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Nazi ‘Gold Train’ May Have Been Found in Poland

Poland Nazi Train gold
AP The potential site where a Nazi gold train is believed to be hidden, near the city of Walbrzych, Poland, on Aug. 28, 2015.

Treasure hunters have been searching for the train for decades

A mythical German train filled with gold and gems has been detected by ground-penetrating radar in Poland. The so-called “gold train” is thought to have gone missing close to the city of Walbrzych, Poland in 1945. It was lost in the underground tunnels where German soldiers transported goods around the country during World War II.

A Pole and a German recently told authorities that they had found the armored train in one of the tunnels, the Associated Press reports. A radar image of the train shown to the Polish deputy culture minister seemed to confirm the train’s existence. He said he was “more than 99% certain that this train exists.”

The process of searching for the exact location of the train is expected to take weeks. According to the deputy culture minister, a man who claimed to have helped load the gold train said on his deathbed that the vehicle was laced with explosives as a security measure.


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Buzz Aldrin Wants to Colonize Mars Before 2040

To Phobos and beyond

By 2039 humans will be calling Mars home, if things go according to Buzz Aldrin’s plan.

The second man on the moon is teaming up with the Florida Institute of Technology to develop a master plan to colonize the red planet in less than 25 years. Aldrin chose 2039 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which first allowed man to walk on the moon.

Aldrin’s plan involves using Mars’ moons as pit-stops for astronauts on the way to the planet. People who arrive on Mars would stay there for at least a decade. He is seeking input from NASA on the plan, though the space agency already has its own initiative to put astronauts on Mars in the mid-2030s.

At the Florida Institute of Technology, Aldrin will be a faculty adviser and research professor for aeronautics. He will also lead the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute, set to open this fall.

[The Guardian]

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This Drone Caught a Guy Chilling on Top of a Wind Turbine

How he got up there is a mystery

With public cameras growing ever-more-ubiquitous, there’s seemingly no such thing as privacy anymore—not even atop a 200-foot-tall wind turbine.

A drone pilot named Kevin Miller was flying his unmanned aircraft in Rhode Island when it spotted a man sunbathing on top of a wind turbine. It’s unclear who the man is or how he got up there, though an open hatch next to him implies that he climbed up a ladder to reach the top. Perhaps he’s an engineer, or just a daredevil who gets his kicks climbing incredibly tall structures.

The discovery begs the question: just how many people are chilling on top of turbines, windmills, water towers and other large infrastructure edifices as we speak?

Check out the video of the sunbather below:

[Daily Mirror]

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Bill Clinton Considered Giving Speeches Connected to North Korea, Congo

Bill Clinton
Jacquelyn Martin—AP Former President Bill Clinton listens to a question after speaking at Georgetown University in Washington on April 21, 2015.

Emails show speeches could have netted big payday

Former President Bill Clinton sought approval from the State Department for speaking engagements related to North Korea and the Democratic Republic of Congo while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, according to emails obtained by ABC News. Both countries are thought to be complicit in a number of human rights violations.

In the emails, a representative for the Clinton Foundation passes along to a State Department official an invite to a speaking engagement in Brazzaville, Congo that would earn Clinton a speaking fee of $650,000. ABC notes the leaders of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo required photos with the former president as a condition of the speech. DRC leader Joseph Kabila has been widely criticized for maneuvering to stay in power indefinitely past his term. A group that helps Clinton organize his speeches, called the Harry Walker Agency, recommended that he decline the invite.

In another set of emails that begin with the subject line “North Korea invitation,” the Clinton Foundation representative wrote to the state department, ““Is it safe to assume [the U.S. Government] would have concerns about WJC accepting the attached invitation related to North Korea?” A State Department official instructed the Clinton Foundation to decline the offer.

Huge speaking fees drawn by both Clintons, sometimes from controversial foreign governments and figures, have come under scrutiny amid Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“As a matter of course, all requests were run by the State Department,” a press official in Bill Clinton’s office told ABC News, arguing that the Clinton Foundation was not pushing to get the speeches approved. “Ultimately, the President did not give these speeches.”

[ABC News]

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Facebook to Crack Down on Online Video Piracy

The company is trying to stop the practice known as "freebooting"

Facebook is finally responding to ongoing complaints that it’s too easy rip other people’s videos and repost them on the social network. In a blog post Thursday, the company announced it was taking several steps to curtail the practice, which is known as “freebooting.”

Facebook said it is working on new video matching technology that will let creators identify freebooted versions of their videos across the social network. “Our matching tool will evaluate millions of video uploads quickly and accurately, and when matches are surfaced, publishers will be able to report them to us for removal,” the company wrote.

For now the new tool will be available as a beta version to a small group of media companies, multi-channel networks and indivdiaul creators. Facebook plans to roll the tool out to larger audience over time. The company said it is also improving its current procedures to remove copyright-infringing content more efficiently.

Freebooting has caused an increasingly loud contingent of YouTube stars to complain that Facebook wasn’t properly addressing the problem. A blog post by Hank Green, a popular vlogger and co-founder of the video conference VidCon, claimed that Facebook’s policies encouraged the theft of creators’ videos.

TIME Media

This Is the Next Battleground for Netflix and Amazon

Gaby Hoffmann, Jeffrey Tambor, Jill Soloway
Richard Shotwell—Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP From left, Gaby Hoffmann, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jill Soloway speak onstage during the "Transparent" panel at the Amazon 2014 Summer TCA on Saturday, July 12, 2014, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

The streaming wars continue to go global

Amazon and Netflix will soon be squaring off in a new Asian battleground. On Wednesday Amazon announced that it will bring its Prime Instant Video service to Japan in September. Netflix has had long-announced plans to roll out its own streaming service in the country on Sept. 2.

Amazon’s Japanese offering will include dramas, anime and variety shows popular in both the U.S. and Japan. Original shows like “Transparent” will also be available.

Amazon, which already offers Prime subscriptions in Japan, will have a significant price advantage. Amazon Prime costs ¥3900 (about $32) per year, or about $2.71 per month. Netflix will have multiple tiers starting at ¥650, or about $5.40 per month.

It reminans to be seen whether either service will find substantial success in the country. Hulu launched in the country in 2011 but ended up selling off its Japanese streaming business to the Nippon TV television network in 2014.

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Now You Can Make Diamonds in a Microwave

A collection of natural diamonds are seen laid in rows on a
Bloomberg—Bloomberg via Getty Images A collection of natural diamonds.

The process takes several weeks

Diamonds really are forever, now that we can manufacture them.

There’s a growing market for man-made jewels grown in science labs, Bloomberg reports. The diamonds are made by placing a carbon seed in a microwave chamber and superheating the substance into a plasma ball, which crystallizes into the much-desired jewels. Experts can only tell the difference between the manufactured diamonds and traditionally mined ones using a machine.

The man-made diamonds are starting to be sold by retailers such as Wal-Mart, although they still make up just a small fraction of total diamond sales. In 2014, an estimated 360,000 carats of lab-grown diamonds were manufactured while about 146 million carats of natural gems were mined. The number of man-made diamonds is expected to reach 20 million carats by 2026. (One carat = 0.2 grams).

Diamond industry heavyweights such as De Beers say they have nothing to fear from startups pushing lab-produced gems. The company told Bloomberg that the “formation,” “history,” and “emotional significance” of mined diamonds make them unique.

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YouTube’s Founder Is Paying Big Bucks to Kim and Kanye

Kim Kardashian West Kanye West
Taylor Hill — Film Magic/Getty Images Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West attend the 2015 CFDA Awards at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, June 1, 2015

Superstar couple was so appalled by Hurley's actions that they sued

A co-founder of YouTube is paying a large settlement to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to settle a lawsuit, according to TMZ. The gossip website reports that Chad Hurley, one of the three founders of YouTube, must pay Kim and Kanye $440,000 for filming West’s proposal to Kardashian at San Francisco’s AT&T park and putting it on his new video site Mixbit. Hurley had reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibited spreading footage of the proposal.

$440,000 is a relatively small sum for Hurley, who sold YouTube to Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. No word on whether the incident will stop West from rapping about YouTube among his many references to social media.

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There Are Almost No Active Female Users on Ashley Madison


Most appear to be bots, fakes, or inactive accounts, a report says

The large disparity in the number of male and female accounts on the adultery website Ashley Madison is well-documented. But an analysis by Gizmodo of the massive data dump released by people who allegedly hacked the company’s website shows the number of active female users is absolutely miniscule.

Ashley Madison has about 31 million male accounts and 5.5 million female accounts. But the overwhelming majority of those female accounts appear to be bots, fakes, or inactive accounts that were hardly used in the first place, the report says. Gizmodo found that only about 1,500 of the female users had ever checked their messages on the site, while only 2,400 had ever chatted on the site, and only 9,700 had ever replied to a message.

Hackers first threatened to release personal information about Ashley Madison users in July, and then proceeded with a massive data dump earlier this month. Ashley Madison is now facing several lawsuits from several former users who say the website knew about the security vulnerabilities in its systems.

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This Tesla Car Just Scored Consumer Reports’ Highest-ever Rating

Inside The 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)
Bloomberg—Bloomberg via Getty Images A Tesla Model S P85D.

103 out of 100 ain’t bad

Tesla’s new car is so good that it’s literally off the charts.

The company’s Model S P85D scored a 103 out of 100 from Consumer Reports, the highest score ever given to a vehicle by the publication.

“This is a car that set new benchmarks, and we had to make changes to our scoring to account for it,” Consumer Reports said in a video. The final, official score for the car was 100 out of 100.

The magazine touted the new Model S’s safety features, over-the-air updates and fuel efficiency in its extremely positive review. The standout feature of the P85D version, though, is the new “Insane Mode,” which lets the car accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, making it the fastest vehicle Consumer Reports has ever tested.

Creating a car that’s the best of the best comes at a high cost, though. At a retail price of nearly $128,000, the Model S P85D is also the most expensive car Consumer Reports has ever reviewed.

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