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Behold the Glory of Unboxing a Brand New Apple Watch

This is what it's like to open a new Apple Watch

Apple’s long-awaited Watch is finally available. Customers who bought the device are starting to get their devices in the mail today, April 24. (The Watch is not being sold in Apple Stores.) Developers, include TIME, are releasing have rolled out apps for the device. If you’ve ordered one but not received it yet or still unsure, here’s a closer look at what comes in the box:

Cubie King for TIME; Gif by Joseph C. Lin for TIME


Cubie King for TIME; Gif by Joseph C. Lin for TIME


Cubie King for TIME; Gif by Joseph C. Lin for TIME


Cubie King for TIME; Gif by Joseph C. Lin for TIME

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See the Massive Monuments Silicon Valley Is Building

The tech world's crown jewels

On March 30, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Menlo Park, Calif.—based company had finally moved into its newest quarters, a 433,555-sq.-ft. box with a parklike roof created by architect Frank Gehry. “The building itself is pretty simple and isn’t fancy,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page. That may be, but it is also carefully designed open space. The company is building on decades of data—and its own experience–showing how free-form connections among employees are important in generating new ideas. Earlier this year, Google submitted a plan to redevelop part of its Mountain View, Calif., campus into four futuristic hubs under sweeping glass canopies. Instead of immovable concrete buildings, the company wants to construct lightweight structures that can be easily reconfigured as it explores new businesses (think self-driving cars or medical technology). Similar megaprojects under way at Apple and Amazon point to a wider break with the past. Technology’s most powerful (and wealthy) companies are grappling with how to be environmentally responsible while recruiting and retaining workers and continuing to foster innovation. “They’re betting that if you’re in the right space, you’re going to work hard; you’re going to be happier,” says Margaret O’Mara, an associate professor at the University of Washington who has studied the rise of Silicon Valley. “This signals a different phase in their history.”

This appears in the April 20, 2015 issue of TIME.
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The Walking Dead Watch: “Spend”

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 5B, Fog Gallery - Photo Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC
Ben Leunee/AMC—© AMC Film Holdings LLC. "Wait, what just happened?"

Back to the show's gory, gory roots

“Spend,” episode 14 of the fifth season of The Walking Dead, doesn’t skimp on the gore. Perhaps the title is a nod to what the producers anticipated having to do to pull off so many stomach-churning (also, stomach-dismembering) visual effects. Or perhaps it’s a nod to the writers’ willingness to let blood toward the end of a season. Whatever the case, this isn’t one to watch while eating.

The group is now more or less fully integrated with the Alexandria community. Daryl is out recruiting. Abraham is working on the construction gang. Noah wants to be an architect. Maggie is part of the town government. Glenn, Tara, and Eugene are doing scavenging runs. And Rick and Carol are preoccupied with the mundane whodunnits of small-town life.

Carol and Rick slowly suss out that something’s not quit right about the town doctor. He’s probably hitting his wife, Jessie, and maybe their son, Sam, Carol decides, before telling Rick the family drama is going to end in bloodshed. Meanwhile, Abraham shows himself a born leader at the construction site by saving one of the workers and taking command of the terrified crew.

But most of the action occurs at the warehouse where Deanna’s son, Aiden, leads a scouting party to find parts to fix the community’s power grid. Things go fubar almost immediately: Aiden is impaled on some metal shelving when he accidentally sets a grenade off; Tara is also knocked unconscious. While Eugene takes care of Tara, Glenn, Noah and the coward Nicholas try to un-impale Aiden to no avail. They fail, and he gets slowly, squishily eaten from the middle out by a pack of walkers.

When Glenn, Noah and Nicholas find themselves trapped inside a revolving door, the coward Nicholas makes a run for it, sacrificing Noah in the process. He gets slowly, squishily eaten from the face out by a pack of walkers. Glenn, Eugene, Tara and the coward Nicholas make it out alive.

The show ends with a prophetic warning. Gabriel tells Deanna that Rick’s group is corruption itself and to be wary for what is sure to come in episodes 14 and 16.

Zombie Kill Count
1 bullet to the head by Noah; 1 knife to the skull by Tara; 1 rifle shot to chest-mounted grenade by Aiden; 1 knife to the head by Noah; 1 shot to the head by Glenn; 9 shots to the dome on the construction site; 7 swings of a construction implement by Abraham; 1 shot to the head by Eugene; 4 shots to the head by Noah; 3 shots to the head by Glenn.
Estimated total: 29

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Use This Ingenious Trick to Choose the Right Apple Watch Size

It basically costs a dollar to tell which one's right for you

Gif by Lon Tweeten for TIME

Apple’s “Spring Forward” event on Monday answered a lot of questions about the company’s upcoming smartwatch. CEO Tim Cook revealed how much the various models will cost, ranging from $349 to $17,000, what the device’s various apps can do, and when it will be available for purchase (April 24).

One of several surprises was a slight price difference in the two planned body sizes of the Watch, which will come in 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter variants. After last year’s unveiling, many onlookers assumed the two versions were more or less women’s and men’s editions and would likely be priced according the material they’re made of and the accessories they come with. Instead, an entry-level 38-millimeter Apple Watch Sport costs $349 compared to $399 for the 42-millimeter version, for example.

The difference is negligible, but might become a deciding factor for some consumers. Apple will accept pre-orders for the device starting April 10 and said it would schedule in-store fittings to help customers decide which watch suits them best. This is going to be the best way to find the right device. The company is also providing life-size version in its Apple Store app for iOS devices.

But what if, you know, you simply can’t wait or don’t want to hold your phone in front of your wrist? Here’s a one-dollar hack that shows you (approximately) what the dimensions of the smaller Apple Watch are. Fold a bill (U.S. currency) as directed below and you can get a quick approximation of which size will look best on your wrist. Enjoy.

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Everything We Just Learned About the Apple Watch

It goes on sale April 24 and ranges from $349 to upwards of $10,000

Apple gave more details about its upcoming smartwatch, the Apple Watch, at a press briefing in San Francisco Monday. Some six months after unveiling the device, CEO Tim Cook filled in many of the blanks, such as how much various versions will cost and how long the built-in battery will last.

Cook revealed more about the device’s price. The Watch, which comes in three distinct lines and various metals, is the most customizable device the company has ever sold. The entry-level Watch Sport will cost $349 and $399, depending on the size of the body, 38 millimeters or 42 millimeters. The mid-tier Watch collection will range from $549 to $1099. The top-of-the-line Watch Edition will retail for $10,000 and up. Cook said the later device will be available in limited quantities and only in certain stores.

Apple will begin taking Watch pre-orders on April 10, and is planning to offer a preview program to let customers try the devices on in stores. The Apple Watch will go on sale April 24.

Cook also reviewed the device’s major features, including receiving and making phone calls, reading email, making wireless payments, controlling the music on a connected iPhone, and tracking exercise. Apple’s CEO touted features that let two Apple Watch owners send each other animated messages and imprints of their heart beats. Many of those features had been presented last year.

The Apple Watch will be able to run third-party apps, much like iPhones and iPads, and the firm showed off a few new examples. Kevin Lynch, the company’s vice president of technology, demonstrated a weather application powered by The Weather Channel. Another, messaging app WeChat, works on the Watch much like it does on a smartphone, allowing users to send one another text and images. Other apps included Facebook’s Instagram, ride-hailing app Uber, music app Shazam, and a ticketing system for American Airlines.

Lynch said the Watch connects to a user’s iPhone over both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, meaning the phone doesn’t necessarily have to be in close range of the watch to provide data connectivity.

Cook for the first time showed off the company’s Apple Watch iPhone software, which will allow users to download apps for the device and configure their wearable via their phones.

He also addressed the Watch’s battery life, one of the device’s biggest unanswered questions. He said the device would last 18 hours on a single charge.

Cook showed a video of former model Christy Turlington using the device. She wore the Watch during a half marathon she ran for charity in Africa. She spoke about how the device tracked her run, including distance and pace. In a departure from previous Apple presentations, Turlington then came on stage wearing the device to give a testimonial. “We want to the Apple Watch to help you prepare for your next marathon,” Cook told her.

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Apple Unveils 12-Inch Retina MacBook

The company just introduced its lightest laptop ever

Apple on Monday unveiled a svelte new addition to its lineup of laptops: the 12-inch MacBook. At a press briefing in San Francisco, the electronics giant introduced the long-anticipated update to its MacBook line.

CEO Tim Cook touted the device’s light weight and thin enclosure. It weighs 2 lbs. and, at its thickest point, the MacBook is 13.1 millimeters thick, 24% thinner than the 11-inch MacBook Air. It also features the company’s ultra-high-resolution Retina display. And unlike previous models, the device will be available in multiple colors, silver, grey and gold. Introducing the computer, Cook joked with the audience, “It is unbelievable! Can you even see it?”

Marketing chief Phil Schiller said the device represents the company’s vision of the future for notebooks. Rather than a multitude of ports, the device will have one connector, dubbed USB-C, to provide power, video output, and device connectivity. Schiller said the standard was being adopted across the computer industry. On stage, Schiller called it “the world’s most energy efficient laptop.”

The base model MacBook comes with a 1.1 Ghz dual-core Intel Core M processor, Intel HD 3500 graphics, 8GB of memory, and a 256GB SSD hard drive. It begins at $1,299 and will be available next month. The company also announced several moderate upgrades to its other laptops.

CEO Cook said during the presentation that while the notebook market shrank 2% last year, Apple’s MacBook business grew 21% during the same period. Ultra-light notebooks like the one Apple introduced today have been the lone bright spot as personal computer sales have sputtered over the past few years. According to researcher Gartner, sales of so-called ultra mobile premium computers like the new MacBook are expected to grow to 85 million annually, up from 39 million last year.

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Everything We Know About the Apple Watch So Far

[Time-brightcove videoid=4101479199001]

Apple will reveal more details about its latest device on Monday, March 9

The Apple Watch is arguably the company’s biggest launch in years.The upcoming wearable, expected to go on sale in April, is the first all-new product category for Apple since the introduction of the iPad in 2010. Some six months after unveiling the device, CEO Tim Cook is getting ready to take the stage and give the world more details. On Monday in San Francisco, Apple is holding a “Spring Forward” event, presumably to update press and consumers about the device’s imminent launch. Until then, here’s everything we know so far:

The event is Monday, March 9 at 10AM PST / 1PM ET. As it usually does, Apple sent out invites to the media ahead of time with a little tease about the subject matter at hand. “Spring Forward,” as the invite reads, is a joke about the recent time change and telling time.

It’s not just technology, it’s a piece of jewelry. As TIME’s hands-on with the Watch last year made clear, even more so than an iPhone or iPad, the Watch is a luxury item the company wants people to display on their bodies proudly.

Jonathan Ive is really into it. Apple’s chief designer was recently profiled extensively by the New Yorker. He went on at length about the gadget’s design and “integrity.”

Tim Cook is also excited about the device. No surprise, this is the first all-new product the company has release since Cook became CEO. He’s been traveling the world, letting details of what the Watch can do slip to Apple Store employees he’s briefed.

It runs apps much like an iPhone. Though it packs less processing power, the Watch will run apps from a variety of software developers just like other iOS devices. Many of them have been toiling away in a secret lab on Apple’s campus to get ready.

Seriously, it does a lot. For a full list of features, check out this compendium.

Apps use touch and scroll. The device has highly sensitive touch screen as well as a so-called “digital crown” for scrolling through longs lists. This is what some of the apps will be like to use on the device.

It will be highly customizable. The Watch comes in multiple metals like gold and aluminum with a variety interchangeable straps. This configurator lets enthusiasts see what the different combinations will look like.

It will be expensive (possibly very expensive). Apple said the basic model would start at $349 last fall. But estimates for higher-end models made of more luxurious materials range anywhere from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands. One after-market company is already promising a $75,000 version.

All the kinks haven’t been worked out. One of the most intriguing revelations in a recent Wall Street Journal story was that the company started out with some grand ambitions about what the Watch could do in terms of monitoring users’ health. But challenges during development forced the company to scale the first version back.

Battery life will be an issue. Cook claimed his Watch lasted a full day on a charge. But, just in case, it will come with a low-power mode simply for telling the time.

You can wear it in the shower. Or so CEO Tim Cook has said.

It will have plenty of competition. Google is pushing its own version of wearables, but so far they haven’t proven very popular.

It’s going to add a lot of revenue to Apple’s bottom line. The company’s stock is likely to benefit even from relatively modest sales.

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The Walking Dead Watch: “Forget”

Ross Marquand as Aaron, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Gene Page/AMC—© AMC Film Holdings LLC. "Ok, but what about the mortgage payments?"

Zombies eat horses, don't they?

Should I stay, or should I go?

That’s the essential question the main characters are asking themselves as season five of The Walking Dead begins to wind down. Episode 13, “Forget,” finds the members of Rick’s group trying to acclimate to their new, uber-normal surroundings in a self-sustaining suburb of Alexandria, Virginia.

Most on edge is Sasha, who opens the episode with some target practice on a set of framed family portraits. At first, it’s not clear if this is simply a form of catharsis or a way to bait nearby walkers. It becomes obvious it’s the later when she slumps down on a tree trunk and whispers to herself: “Come and get me.” (They don’t.)

Carol, Rick and Daryl, meanwhile, are scheming to get their embargoed guns back. None of them seems to trust the camp’s facade as a safe haven, and they all want to be ready for things to go downhill as they have before. (Daryl, by the way, is the only one that seems to be sticking with an apocalyptic chic look when pressed shirts and sweater vests are widely available.) When a walker interrupts their colloquy, they’re surprised to find that some unidentified sadist has carved the letter ‘W’ on its forehead.

Back at the split-level ranch, city planner Deanna gives the group an impassioned speech about getting rid of the ‘us’ and ‘them’ lines dividing Rick’s crew from the rest of the community. Her goal, she continues, is to reintroduce self-government, law and order, commerce—a.k.a. civilization—to the face of the Earth. Rick, concerned this is a naive world philosophy in the age of brain-eating hordes, convinces her to station guards along the walls and post a lookout in a nearby bell tower. Sasha volunteers for duty, but Deanna isn’t convince she quite stable enough yet.

Daryl and Aaron find themselves on a scouting errand together. They spot a wild horse some of the community’s kids have nicknamed “Buttons.” They try to catch him, but Buttons ends up being chewed up by zombies. Later, Aaron invites Daryl over for dinner and gives him a motorcycle to fix up. He wants him to join him as a recruiter for the community, a job Daryl more or less accepts.

Deanna throws the group a welcome mixer, which turns out shockingly normal and suburban. There are plastic cups, beer, chips’n’dip, and the hostess wears a pearl-lined Chanel dinner jacket. It’s surreal in other words. But most of the group seems to be warming up to the reality of the community, a.k.a. that it’s real and not some nefarious pretext.

Carol, who says she likes “being invisible again” as an older woman in flower-patterned jumpers, sneaks off to recover some of the group’s guns, just in case. She pulls a delightfully Cruella Devillian maneuver when a neighborhood kid who followed her in hopes of getting more cookies discovers her robbing the armory. Our poor August Gloop slinks off in terror at the thought of being tied to a tree and left in the woods if tells anybody what he’s seen.

When Carol, Rick and Daryl meet again to distribute the contraband arms, Daryl takes a pass. Rick takes an illegal gun, however. (In the mean time, we see Michonne hang up her samurai sword, symbolically and literally.) In the final shot, Rick is seen from above the wall while a zombie bumps aimlessly against the other side. The walls of the city provide a line between the inside and the outside, but how permanent is it really?

Zombie Kill Count
1 silenced shot to the head by Carol; 2 shots and 3 machete blows to the skull by Daryl; 1 arrow to the face by Daryl; 1 boot to the head by Daryl; 1 rifle shot to the skull by Aaron; 1 knife to the face by Daryl.
Estimated total: 10

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