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Louisiana Bill Would Require Women to Stay on Life Support if Pregnant

The bill would require doctors to keep women on life support regardless of family's wishes

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will soon decide on a bill that could require hospitals to keep pregnant women on life support, regardless of her family’s wishes.

The bill, which passed the Louisiana State House of Representatives last week, specifies that if a woman is at least 20 weeks pregnant, she must be kept on life support.

State lawmakers say the law would protect healthy fetuses from meeting an untimely demise as a result of the mother’s condition. Abortion rights groups oppose the legislation, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

A state Senate version of the bill allowed family members to request that expectant mothers be taken off of life support, Huffington Post said, but the provision was scrapped in committee. Jindal is expected to sign the bill into law.

A similar law faced scrutiny in Texas earlier this year, when a 14-week pregnant woman was kept on life support for weeks after her husband found her unconscious. A judge later ruled the family’s request to remove her from life support must be granted.

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Lil’ Kim Gives Birth to Baby Girl, Names Her Royal Reign

The self-described Queen of Rap apparently couldn't just pick one regal moniker for her new bundle of joy

Congratulations are in order! Rapper Lil Kim gave birth to a baby girl on Monday, and the self-described Queen Bee gave the bouncing bundle of joy a regal name: Royal Reign.

One reference to nobility just wouldn’t be enough for the heir of one of hip-hop’s royals, apparently.

Lil’ Kim’s pregnancy—her first— was announced in February during New York Fashion Week. The Queen Bee posted an image of her baby shower invitation on her Instagram account in late April, sharing with the world that she had a little princess on the way. New York-based rapper Mr. Papers was later reported as the baby’s father. The obviously excited new mom spent the day retweeting messages of congratulations sent her way from celebrity friends and news outlets.

No comment yet from Lorde, whose chart-topping, ubiquitous hit single “Royals” was released as a single about 10 months ago.




Study: Hard Times Can Make People More Racist

When the going gets tough, the tough get... prejudiced

People perceive race differently during an economic downturn, a recent study suggests, and become subconsciously more prejudiced against dark-skinned people when times are tight.

Researchers at New York University discovered that people with lighter skin were more likely to perceive Afrocentric features as more pronounced or “darker” during an economic downturn.

That kind of perception is likely to increase discrimination against people of color, the researchers found.

“Our research reveals that perceived scarcity influences people’s visual representations of race in a way that may promote discrimination,” the authors note, in an upcoming issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America journal.

In a series of four studies, participants were asked to identify whether select images depicted black people or white people, while researchers manipulated select economic conditions.

In one study, participants were first asked to express agreement or disagreement with “zero-sum” beliefs like “When blacks make economic gains, whites lose out economically,” and then asked to identify the race of the people featured in 110 images—people whose skin color varied greatly.

The study’s results showed that those with stronger “zero sum” beliefs were more likely to consider the images of mixed-face subjects as “blacker” than they actually were.

New York University researchers Amy Krosch, a doctoral student, and psychology professor David Amodio found similar results when participants were asked to identify whether someone was black or white after being shown words related to scarcity like “limited” and “resource.”

The remaining studies threw economics into the mix—asking subjects how they would divide $15 between people represented by two images— and not only were images of darker-skinned people deemed “blacker” than they actually were relative to the average skin color, they were allocated fewer funds.

Economic scarcity, the researchers note, has been proven to influence how people treat those outside of their own social groups in previous studies. But with the economy still recovering from the detrimental recession of 2008-9—which had a more adverse effect on blacks than whites—the findings suggest that institutional inequality may not be the only culprit, but also individual prejudices toward racial minorities.

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Oklahoma Company Markets Bullet-Proof Blanket for Kids

The neon-orange bullet-proof blanket is designed to protect against both tornado debris and 9mm bullets

Oklahoma “protective products” company, ProTecht, has developed a tool it says can shield an adult or child from both falling debris—or a 9mm bullet.

“The Bodyguard,” a neon orange, bulletproof blanket that can be strapped-on like a backpack, isn’t cheap: A single item reportedly costs around $1,000. But that’s because it’s made from the same material found in protective gear used by military and law enforcement, the company says.

On the product’s website, an ominous narrative reads, “9:02 a.m. Who would have guessed that on a quiet spring morning their lives would be changed forever by a sudden school tragedy.” In video posted on the website, which warns about tornados and “crazed gunmen” that strike without warning, students are shown donning the vest and curling under their protective blankets like bright orange turtles, lined in orderly fashion along a school hallway.

Although the blanket passed a National Institute of Justice test that aligns it with police armor, the blanket’s creator Steve Walker told the Oklahoman that the blankets could be a more cost-effective option for tornado protection than building new shelters. “By no means would we ever say that this is more protective. But when you have budget constraints, this might be a viable alternative,” Walker said.

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GoDaddy Plans to Raise $100 Million for IPO

The web hosting company filed for an IPO on Monday

Website domain host GoDaddy.com filed to go public on Monday, with hopes of raising $100 million for its initial public offering.

According to files submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Go Daddy, one of the leading web hosts and domain registrars, with about 57 million domains under its management and a reported 12 million customers as of March 31, has been losing money over the past several years. Though GoDaddy generated $1.1 billion in revenue last year, it had a net loss of $200 million.

Monday’s filing wouldn’t be the first time the Arizona-based company, with its penchant for sexually charged ads, has mulled going public. Fortune reports that the company filed for an IPO in 2006, though that never came to fruition. Then in 2011, GoDaddy was acquired for $2.25 billion by K.K.R., SilverLake and Technology Crossover Ventures.

According to the filing Monday, GoDaddy has hired Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan and Citigroup as underwriters this time.

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1 Worker Dead, 2 Injured After Brazil Monorail Construction Failure

The accident is the latest bump in the road for the 2014 World Cup host country's preparations

A structure collapsed during monorail construction in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on Monday, killing one worker and injuring two others.

The monorail is intended to connect the city’s Congonhas Airport to three metro lines, ahead of the start of the FIFA World Cup on June 12, but the crew is already working way past deadline, the BBC reported.

A concrete support beam fell and dealt a deadly blow to one person laboring below, the Associated Press says. Officials are investigating the cause of its collapse.

The accident marks the latest in a series of stumbles as the country prepares to host the international soccer tournament, which will bring millions of tourist to the area. Sao Paolo is set to host the opening game. During the construction of Brazil’s 12 World Cup arenas, eight have reportedly died.


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Boko Haram Suspected of Kidnapping Another 20 Women

The extremist group reportedly abducted women from a nomadic settlement near Chibok, Nigeria, last week

Members of the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram are suspected to have kidnapped 20 women near the Nigerian town where nearly 300 schoolgirls were abducted in April.

The Associated Press reports a vigilante-group member said armed men abducted the women by gunpoint on Thursday, also kidnapping three men who made an effort to thwart the attack. The women reportedly lived in a nomadic settlement near the Nigerian town of Chibok.

The extremist group has remained in international headlines since the April abduction of around 275 girls, many of whom remain missing, inspired a global movement to return them entitled #BringbBackOurGirls.

Last week, Boko Haram militants reportedly also killed hundreds in attacks in northeastern Nigeria.


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Morning Must Reads: June 6

France D-Day Commemorations
Men in WWII military uniforms gesture on Omaha Beach in Vierville sur Mer, western France , Friday June 6, 2014. Thibault Camus—AP

In the News: World Leaders commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day; North Korea detains American tourist; Hillary opens up to People magazine; and what GM knew about fatal flaw

Happy Friday, morning must readers! Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Check out TIME’s 1944 D-Day maps and more of our anniversary coverage online.

  • In today’s news: Obama honors D-Day heroes [TIME]
  • North Korea detains an American tourist for violating an unspecified law. [NBC News]
  • US adds 217k jobs in May [BLS]
  • National Institute of Health warning: teens need to stay away from weed [The Hill]
  • Hillary Clinton writes of Biden, Bergdahl in new book [Politico]
  • Texas GOP could endorse “reparative therapy” for gays and lesbians at their annual state convention. Similar therapies have been banned in other states, including New Jersey and California [AP]
  • Obama on Putin: his Russian counterpart “has a chance to get back into a lane of international law,” Obama said, following a meeting Thursday of G7 leaders in Brussels, Belgium, at which Russia was excluded. [CNN]
  • Hillary opens up to People: “I know I have a decision to make… But part of what I’ve been thinking about, is everything I’m interested in and everything I enjoy doing – and with the extra added joy of ‘I’m about to become a grandmother,’ I want to live in the moment. At the same time I am concerned about what I see happening in the country and in the world.” [People]
  • The last time Qatar promised to watch a a Gitmo prisoner, he walked [TIME]
  • Obama is sabotaging Democratic Senate hopes: “The president reportedly has told his close allies that losing the Senate would be “unbearable,” but his administration is doing everything possible to make things difficult for his party’s most vulnerable senators.” [National Journal]
  • Top Senators strike VA reform deal [TIME]
  • Rahm Emanuel: DC hero, Chicago goat [Politico]
  • Michelle Obama to speak at Maya Angelou memorial service [Washington Post]
  • For a decade, GM response to fatal flaw was a shrug [NYT]
  • Senate confirms Sylvia Matthews Burwell to head HHS [LA Times]

The Morning Must Reads are published daily on weekdays.

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U.S. Adds 217,000 Jobs, Unemployment Remains at 6.3%

May marks the fourth straight month of jobs growth in 2014

The U.S. added 217,000 jobs in May, according to the federal jobs report released Friday, but the unemployment rate held steady at 6.3%. That rate matches April’s figure, the lowest seen in five years.

May marks the fourth straight month of jobs growth in 2014, with the economy adding on average about 214,000 jobs per month this year. The Bureau of Labor statistics report aligns with analysts’ predictions that the May report would reflect moderate growth following April’s strong report.

Private-sector employment rose by 179,000 jobs in May, payroll service firm ADP reported Wednesday.

April’s jobs numbers were adjusted to show 282,000 jobs were added last month, down 6,000 from the 288,000 additional jobs previously reported.

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Hachette: Layoffs Aren’t Related to Amazon Fight

The company denies the layoffs are related to its ongoing spat with Amazon

Hachette Book Group, the publishing company involved in an ongoing dispute with online marketplace Amazon, said Friday it would be cutting about 3% of its U.S. staff, according to Publishers Weekly.

The move is reportedly a part of a “cost-saving initiation” essential to the company’s future growth. Hachette, however, says the layoffs were planned well before its ongoing fight with Amazon broke out into the open. Amazon has been blocking customers from pre-ordering Hachette books and taking them off prominently featured pages in a dispute over the publisher’s contract with the online marketplace.

(WATCH: Stephen Colbert Ripped Amazon Apart Over Its Hachette Dispute)

Hachette’s sales reportedly fell 6.2% during the first quarter of this year. A total of 28 positions will be cut.

[Publishers Weekly]

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