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Kansas City Cop Starts a Dance-Off With Kids

Watch him try to hold his own in this adorable video

Out of Kansas City, Missouri, comes a video of a police officer busting a move with some of the local kids in an eastern Kansas City neighborhood. NBC News affiliate KSHB reports that after officer Jeffrey Krebs spent Sunday morning dancing in his patrol car, his partner offered Jolly Rancher candy to some kids in the neighborhood if they would throw down their best moves in a dance-off with the officer.

The kids and Krebs delivered, each offering up some moves, including one Krebs dubbed “The Octopus” (which the unseen camera operator reacts to with a quiet “Oof.”)

Krebs told KSHB he hopes the friendly competition will help him work better with the community in the long run: “I feel like if we build rapport with them, then they’re more likely to call us when they need us.”

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This Muppets–Beastie Boys Mashup Is ‘What’cha Want’

You want this mashup

In the wake of a dark news cycle, sometimes you just want to escape into the comfort of a heartwarming viral video filled with excited puppies, surfing pigs or, say, rapping Muppets.

Today, the Internet gods or hamsters or whoever it is that runs the pipes and tubes of the World Wide Web looked down, smiled, and gave the world this minute-long video of the Muppets “performing” the Beastie Boys hit “So What’cha Want.”

Starring the Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beaker bravely stepping into the shoes of MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D, this mashup by heaven-sent YouTuber Mylo the Cat is everything you need to feel a little bit better today.

Watch while you can, though, because the Beastie Boys won’t allow their music to be used in commercial endeavors, probably not even by Muppets.

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Field Report Take You “Home” on New Song: Premiere

Audre Rae Photography

Hear the first track from Field Report's sophomore LP Marigolden, out Oct. 7 on Partisan Records

Back in 2012, TIME included Field Report— the musical brainchild of Chris Porterfield, a former bandmate of Justin Vernon (better known as Bon Iver) — in a list of bands to watch. That prediction proved prescient: in the years since, Field Report released a stellar self-titled album filled with heavy-hearted alt-folk, toured with the Counting Crows and Aimee Mann, and finished a second album, Marigolden, due out October 7th on Partisan Records.

The new album is filled with darkly beautiful songs that grapple with demons and dreams in equal measure. Marigolden shows Porterfield tussling with his newly tumultuous life, trying to balance fame and family. The first single, “Wings”, is as soaring as the title implies, with evocative melodies and ethereal synths lushly layered behind Porterfield’s rich voice.

“Home,” which TIME premieres today, is an elegant homage to homesickness: it’s about Porterfield’s plaintive longing to be literally home, not just homeward bound. It’s a raw, poetic track that showcases Porterfield’s skilled songcraft and knack for observation — especially when it’s pointed inward.

Listen to Field Report’s “Home”:


Track List:

1. Decision Day
2. Home (Leave The Lights On)
3. Pale Rider
4. Cups and Cups
5. Ambrosia
6. Wings
7. Marigolden
8. Michelle
9. Summons
10. Enchantment

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Watch a Dog Just Lose His Mind Meeting The Family’s New Kitten for the First Time

The dog looks pawsitively smitten with the new cat already

Read any baby book and there will be probably be a chapter on introducing your new baby to your beloved family pet. Tips usually include something like bringing home a baby blanket so the dog can sniff it and get used to that new baby smell and learn to love the tiny creature to which it belongs.

In this YouTube video uploaded by Tom Shukis, Kip, the “dorky year-old rat terrier,” meets the tiny grey tabby on his girlfriend’s sofa in Cherry Valley, New York. He quickly gets a little over-excited to meet his new housemate, and in a fit of unbridled enthusiasm, starts spinning in gleeful circles on the couch unable to contain the shock of the new kitty. Watch and smile.

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2 Chainz Makes a Baby Stop Crying

She stops crying and starts dancing

Some babies are soothed by the dulcet tones of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” or Nine Inch Nails’s “Copy of A.” Now, playing 2 Chainz is all it takes to get a baby girl to stop crying in this new YouTube clip.

Just two notes into the rapper’s song “I’m Different,” you can see her dancing for joy as high as her little legs and her baby jumper will let her.

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Robyn and Roysköpp Go for Gravity In “Monument” Video: Watch

It's the latest clip to be taken from their Do It Again EP

Swedish pop star Robyn and electro-artistes Röyskopp have always pushed limits with their innovative collaborations — and in their new video, they head straight to the outer limits of outer space.

To accompany their Do It Again track “Monument,” the video takes visual cues from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos and (maybe!) the classic Martin Short/Dennis Quaid/Meg Ryan comedy Inner Space to take viewers on a journey through the stars.

Given those influences, the song and video are extraterrestrial and introspective. “It’s about exploring the space around you and finding your own space in it all,” director Max Vitali told The Creator’s Project, who produced the video.

“[Vitali] had a very strong feeling and he started developing it,” Robyn said about the video. “We had all these conversations about what this place could look like, how do you explain these emotions, how do you communicate these things in a way that feels sincere.” The results are trippy and dreamy and, yes, sincere, as viewers seemingly float above the musicians as they move across the moon to hypnotic effect. It’s a suitably beautiful and strange visual for the avant-garde artists.

Want to find out how they did it? A behind-the-scenes video features interviews with Röyskopp, Robyn, Vitali and choreographer Jefta van Dinther:

Here are Röyksopp and Robyn’s Do It Again tour dates:

August 15 Pukkelpop (Belgium)
August 20 Pier 97 (New York, NY, US)
August 21 Wolftrap (Washington, DC, US)
August 22 HB Pavilion (Boston, MA, US)
August 24 Pritzker Pavilion (Chicago, IL, US)
August 25 Echo Beach (Toronto, ON, Canada)
August 30 Zurich Open Air (Switzerland)
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Kanye West’s New Single “All Day” Springs a Leak: Listen

Kanye West live at Outside Lands Music Festival 2014
Josh Withers—Corbis Kanye West performing live at the 2014 Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park on Aug. 8, 2014.

Hear a low-quality clip of a new Yeezy track

How long do you have to wait for new music from Kanye West? Not “all day.”

In a recent interview with GQ, Kanye West announced that he was hard at work on a follow-up to his critically-acclaimed album Yeezus and promised that a new single, called “All Day,” would be released soon. Today, that single is out — although probably sooner than West would have liked.

A version of “All Day” leaked online this morning and it seems to be a legit outtake from a West recording session — albeit one illicitly recorded on someone’s iPhone. In fairness, the finished product may sound completely different after West, a noted perfectionist. But even as is, the song is a banger and it’s a promising hint at things to come.

While the leaked recording is fuzzy, it’s clear that West is reeling in some of the darkness of Yeezus and harking back to the blustery swagger of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He also seems to be taking cues from both Drake and Jay Z with a heavy focus on rapping. While West is typically loath to accept comparisons, in his GQ interview he noted that even he can’t help but notice the influence of Jay Z on the track: “I think about certain lines that I say on my new single, which is called ‘All Day,’ that usually Jay would say, but Jay’s not on there,” Kanye explained. “So I say, All day, n—a, it’s ‘Ye, n—a. Shopping for the winter, it’s just May, n—a. Ball so hard, man, this sh– cray, n—a. You ain’t getting money unless you got eight figures. Right? Jay would have said that.”

The track seems destined for heavy rotation on radio and in blogs, with a thumping beat, shout-outs to Sade and Rico Suave and a backing vocal from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon — or someone who sounds just like him. Plus, there’s a singalong-ready refrain of “all day,” in response to West’s questions about everything from how much time he spends at the mall to how long it took him to get this fly. Would you expect anything less?

Some language is NSFW. Listen now:

[via Revolt]

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Agustin Murillo—ABC

So much drama. So little AshLee

Welcome to Paradise City, a.k.a. Bachelor in Paradise, where the bachelors are clean (shaven) and the girls are gritty (fine, pretty). On this summertime prime-time time waster, the cast-offs of The Bachelor and The Bachlorette come together for a second chance at love with like-minded fame worshippers.

Last week, we met the contestants (Clare! Marcus! That other guy! No, no, the other guy! And a bunch of other people you barely remember from a show you watch while surfing Reddit!) and they started to pair off. The point of the show is either love or fame, in Paradise if not paradise, they go hand in hand, because if you pair off, you get roses, which means you get to stay on the show. Last week, though, Michelle K. found neither and left before the rose ceremony. This week, we get to find out why and even by The Bachelor standards, it’s a doozy.

Here’s what happened on this week’s Bachelor in Paradise:

The Drama: Apparently during preproduction the cast stayed at a nearby hotel, and during that time Michelle K. looked for love before the cameras even started rolling, because she is a real go-getter. She struck up a flirtation with a guest on the next-door balcony, and after a couple of days, Michelle unlocked the doors to their adjoining rooms for a DIY Fantasy Suite. (No word on rose petals strewn around the room.) Turns out Michelle’s conquest was a probably now unemployed crew member named Ryan Putz (really!) who apparently makes some pretty bad life choices on the regular. Gossip queen and host Chris Harrison decides he needs to get to the bottom of all this and goes to talk to Michelle, who wisely slams the door in his face and when speaking to a secretly microphoned producer refers to him as “just a host.” Zing! Chris does some excellent hosting as he tells the next part of the sordid tale.

The Re-enactment: Turns out that while Chris was not allowed in Michelle’s room, Ryan Putz (only full names for this guy) was more than welcome, however they didn’t want to get caught together. So when another producer knocked on the door during an assignation, Ryan Putz panicked and went to hide on the balcony, which Chris helpfully explains “is about 25 ft. up.” That’s when Ryan Putz decided to live up to his last name and dead-drop from the balcony to make his escape and The Bachelor entered the brave world of America’s Most Wanted–style re-enactments showing Ryan dangling from a balcony in fuzzy lighting. He landed in a world of pain and regret, screaming, “My job, my job it wasn’t worth it!” Cut to the hospital, where Ryan is recuperating with bandages around both of his feet and legs, claiming that he thought the balcony was only 6 ft. up. “I misjudged it,” he said. Michelle is probably saying the same thing about this show. So that explains why Michelle K. left and probably won’t be invited back. But you never know. This is The Bachelor after all.

The New Arrival: Chris Bukowski almost found love on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette and then tried to crash Andi Dorfman’s season but was blocked at the gate. That means there are more men than women, and someone is going home.

First Date: Chris invites Clare for some pampering, which she is obviously down for. Chris admits that maybe he has not been the best guy, but that’s in the past and he has read a book that says he should say he has learned from his mistakes and is now ready to be the best boyfriend ever. After reciprocal massages, Clare buys it and declares herself ready to give Chris her “rose,” which is hopefully not a euphemism.

Elise and Dylan: There is ahem trouble in paradise. While Dylan and Elise were last week’s Couple Most Likely to Succeed (in hooking up on national television), this week, Dylan is feeling suffocated by Elise’s attention. He encourages her to go out and meet some of the other guys in their house just in case she hadn’t met them before. So she does and Clare spots Chris making out with Elise in the ocean and rethinks her whole rose-giving strategy.

The Second Arrival: Just as Clare is feeling down, she spies Zack Kalter walking up the beach to join the party. While bachelorette Desiree couldn’t pick Zack out of a lineup, he and Clare are friends from The Bachelor circuit, and she is thrilled to see him.

The Second Date: Zack is torn between his love for AshLee and his interest in Clare, but ultimately chooses Clare for his date. They splash on the beach, because there is nothing else to do in “paradise” apparently. Chris gnashes his teeth because he may have ruined his chances with Clare by making out with another girl in front of her.

The Backup Plan: Now that Clare is taken, Chris decides to go full force for Elise by calling Dylan names and insisting that he looks like a “bloated, tanner, Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting” and calling him “Fat Damon.” Elise isn’t swayed, though, as she still has her eyes on Dylan, but Dylan didn’t like the fact that she made out with Chris, even though he told her to go play the field. Elise is into that sort of double standard and still wants to go out with Dylan.

The Third Date: Dylan gets a date card, but doesn’t take Elise, because she needs to be punished for following his suggestions, and the producers won’t let him hit her on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. So he invites her best friend Sarah instead. Sarah isn’t really down with it all, but then she is, and as she and Dylan walk along the beach they frequently announce how happy they are to be on a date.

The Drama, Part II: Marcus and Marquel “accidentally” find a love letter in Ben’s duffle bag. Clearly Marcus needs to confront Ben down at the bonfire in front of everyone else. Ben explains that he met this girl only three weeks before the show started, but admits that it is “real.” Clare overhears the news and goes to spread the good word so everyone can come watch the discussion, because there is absolutely nothing else to do on this island than watch people self-immolate. Ben realizes it was a mistake to come and recuses himself from the proceedings and Hollywood in general. As he stomps off, Michelle Money makes it all about her and starts crying because Ben took a spot of someone whom she could have made a connection with, but now she will never know.

The Rose Ceremony: With Ben gone, only one more man must be winnowed from the herd. Michelle is planning on giving her rose to Marquel, even though he gets in touch with his inner Oprah and point out how much she drinks. She gives him the rose anyway, because he’s Marquel. Also, Marquel should have his own talk show. Lacy gives her rose to Marcus, which makes sense as they have been stuck on each other like sucker fish (drunk sucker fish) the entire episode. AshLee gives her rose to Graham. Clare gives her rose to Zack. Elise attempts to give Dylan her rose, but he refuses it. He’s just not that into her. He is into Sarah, though, but she can’t betray her new BFF. Elise gives her sloppy seconds to Chris, who is more than willing to take them if it means he gets to stick around for another week. Sarah decides to skip Dylan and the drama that would come with him and instead gives her rose to Robert, who put a shirt on for the occasion.

Departures: Dylan is sad that Sarah didn’t believe he had real feelings for her, but is glad to be away from Elise, because “she is out of her mind.” Pot, kettle, meet Dylan.

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10 of Robin Williams’ Funniest Moments From Johnny Carson to His USO Tour

U.S. actor Robin Williams posing for photographers during a photo-call in Rome on Nov. 15, 2005.
Alessia Pierdomenico—Reuters U.S. actor Robin Williams posing for photographers during a photo-call in Rome on Nov. 15, 2005.

"Cause you're only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you're nothing"

“Comedy is acting out optimism,” Robin Williams is supposed to have said. That quote may be true or apocryphal, but as a comedian who became an Oscar-winning actor, he would know.

While Williams became better known as an actor, stand-up was his entrée into life on stage. His sets were fierce and fearless and wildly spontaneous, veering away from established routines at the drop of a hat, or the sight of a pocket camera, into new, hilarious territory. His jokes ranged from the oddball (“Do you think God gets stoned? I think so … look at the platypus”) to the quotidian (“The first time I tried organic wheat bread, I thought I was chewing on roofing material”) to the political (“You could talk about same-sex marriage, but people who have been married say ‘It’s the same sex all the time'”) — and he tackled all of them with the same sense of ease.

Here is a small sampling of Williams’ manic-comedic genius and the many ways he had to make people laugh:

The Roast of Richard Pryor (1977)
Back when Williams was just starting out in the comedy circuit, the venerable Richard Pryor hired him for the short-lived The Richard Pryor Show. The show marked its final episode with a roast of Pryor and even though he was new on the scene, Williams stepped up to the challenge — he even managed to get Pryor to laugh.

Weapons of Self-Destruction (2009)
Politics, politicians and more politics were on the menu for this show, but Williams also touched on technology (“Is it rude to Twitter during sex?”) and his struggle with addiction (“I went to rehab in wine country, just to keep my options open”).

At the Roxy (1978):
One of his earliest sets is marked by a brilliant familiarity with his audience (“Oh, no, everyone I’ve ever known! There are people here I’ve slept with twice!”) and a knack for disarming candor and openness (“Cause you’re only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you’re nothing”).

On Johnny Carson (1981 and 1992)
Johnny Carson could barely stop laughing during Williams’ first visit to the venerable stage — and Williams wasn’t even doing a set, he was just a guest on the show.

In 1992, when Carson was about to retire, he invited Williams back for one final set. He did not disappoint:

An Evening With Robin Williams (1982)
While many of Williams’ tried-and-true routines were included in the set, it was his spontaneous riffs that won the day, despite possibly confusing the audience. (“Right now people are going: ‘What the hell is he doing now?!’ Hahaha … catch up!”)

An Evening at the Met (1986)
Williams candidly talked about cocaine in this set, including helpful pointers as to whether or not you have a cocaine problem (“If on your tax forms it says: “50,000 dollars for snacks! MAY DAY!”):

On the USO Tour (2007)
“I’ve never had an entire audience just go, forget you!” said Williams, who was a fixture on the USO circuit, after an unexpected turn of events during a USO tour in Kuwait.

Inside the Actors Studio (2001)
Williams spoke candidly about how the death of his friend John Belushi and the birth of his son led him to quit drugs. “Was it a wake-up call?” he said. “Oh yeah, on a huge level. The grand jury helped too.” Then he turned the staid studio into an improv stage, riffing on a borrowed scarf.

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Robin Williams: His 5 Most Memorable Roles

"The Crazy Ones" Press Conference
Vera Anderson—WireImage/Getty Images Robin Williams at "The Crazy Ones" Press Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel on October 8, 2013 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The legendary actor leaves behind a legacy of unforgettable films

Beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away Aug. 11 at the age of 63 in a suspected suicide after a long battle with depression. As the world mourns the loss of a comedic voice that spanned decades, we take a look back at his career.

Williams made the long climb from stand-up comic to leading man. His first roles were strictly in comedy, including stints on The Richard Pryor Show; eventually, he broke big playing a sailor with a love-hate relationship with spinach in Popeye. From there he went on to star in The World According to Garp, Moscow on the Hudson, Jumanji, Good Morning Vietnam, Night at the Museum, Death to Smoochy and many more films.

Here are five of his most memorable roles.

Mork in Mork & Mindy

Mork, the alien sent from the planet Ork, who came to Earth in a small, one-man egg-shaped spaceship to observe human behavior, was on television for four years and introduced the American audience to Williams’ unique brand of wackiness. Williams’ dedication to the character and willingness to do anything for a laugh made viewers realize that Williams was an actor — not just a comedian.

Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire

Williams played a man willing to go to any lengths to be with his family, including masquerading as a buxom nanny in the hopes of winning his wife back from Pierce Brosnan. A part that campy could have sunk many actors’ careers, but it just cemented America’s love for Williams. A sequel was planned for 2015.

John Keating in Dead Poets Society

Williams played a fun-loving poetry professor who came to a stuffy boarding school, then challenged and inspired his students through his outside-the-box teaching methods. When the film came to the final scene, where his students take to their desks to declare their love for their teacher, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Genie in Aladdin

While voicing animated characters is par for the course for established actors these days, Williams’ take on the Genie in Aladdin set the bar very high. His blue-bottled Genie was blustery good fun for both kids and parents.

Dr. Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting

Williams came to Good Will Hunting after a string of comedic hits and misses (Toys, Jack and Mrs. Doubtfire among them). He shined as a therapist tasked with helping a young math prodigy overcome his anger and work toward a healthy relationship with both a girl and the world at large. Their sessions together revealed a lot about the characters and the actors, paving the way for more serious roles for Williams and kick-starting Matt Damon’s career.

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