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See the Best Photos From an Astronaut’s Fifth Month in Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly just passed the five-month mark in his yearlong stay aboard the Space Station. Here is a collection of the best photos he's snapped so far

TIME is following Kelly’s mission in the new series, A Year In Space. Watch the first two episodes here.

MORE: See more photographs from Scott Kelly’s yearlong mission in space here.

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See Breathtaking Views of the National Parks From Space

Yosemite, Redwood, and other famous parks as they look from outer space

TIME Syria

See ISIS’s Destruction of the Ancient City Palmyra

The Roman-era temple of Baalshamin, located in Syria, was destroyed on Sunday, a month after the group's militants booby-trapped it with explosives. The U.N. cultural agency UNESCO on Monday called the destruction of the temple a war crime

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The Only Thing Cuter Than a Baby Panda Is a Baby Panda Sleeping in a Basket

Giant panda cubs are seen inside baskets during their debut appearance to visitors at a giant panda breeding centre in Ya'an
Reuters Giant panda cubs are seen inside baskets during their debut appearance to visitors at a giant panda breeding centre in Ya'an, Sichuan province, China, on Aug. 21, 2015.

So here are three cubs just hanging out

A total of 10 cubs born at a giant panda breeding centre in Ya’an, in China’s Sichuan province, made their debut appearance to visitors on Friday. The pandas ranged from one week to two months old.

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Here are the Most Heart-Stopping Photos of Saturn from the Cassini Mission

As the spacecraft completes its final flyby of Saturn's moon Dione, TIME reflects on the most spectacular images from the mission thus far

TIME space

See Cassini’s Haunting Final Images of Saturn’s Moon Dione

The spacecraft made its final flyby of the mysterious moon on August 17

TIME China

Here Are 14 of China’s Finest World Monument Replicas

It's called "duplitecture" — and it can be found across the country

A Chinese statue of an oil bubble in Karamay, Xinjiang province caused a stir recently for bearing an uncanny resemblance to the reflective, bean-shaped Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago by Anish Kapoor.

But the 2006 artwork is far from the only iconic monument knocked off by Chinese developers. The country can boast more replicas of famous world monuments than Las Vegas, allowing residents to feel like world travelers without ever setting foot outside the nation’s borders.

See photos of the jewels of the country’s ‘duplitecture’ above.

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