the gadget to using a telephone

A Canadian man recently was fined $120 for wearing his Apple Watch while driving.

Jeffrey Macesin was pulled over by Quebec police after he was using the gadget on his wrist to change the song he was listening to, CTV News reports. A law in Quebec’s highway safety code prohibits driving a car while using a handheld device that has a telephone function.

Macesin argues that the Apple Watch shouldn’t be treated the same as a smartphone. The watch needs to be paired to a smartphone to function, but it can send and receive both calls and text messages. “It’s not so much handheld. It’s a watch,” he told CTV. “You know, it’s on my wrist. That’s where it gets controversial.”

Macesin is protesting the ticket and may seek a lawyer to argue his case.


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Women’s Teams Now Feature in Soccer Game FIFA 16 but in Real Life Have Second-Class Status

What happens on screen is a far cry from real life

For the first time, EA Sports will feature women soccer players in its hugely popular FIFA video-game series.

FIFA 16, which launches in September, includes 12 of the top women’s international teams — USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Sweden.

The video game has only featured men’s teams since it was first released in 1993.

However, as welcome as EA Sports’ announcement is, Mashable points out that while the women’s teams are “in the game” on screen, in real life they fall far behind the men’s teams in the way they are treated by soccer’s governing body.

In the upcoming Women’s World Cup, beginning June 6 in Canada, the women’s teams will have to play on artificial turf fields, instead of actual grass.

No men’s World Cup has ever been played on synthetic surfaces and many of the women’s teams feel it is gender discrimination. Playing on the fake turf puts them at a higher risk of injury.

A group of the sport’s top female players filed legal action against FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association last year but had to end their challenge in January because FIFA stalled for so long that it was too late to potentially change the pitches in time for the championship.

“This being the pinnacle of our sport, we feel like we should be treated just like the men,” U.S. forward Abby Wambach told the New York Times last year.

EA Sports’ announcement comes as FIFA finds itself snared in a huge corruption scandal that has seen 14 senior officials arrested on charges of bribery, fraud, and money laundering.

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How Starbucks Is Helping This Sandwich Company Explode

Peter Parks—AFP/Getty Images Pedestrians cross a street in front of a Starbucks coffee house in Sydney on May 28, 2014.

Its CEO expects sales to double in five years

Starbucks is the biggest name in coffee, and the Seattle company is using its power to help a sandwich company grow exponentially.

As part of its quest to provide breakfast, not just coffee, Starbucks has in recent years started selling breakfast sandwiches made by Premium Brands Holdings Corp. The deal has meant big gains for the food company: Sales are up 25% in the past five years, while CEO George Paleologou told Bloomberg he expects sales to double in the next five years.

Premium Brands Holdings Corp.’s became a supplier to Starbucks five years ago, according to Bloomberg. Based in British Columbia, Canada, Premium Brands may announce a new U.S. processing plant next year to handle the growth it’s seen thanks to the Starbucks arrangement. It opened a new plant in Columbus, Ohio just last year.

The arrangement is beneficial for Starbucks, too, which gets to offer customers grab-and-go sandwich options alongside their lattes and cold brews.

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