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Here’s What Happens When You Set Off Fireworks Beneath the Surface of a Frozen Lake

A whole new way to go fishing

Ever wonder what it would be like to set off a rocket beneath the solid surface of a frozen lake? Probably not, but now you can find out anyway, so why not.

A YouTube user named Nils Bremer kindly shared this video, which shows him standing on a dock atop the surface of an icy lake in Sweden. He uses the end of a broom to crack a small hole into the ice, and then quickly pushes a lit rocket into the hole.

This is certainly one way to go ice fishing.

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LA Residents Kept Alligator in Backyard For 37 Years

Los Angeles Alligator
Los Angeles Animal Services Department/AP An 8-foot alligator was found in a box with two dead cats in the backyard of a home in the Van Nuys area of Los Angeles.

"We tried to give him a good home"

An eight-foot-long alligator was found by animal control officials in the backyard of a Los Angeles home Monday after remaining in captivity in the same location for 37 years, according to media reports.

The alligator, named Jaxson, was found in a wooden crate alongside two cat carcasses and was taken to the Los Angeles Zoo by animal control officials, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“We tried to give him a good home,” said Ron Gorecki, who took care of the alligator after the death of the original owner last year.

The keepers of the pet are likely to face prosecution for housing wildlife without a permit, an animal services spokesman told the Times.

[LA Times]

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21 Totally Insane Vintage News Stories

People were seriously out of their minds

Lest anyone believe interest in weird or funny local-news stories is a phenomenon of the Internet age, here’s a look at some of the gems that ran in the “Miscellany” column — under the heading “TIME Brings All Things” — in issues of TIME from the 1920s and 1930s. Shining a spotlight on everyday people who do stupid stuff is, it turns out, an enduring news-media tradition.

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Snake Slithers Out of San Diego Toilet

Colombian rainbow boa

Experts are still stumped how the reptile found its way into the toilet

Hold on to your toilet lids because things are about to get creepy.

A 5½-ft. Colombian rainbow boa slithered out of a San Diego, California toilet on Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times. The porcelain throne the reptile chose was located at the Vertical Public Relations firm, which occupies a structure built in 1886.

Vertical PR’s cofounder, Stephanie Lasca, was the unlucky lady to happen upon the restroom intruder.

“I thought my eyes were deceiving me,” Lasca told the Times.

After seeing the critter’s flickering tongue, Lasca realized she was dealing with a snake and quickly ran from the bathroom to call Animal Services.

Handlers sent to apprehend the boa found the snake curled up behind a toilet when they arrived. Aside from biting one of the handlers, the non-venomous reptile was vacated from the bathroom without incident.

The snake was taken to a nearby animal care center for examination and appears to be in good health. It was later claimed on Jan. 8.

Experts are still stumped how the reptile found its way into the toilet, which means double-flushing from now on might be a good idea.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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Watch This Man Roast a Marshmallow Over a Volcano

Definitely don’t try this at home

The season for roasting chestnuts on an open fire is over, so how about this for an alternative: roasting marshmallows on an open volcano?

Filed in the “definitely don’t try this at home” category is this new video from Caters TV showing, as they call it, a “daredevil” heating up a marshmallow by using a tent peg to dangle it over a lava lake inside Marcum Crater on the island of Ambrym in Vanuatu—which is either the name of one of the seven gates of hell or a small island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Australia.

That daredevil is Simon Turner, though the even braver man is probably Bradley Ambrose, the one behind the camera—especially when taking into account that, as Grub Street claims, he had “to watch out for stuff like shooting fireballs that, for instance, claimed the group’s previous camera equipment.” Here’s hoping they had rental insurance.

According to the video’s description, the pair’s descent to the lava lake was nearly a quarter of a mile, with temperatures reaching up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In a situation like that, I bet the cold beer was far more enjoyable than the hot marshmallow, no matter how much more work it was for the latter.

This article originally appeared on FWx.

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Woman Goes Into Hospital for Back Pain, Gives Birth One Hour Later

The baby was 10 pounds

Weymouth, Mass., resident Katie Kropas thought she had put on some extra weight over the holiday season. But after going to the hospital Wednesday with complaints of severe back pain, the 23-year-old was surprised to learn that it wasn’t a food baby but, rather, a baby baby.

“They told me that I had a full term baby, ready to come, now,” Kropas told a local CBS affiliate. “So I found out at 10:15 and I had her at 11:06.”

Well, at least she had a full 51 minutes to process. The baby girl, named Ellie, weighed 10 pounds.

Kropas told NECN that she and her long-term boyfriend were shocked by the news. The new mom was reportedly on birth control and had a “pretty regular” menstruation cycle. She experienced no morning sickness and attributed her swollen feet to her 50 hour a week catering job.

Regardless of the surprising conditions, Korpas was very positive to the Patriot Ledger.

“It’ll be fun,” she said. “I’ll have lots of help.”

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This Is How to Melt Soda Cans Into Almost Anything

Here’s how you recycle the cool way

We all know how to recycle the lame way: Just dump your aluminum cans into that blue bin and let the garbage man haul them off and turn them into who knows what—probably just more cans.

Here’s how you recycle the cool way: You build your own tiny foundry like Grant Thomas, aka The King of Random. Then you melt down your old soda cans yourself and turn them into whatever you want with a few molds from the Dollar Store.

We should say upfront that building mini foundries and working with molten aluminum might not be for everyone. For the DIY-challenged, it’s probably a good way to end up with a very confused doctor looking you over in the emergency room.

But even if you aren’t ready to fire up a forge in your backyard, watching Thompson melt down cans with ease and turn them into metal biscuits and other goodies (including a sword) is a fun visual representation of how recycling and reusing metal isn’t just some ambiguous concept. It’s something anyone can do, even at home. Just don’t use your good muffin pans.

Bring on the 18-pack of Mountain Dew!

This article originally appeared on FWx.

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Woman Faces Up To a Month in Jail For Mailing Her Neighbors Cow Poop

jojo1 photography—Getty Images/Flickr Select White cow

There's the holiday spirit!

An Iowa woman cited this week for mailing her neighbors three pounds of cow poop told The Hawk Eye, “I look forward to my day in court.”

Kimberly Capdevila, 51, says the smell care package, sent in response to previous complaints about her barking dog, was a “practical joke.” But police gave Capdevila a misdemeanor ticket for third-degree harassment that could land her up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $625.

“In no way, shape or form did I intend this to be anything more than a practical joke,” she said. “I was given a website that I thought was anonymous. I thought it would be a funny thing to do to send it to my neighbors. After all the problems we’ve had, I thought it would be a funny thing to do. I am sorry if they took offense to it. If they took offense, I apologize.”

According to police reports, Capdevila sent the cow dung through poopsenders.com, which is exactly what it sounds like. Although the site boasts “Guaranteed Anonymous” in bright red letters on its website and promotes a testimonial from someone who sent their neighbors poop as retribution for not cleaning up after her dog, it does state that customers “may not use our service to threaten, constitute harassment, violate a legal restraint, or any other unlawful purpose.”

Poopsenders also offers elephant and gorilla feces. (Don’t get any ideas.)

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Couple Spent 2 Days Trapped in a Closet That Wasn’t Actually Locked

They called 911 saying they were trapped

We all struggle with locks sometimes, but usually the struggle ends before 48 hours have passed. A Florida couple called 911 on Tuesday saying they’d been chased into a closet on the campus of Daytona State College and had been locked in for two days. But when the police arrived on the scene, the door was not locked.

Police discovered human feces in the closet, as well as copper scouring pads that the Orlando Sentinel reports are sometimes used as crack-smoking paraphernalia. No drugs were found.

John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25, were charged with trespassing. It is not the first brush with law enforcement for either person.

A police officer tested the door by entering the closet and closing it behind him. It did not lock.

[Orlando Sentinel]

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Watch This Man Solve the World’s Hardest Rubik’s Cube Very Quickly

He solves the 17x17x17 puzzle in 7.5 hours but the video is only 6 minutes

While some people might fritter away seven and a half hours bingeing on Netflix, YouTuber RedKB (in real life, Kenneth Brandon) has made more productive use of his time. Over the course of five days, working for several hours at a time, he was able to solve the world’s most challenging Rubik’s Cube: a 17x17x17 block.

Brandon started by solving each color’s center, then finished with the border, which proved much easier. For puzzlers with a lot of time on their hands and an itch to see the play-by-play, Brandon has posted the full seven-plus hour version as well.


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