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Witness the Deadly Tornadoes That Hit Oklahoma

Tornadoes ripped through large portions of Oklahoma on Wednesday, marking the start of tornado season. The storm killed at least one person and left scores with damaged homes and tens of thousands of households with no power

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See One Direction Over the Years

Zayn Malik has announced that he's leaving One Direction. Take a look back at the boy band's time together

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Witness Scenes From the Plane Crash in the French Alps

Officials said 150 people are feared dead after the Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed Tuesday near the village of Digne-Les-Bains in the French Alps

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These Apple Watch Accessories Might Be Cooler Than the Apple Watch Itself

The Apple Watch isn't out yet, but the accessories are already hitting the market

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See How a Rare ‘Supertide’ Turned a French Medieval Town Into an Island

France High Tide
AP An aerial view as a "supertide" submerges a narrow causeway leading to the Mont Saint-Michel, on France's northern coast, March 21, 2015.

Mont Saint-Michel is normally accessible by a slim causeway.

Visitors witnessed Mont Saint-Michel in northwestern France become an island on Saturday, thanks to a rare “supertide” that submerged a causeway that typically provides access to the medieval community. The waters rose some 42 feet (13 meters) and temporarily disconnected the area, which is about 2,000 feet (600 meters) from land.

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See ‘Father of Singapore’ Lee Kuan Yew’s Life in Pictures

Key moments from the longest-serving Prime Minister in world history

Few leaders can claim as great an influence on a country as Lee Kuan Yew can on Singapore. The 91-year-old is considered the founding father of the small Southeast Asian nation, having led it from a colonial trading post into a regional and global financial powerhouse.

Born in Singapore in September 1923, Lee graduated with a law degree from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, but returned to his native country in 1950 despite being admitted to the English bar. He became Singapore’s first Prime Minister in 1959, a position he held until 1990 — making him the longest-serving Prime Minister in global history.

During that time, he guided the country out of British colonial rule and through a union with Malaysia, which Singapore broke away from in 1965, to become fully independent.

Lee became Minister Mentor of Singapore in 2004, a position created by his eldest son, third and current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Here’s a look at Lee Kuan Yew’s life, in pictures.

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See the 20 Most Successful Romantic Comedies

Pretty Woman is turning 25, take a look back at which romantic comedies made the most at the box office

All domestic box office grosses are according to Box Office Mojo.

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Watch the Total Solar Eclipse in 5 Seconds

ESA/SDO/dpa/Corbis (6); GIF by Mia Tramz for TIME

If you weren't in the Faroe Islands to see it, catch the time lapse here

People in a small swath of Europe were treated to a total solar eclipse early Friday morning as the moon aligned to fully block the sun from their vantage point on Earth.

The European Space Agency published images of the eclipse recorded by a small Proba-2 satellite.

Americans haven’t seen a total solar eclipse since 1979, and certain states will see the next one on Aug. 21, 2017.

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