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Gunman Killed After ‘Full Frontal Assault’ on Georgia Courthouse

Police said a man tried to raid a courthouse and take hostages

Updated 4:42 p.m. E.T.

A man armed with explosives, body armor and makeshift handcuffs staged a “frontal assault” on a courthouse in Georgia on Friday, authorities said, injuring one person before he was killed in a shootout with police.

Authorities said a man identified as Dennis Marx, 48, tried to drive his car into the building in Cumming, Ga. He was armed with an assault rifle and gas grenades and intended to take hostages, Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper said. Marx attempted to run over a deputy who tried to stop him, later shooting the deputy in the leg. Marx was killed when a short shootout with police ensued.

“Mr. Marx’s intention was to get in that front door and take hostages,” Piper said, according to CNN, adding that Marx acted alone.

The 25-year old deputy, was taken to a nearby hospital and was expected to recover, WSB-TV Atlanta reports. Piper credited the deputy’s actions with preventing Marx from taking hostages. Authorities said no bystanders or civilians were injured.

Police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were investigating Marx’s house Friday, which Piper said was rigged with explosives. Marx hadn’t been home for more than a week, WSB-TV reports, instead living in a local hotel.

Before the shooting, Marx was set to attend a hearing in the courthouse for a drug-related charge, Piper said.

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Birth Control Works in Long-Term Acne Treatment, Study Says

More effective than previously thought

Birth control pills are as effective as antibiotics for treating women’s acne in the long term, according to a new review of clinical studies.

The dermatological study shows that antibiotics are more effective than the Pill for the first three months of treatment, but are equally successful after six months.

“This confirms that birth control pills are a good solid treatment for acne, and they’re probably underutilized,” Dr. Steven R. Feldman, a dermatologist at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, told Reuters. “Given the desire to minimize antibiotic resistance and exposure, hormonal birth control could be a good alternative.”

Birth control pills may soon be the more benign alternative to some of the antibiotics and harsh topical gels used in acne treatment. Dermatologists are already recommending low doses of birth control for female acne patients, Feldman said.

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Obama Opposes Scotland Independence

The President said he wants the U.K. to remain a "strong, robust, united" ally

President Barack Obama came out against Scottish independence on Thursday, voicing support for a unified U.K. as Scotland gears up for a September referendum.

“We obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies that we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner,” Obama said in Brussels. “But ultimately these are decisions that are going to be made by the folks there.”

The Scottish electorate will vote on independence on Sept. 18. The Scottish government hadn’t responded to Obama’s comments as of early Thursday afternoon, but at least one former official was surprised that he weighed in.

“I’m surprised that he has stepped into this,” the former U.K. diplomat Lord Malloch-Brown said, according to BBC. “I don’t think it will be very helpful for anybody.”

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