An Illustrated History of Twitter in Two Minutes

In honor of the site's eighth birthday

Just in time for Twitter’s eighth birthday this week, tech website Mashable animated the popular social media service’s exponential growth and global integration over the years — from founding, to now — with a sketch illustration video that features infographics and TwitPics of history. The illustrator, Bob Al-Greene, draws faster than I tweet — and that’s saying something.


WATCH: Wu-Tang Rapper GZA Delivers TED Talk About Science Education

"Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green?"

The Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA, a.k.a “The Genius,” a.k.a. Gary Grice just gave a TEDxTeen Talk as the latest viral address in his campaign “to provide a model for students to communicate the information learned from their science teachers.”

As Wu-Tang’s dozen or so active members are busy finishing the iconically absurdist rap group’s 20th anniversary reunion album, it just so happens that GZA is also leading Science Genius, an “urban science initiative” that he cofounded with Rap Genius and Christopher Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College. The project weaves lyricism and artistic conception into the science curricula of 10 public New York City high school classrooms.

While many musical artists are known to promote public funding of arts education, GZA and his bandmates have long been obsessed with the many mind-blowing phenomena of the universe. “Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green?” he asks. “Why is metal a conductor of electricity, and wood is not; but you’re more likely to be struck by lightning when standing under a tree?”

“These are questions that require science to answer.”


Here’s the First Trailer for the Coen Brothers’ Fargo TV Series

A television sequel to the Coen brothers' black comedy film classic will air on FX, with the Minnesota-bred filmmakers producing and stars like Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton leading the show

FX’s newest, longest trailer for its television sequel to the Coen brothers’ black comedy film classic, Fargo, teases all the right ingredients: an all-star cast, blunt force trauma to a bloody nose, deadpan shock, and muffed Minnesotans stalking corpses in the snow.

Joel and Ethan Coen, both executive producers of the new series, were both hands-on in development of the show with FX.

Fargo will pick up one morning after where the film’s absurd conspiracy left off, with several fatalities. Sherlock‘s Martin Freeman will replace William H. Macy, and Billy Bob Thornton will replace Steve Buscemi. Allison Tolman will also star, with Kate Walsh and Colin Hanks making brief appearances. One could only pray for the clueless return of Frances McDormand as Sheriff Marge Gunderson — alas, the president of the network has already nixed any such hope for cameos from the original cast.

As a limited series run, Fargo seems likely to preserve the grim quirk and deadpan shock of the original film, released in 1996. And better yet, both Freeman and Thornton will be shedding their accents—English and American Southern, respectively—to play “Minnesota nice.”

TIME Crime

Horse and Buggy Involved in Hit-and-Run

Neigh it ain't so (sorry)

Since Sunday, Pennsylvania state troopers have mobilized beyond Mercer County to track down a suspect who struck the driver’s side of a Honda CRV at an intersection in Wilmington Township. The driver, reportedly Amish, fled the scene on horseback with his buggy in tow.

Mercer County is a rural area in the westernmost region of Pennsylvania, home to many Old Order Amish communities. The victim, who was driving alone, suffered no injuries from the ambush. No word on how the horse is doing.

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