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Water Buffalo Escape Film Set, Roam Sydney Streets

The firefighters took to Twitter to live tweet and joke about it

Where do the buffalo roam? Apparently, Sydney, Australia.

During the filming of an ad, two water buffalo escaped from the set at a park and strolled down the streets of Newtown, a suburb of the city, Reuters reports. Firefighters used ladders to corral the animals into a “makeshift pen” and live-tweeted the action.

“We were all standing back, we were all going ‘That’s really random’,” a University of Sydney student Abril Felman told Reuters.





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Flamingos Massacred At Frankfurt Zoo

15 birds were killed, some beheaded, and it's still unclear if the murderer was human or fox

Fifteen flamingos at the Frankfurt Zoo were killed over two nights, some beheaded in their sleep, and authorities are still hunting for the culprit, the Associated Press reports.

Bite marks indicate a fox might be responsible for the killings, but zoo director Manfred Nieksich said a human may have butchered the pink Chilean Flamingos before the fox arrived. Necropsies were being conducted Monday, he told the AP.

Keepers first found nine of the animals dead in their enclosure on Friday. The next day, six more flamingos were found dead — even after extra security was called in.


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Turns Out Dogs Get Extremely Confused by Magic Tricks

Turns out they become very flustered when you make treats disappear


Most people understand the general idea behind sleight of hand magic tricks, but dogs, it turns out, have a little more trouble grasping the concept.

Finnish magician Jose Ahonen decided to completely bewilder a series of dogs by showing them treats and then promptly making those treats disappear into thin air. The video, which has racked up more than 3 million views, shows the canines’ varied responses to the slightly torturous trick.

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This Rare Baby Hippo Is Very Adorable and Very Important

It's the first baby hippo born at Mexico's Chapultepec Zoo in 16 years


Everyone, say hello to this very adorable baby hippo. It’s the first of its species born at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Zoo in 16 years. Its mother will have to care for it and nurture it for nearly a year before zookeepers can determine its gender (Hence our use of “it” rather than “he” or “she.”)

The public has been invited to choose a name for the hippo, but we’re feeling the following options: Thelonius or Claude for a boy, Theodora or Millie for a girl, or Taco for a more gender-neutral option.

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Terminally Ill Zoo Employee Receives Final Kiss Goodbye From Giraffe

So sweet, so sad

In case you needed a good cry this morning: The Independent reports that a maintenance worker named Mario at the Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo is suffering from terminal cancer and asked to be wheeled into a giraffe’s habitat so he could say his final goodbye to the animals.

“These animals recognised him, and felt that (things aren’t) going well with him,” Kees Veldboer, the founder of the Ambulance Wish Foundation, said.

Ummm is someone cutting onions in here??

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Twin Polar Bear Cubs Make First Public Appearance at a Munich Zoo

Meet the 14-week-old twin polar bear cubs that made their press debut at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Germany, today. They scampered around their enclosure with their seven-year-old mother Giovanna.

The twins were born at the end of last year, and their birth was filmed on camera in color — a “world first,” the zoo claims.

LIST: German Polar Bear Knut and 14 Other Most Influential Animals That Ever Lived

WATCH: Polar Bear Cub Takes First Steps at Toronto Zoo

WATCH: Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Now Named Humphrey

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Meet the ‘$2 Million’ Dog

This picture taken on March 18, 2014 shows an unidentified man posing for a photo with two Tibetan mastiffs after they were sold at a 'luxury pet' fair in Hangzhou, in eastern China's Zhejiang province. STR / AFP / Getty Images

It's pretttty cute

A property developer reportedly paid “12 million yuan ($1.9 million)” for a golden Tibetan mastiff puppy Tuesday, according to AFP via the Qianjiang Evening News.

The buyer, an aspiring dog breeder, is said to have purchased the pup at a luxury pet expo in the eastern province of Zhejiang. The dog’s breeder Zhang Gengyun reportedly said another red mastiff sold for 6 million yuan (approximately $968,000).

The dogs, known for their protective, loyal qualities, and “stranger danger” instincts, have been considered a status symbol for millionaires. According to the AFP, one named “Red Splash” sold for 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) in 2011, and a 2010 TODAY Show segment said one named “Yangtze River Number Two” sold for $600,000 and was escorted home by a fleet of Mercedes sedans.

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Orphaned Squirrel Now Lives in This Girl’s Ponytail

Have you check your hair for critters lately?

Ponytails aren’t just for… horses anymore. An abandoned, two-month-old squirrel is now living in the hair of Abby Putterill, the daughter of the owners of a wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe.

The squirrel, named Hammy, “was playing with Abby and he managed to crawl into her hair. He seemed to make himself at home and still does it now,” Abby’s mother Debbie says.

Given that squirrels usually curl up in nests, the choice of dwelling isn’t exactly surprising. It is extremely cute, though.

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Thousands Are Rallying on Facebook to Save This Child-Mauling Pitbull

Mickey at West Valley Animal Care Center in Phoenix on March 11, 2014.
Mickey at West Valley Animal Care Center in Phoenix on March 11, 2014. Michael Schennum—AP

Violent dog attacked child's face after the four-year-old-boy took his bone

Thousands of people have taken to Facebook to defend a vicious pitbull after he chewed on a four-year-old kid’s face last month.

More than 43,000 dog-lovers have liked the Save Mickey Facebook page in support of the beast who cracked little Kevin Vicente’s jaw, cheekbone and eye socket when he nearly ripped off the boy’s face in a nightmarish mauling in Phoenix. The savage canine is scheduled to be euthanized after its owners gave him up in the wake of the mauling. A judge could rule March 25 on whether Mickey will be euthanized, and the dog already has a team of pro-bono lawyers fighting for his life.

Attorney John Schill, who is defending Mickey in court, says the blame lies with the adults who were responsible for Kevin, not Mickey. “Having Mickey killed is not going to take away Kevin’s pain or injuries. The only thing this is going to do is kill a poor, innocent dog,” Schill said, according to the Associated Press.

That “innocent dog” also killed another dog last year, the Arizona Republic reports.

Adults who were present say the dog attacked when Kevin took his bone. Kevin’s mother, a single mom, has had to quit her job to care for the boy, who may require months or years of reconstructive surgery.

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Watch a Bunny Throw a Tantrum Whenever He Isn’t Getting Pet

Have you ever heard a bunny growl?


Now here’s a bunny who knows what he wants. And what he wants is to get pets. Forever. And if the petting stops, he will stamp his bunny feet and growl. Apparently he does this a lot:

(H/T: Laughing Squid)

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