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This Disabled Piglet Named Leon Trotsky Gets High Marx For His Bravery

Quit Stalin, and watch the video already


Everyone, meet Leon Trotsky. He’s a three-week-old piglet who became injured a few days after his birth when his mom accidentally fell on him. Luckily, the folks at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Willowmavin, Australia, took him in. Soon, a vet fashioned a special miniature wheelchair for him so he could get around with ease.

Maybe one day Leon Trotsky can move to a new Animal Farm with some like-minded comrades. As long as the farm bans ice picks, that is.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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Watch a Baby Lamb Learn to Walk

He finds his footing with the help of a homemade bouncer


When this baby lamb got an infection in his joints that prevented him from walking, his human created a bouncer out of a canvas shopping bag and a bungee cord to help him find his footing.

Watch here as the adorable little creature bounces around, building up strength in his limbs. Not baaaa-d at all. (Sorry.)


And Now, a Guide To The World According To Cats

We must take a trip to the Moscow Cats Theater immediately

There are 200 million pet cats in the world. So to honor these pets — and to appease the people of the internet, who are pretty into four legged creatures of the cat variety — CheapFlights.com created a guide to what the world looks like according to cats. Now that you know there’s a cat theater in Moscow, won’t you be making better informed future travel decisions?

The World According to Cats



The World According to Cats [Infographic] by the team at Cheapflights


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When You Cross a Zebra and a Donkey, You Get Very Adorable Results

Meet Khumba, the "zonkey" born last week at a Mexico Zoo


Everyone, meet Khumba. His father, Ignacio, is a dwarf blue-eyed donkey, and his mother, Rayas, is a zebra. That makes him the very rare and special hybrid known as a “zonkey.” (Other accepted names include zebroid and — best of all — zebrass or zedonk.)

Khumba — who rocks some pretty awesome zebra-striped legs — was born on April 21 at the Reynosa Zoo in northeastern Mexico, NBC12 reports. Make sure to watch him prancing like the adorable little lamb (er, zonkey) that he is in the video above.


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Amtrak’s New Pet-Friendly Policy

Starting May 5, passengers can pay $25 to bring their pets on board some trains in a carry-on case

Illinois will be the testing ground for an Amtrak initiative that would allow pets 20 lb. and under on board. Between May 5 and Nov. 2, travelers going from Chicago to Quincy, Ill., which is about a 4.5-hour trip via train, can pay $25 to bring their dogs or cats along for the ride as a part of Amtrak’s Carry-On Pet pilot program.

Monday was the first day passengers could begin booking reservations for their four-legged friends, though the trips must begin at one of three locations in the Chicago area. Service animals are already allowed on board Amtrak trains, but this is the first program that would allow pets on board.

“We in Illinois welcome this exciting new pilot program, which is something that has been suggested by train passengers,” said Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann L. Schneider in a press release. “By listening to and accommodating all passengers, I am hopeful we can create a long-term policy that allows pets on trains and makes traveling on Amtrak even more appealing to a wider audience.”

The program in Illinois is a collaboration between Amtrak, the Illinois Department of Transportation and a working group led by Congressman Jeff Denham, Republican of California, who introduced a bill last May to allow domestic pets on board trains. If the program is successful in Illinois, it’ll likely to be introduced nationwide.

The pilot program won’t let Fido roam freely between the quiet and café cars, however. According to Amtrak’s website, each of the two trains where the program is being tested will have one car designated for pets, which must remain in the carrier under the passengers’ designated train seat throughout the duration of the trip.

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Meet the Adorable Baby Giraffe Who Was Just Born at the Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo

They're currently accepting name suggestions

Early this morning, a giraffe named Tessa gave birth to a female calf at the Cincinnati Zoo. As it turns out, baby giraffes are really, really cute.

The healthy, 125-pound calf hasn’t received a name yet, and the zoo is currently accepting suggestions on its Facebook page. Personally, I’m feeling Ellie (full name: Eleanor Roosevelt), Maggie (full name: Margaret Thatcher), Leslie (full name: Leslie Knope), or Hillz (full name: Hillary Rodham Clinton.) I’d also be okay if she were named Banana Pudding. In fact, yes, I think we should definitely name her Banana Pudding.

The zoo is only taking suggestions through Tuesday, April 29, so act fast. They’ll announce the final four choices on May 1 for a public vote.

Just look at her, hanging out with her mom. Doesn’t she totally look like a Banana Pudding, or at least a Hillz?

Cincinnati Zoo


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We’re Super Jealous of This Diver Who Got to Give a Seal a Belly Rub

Captured perfectly via a GoPro


GoPro’s YouTube channel shared an adorable video today of scuba diver Jason Neilus giving belly rubs to a grey seal in the Farne Islands, which are off the coast of Northumberland, England, in the United Kingdom.

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In Case You Needed A Reason Not To Take A Selfie With A Squirrel

"Went in for the selfie, got a rabies shot"

Humans will spend $15k on reconstructive surgery to look better in selfies. Squirrels, on the other hand, believe selfies are basic and will attack anyone who thinks otherwise.

Photo evidence below:

According to the guy who documented this interaction on Imgur, he “went in for the selfie, got a rabies shot.”

(h/t: UpRoxx)

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See the Most Festive Dogs From This Year’s Fiesta Pooch Parade

The annual event raised money for Therapy Animals of San Antonio

A group of very enthusiastic canines gathered in San Antonio on Saturday for the 16th annual Fiesta Pooch Parade. All proceeds from the event benefited the volunteer organization Therapy Dogs of San Antonio.

The pups all really brought their A-games, donning their most festive and funky costumes. Here are some of our favorites:

Eric Gay / AP
Bruno, Brandy
Eric Gay / AP
Eric Gay / AP
Spanky, Rocky
Eric Gay / AP
Eric Gay / AP
Eric Gay / AP


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Manhattan’s Cat Café Makes for a Purrfect Weekend



As part of a marketing stunt, Purina ONE opened up a four-day cat café in New York City this week where patrons can pet cats from the North Shore Animal League shelter on Long Island and sip “cat’achinos”, a twist on cappuccinos. If you don’t live in New York, you can still watch the action via livestream until April 27.

MORE: Grumpy Cat Is Not Impressed with TIME’s Photo Shoot

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