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Watch This Gorilla Test a Zoo’s Shatter-Proof Glass With His Fists

Captivity, shmaptivity

A family at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium cut their visit to the gorilla exhibition short after one silverback, evidently in no mood for guests, charged the glass partition, putting several cracks in the pane.

The footage of the close encounter has racked up almost 1.7 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.

Zoo officials told the Omaha World-Herald that the gorilla’s behavior was nothing out of the ordinary, and that the glass was triple-layered, “so there was no danger it would fall out.”

So it only resembled the worst nightmare of zoo goers everywhere.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Recovering From Quadruple Coronary Bypass Surgery

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network And Stand Up To Cancer Discuss The Importance Of Cancer Research
Paul Morigi—WireImage/Getty Images NBA hall-of famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speaks at The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and Stand Up To Cancer discussion on the importance of cancer research at Cannon House Office Building in Washington on March 17, 2015.

Doctors said the basketball legend was on track to a full recovery

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar underwent what his doctors are calling a successful quadruple coronary bypass survey on Thursday.

The operation was performed by Dr. Richard Shemin, UCLA’s chief of cardiac surgery, after Abdul-Jabbar, a TIME columnist, was admitted to the hospital this week with cardiovascular disease. Sherman said in a statement that he expected Abdul-Jabbar, 68, to make a full recovery.

“At this time, Abdul-Jabbar would like to thank his surgical team and the medical staff at UCLA, his alma mater, for the excellent care he has received. He is looking forward to getting back to his normal activities soon,” read a statement from the hospital.

“He asks that you keep him in your thoughts and, most importantly, cherish and live each day to its fullest.”

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This Is Microsoft’s Trick to Make Office Way Better on Smartphones


The next generation of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are more thumb-friendly

Microsoft has a theory that your workday splits precisely into two categories: Those moments when you’re sitting still in front of a screen 10.2 inches or above, and those moments when you’re on the go, holding a screen 10.1 inches or below. One-tenth of an inch, Microsoft says, has a profound impact on the way you work.

Microsoft has kept that dividing line in mind when designing the next generation of Office apps for Windows 10, which launches this summer. TIME got an early look at the new Windows Phone apps this week, which will be released in preview mode for Windows Phone Insiders by the end of the month. The company hopes the software’s new interfaces will let workers switch seamlessly from desktops to tablets to smartphones without straining their eyes, fingers or thumbs.

In practice, the redesigns bring design tweaks that are subtle but deeply effective. For example, that ribbon of menu options in Word, typically entrenched at the top of the screen, flips to the bottom of the screen on smartphones. And why not? That’s where your thumbs are, after all.

The menus themselves pack a surprising number of features into the smartphone’s limited screen space. Flick up the menu in Word, for instance, and it displays a few of the formatting menu’s greatest hits – Italicize, Bold, and so on. One more flick of the thumb reveals a deeper list of all of those nit-picky buttons you might have waited to use at the desktop. Now they glide underneath your thumb for easy picking.

Excel, too, makes the leap to smartphones with hardly a loss in functionality. The 400 or so functions familiar to power users have been repackaged into larger groupings (Statistical, Engineering, etc.). Tap on any one grouping and nerd out at the mathematical possibilities.

PowerPoint slides are editable from the title bar down to table cells. One of the few functions that won’t be available on smartphones are precise manipulations of borders and objects — a thumb can only do so much on a touchscreen.

The question remains whether Office users pine for so many functionalities while on the go. Microsoft Office General Manager Jared Spataro said that many of the designs were self-evident to the team. “It’s almost a gut feeling in some cases,” he said, but each idea was carefully vetted by focus groups. Researchers traced their eye and finger movements across various screen sizes.

Still, there are more radical ways to redesign apps beyond thumb-centric designs. Microsoft offered a hint of how its apps could begin to anticipate users’ needs with the introduction of a new search bar in Microsoft Word. Type in a keyword, such as “strikethrough,” and the button appears automatically below the search bar, sparing users the trouble of finding it themselves. Even pushier apps like Sway can format an entire slide presentation automatically, changing fonts and backgrounds in one tap of a button. For now, though, Microsoft seems intent on porting familiar functionalities from the desktop to the tablet and smartphone, rather than overwhelm users with new tricks. It’s a fitting early step into the mobile era.

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You Can Play Halo on Your iPhone Now

Halo: Spartan Strike is a new top-down shooter

Microsoft released the latest addition to its Halo series with a surprise announcement: the game is available for download not only on Windows devices, but also for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Halo: Spartan Strike popped up in the iTunes store on Thursday, offering Apple fans the opportunity to take on 30 new missions in the Halo universe. The top-down shooter follows a spin-off story from Halo 2, and is available for digital download for $5.99.

If 30 missions isn’t enough, gamers can also purchase Halo: Spartan Bundle, which adds a second historic campaign from the Halo series for $9.99.

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You’ll Never Afford This Beautiful Gold-on-Gold Apple Watch

It's a one-of-a-kind make for fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion titan Karl Lagerfeld sported a one-of-a-kind Apple Watch in a photo posted to Instagram on Wednesday, offering a glimpse of what only fame can buy.

Apple outfitted a standard 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition with a custom-designed gold Link Bracelet for Lagerfeld, the head designer of Chanel and Fendi. Currently, Apple only offers the Link Bracelet in stainless steel, and none of the watches include the gold-on-gold combination that was “specially made” for Lagerfeld, according to his assistant and bodyguard Sebastian Jondeau.

1st apple watch specially made for KarL !! Amazing !!! Thanks #apple !!!!!! @karllagerfeld

A photo posted by Sebastien Jondeau (@bentoub) on

Given that Apple’s most expensive watch combinations already top out at $17,000, it’s not hard to see why Apple hasn’t attempted to burnish the brand with still more gold. It has burnished the brand with celebrities, however, shipping out watches to various influencers before it releases to the hoi polloi on April 24.


Satya Nadella Joins TIME 100

Microsoft Holds Annual Shareholder Meeting
Stephen Brashear—Getty Images Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addresses shareholders during Microsoft Shareholders Meeting December 3, 2014 in Bellevue, Washington.

Microsoft leader's first time on the annual list

One of the first books Satya Nadella recommended to his staff after taking the top job at Microsoft was Nonviolent Communication, an unconventional choice for a company where aggressive communicators thrived. Bill Gates famously upbraided staff with the phrase, “That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard,” plus one expletive unprintable in a family publication. His successor Steve Ballmer was one of the few executives who could give it right back to Microsoft’s formidable founder, according to co-founder Paul Allen, who offered a frank account of the pair’s nose-to-nose shouting matches in his autobiography.

Nadella has taken a calmer approach to leading Microsoft. A trim, 47-year-old who, according to Forbes, is occasionally mistaken for a vegetarian, Nadella came to the U.S. as a young electrical engineering graduate from Hyderabad, India. He racked up master’s degrees in computer science and business administration before joining Microsoft in 1992. Nadella distinguished himself as the leader of Microsoft’s cloud services unit, which has consistently stood out in Microsoft’s earnings reports with triple-digit growth. In February 2014, Nadella succeeded Ballmer as Microsoft’s third Chief Executive Officer in the company’s history.

This year, Nadella finds himself on the TIME 100, the magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Joining the likes of Apple’s Tim Cook and Theranos’s Elizabeth Holmes and YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki as one of the tech leaders changing our world

“Satya is basically the star of one of those teen movies where the parents go out of town and the kid takes control of the place. And it’s been great,” says Aaron Levie, the CEO of cloud-commuting company Box.

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In a memo Nadella wrote six months after he took over Bill Gates’s old job, he told Microsoft employees, “We must rediscover our soul,” . That’s easier said than done for the new CEO of an $87 billion enterprise that seems to want a hand in every facet of the tech world. What exactly is the unifying purpose of a company that churns out operating systems, software, search engines, games, cell phones, tablets, database and cloud services and for all we know has a business unit toiling away at a kitchen sink?

Enter Nadella’s rallying cry, “cloud first, mobile first,” a mantra he’s chanted in virtually every memo and at every public appearance. It’s hard to appreciate just how radical a philosophy that is for the chief executive of Microsoft until you consider what comes second to the cloud and the mobile.

Software has always been Microsoft’s cash cow. Licensing fees, chiefly from sales of Windows and Office products, account for roughly two-thirds of the company’s revenue. In the past year, Nadella has taken a battering ram to Microsoft’s paywall. The first blow came with a free giveaway of mobile versions of Microsoft’s lucrative Office software suite. In late 2014, Word, Excel and Powerpoint suddenly cropped up as standalone apps for iPhone, iPad and Android users. Users downloaded the free Office apps 80 million times over. The second hit came this past January, when Microsoft announced the upcoming version of its Windows operating system, long the company’s crown jewel, would be free for one year to all current Windows users running versions 7 and up. Even pirates who had downloaded bootlegged copies of the software would be eligible for the upgrade, no charge.

Nadella’s plan involves a strategic gambit to win back users first and charge them for premium services later. “Usage, usage, usage,” Nadella said in a CNBC interview. “Wherever we are seeing something getting used, that to us is an early indicator that there might be something that people want. And then let’s figure out how to make that great. And then let’s go figure out monetization.”

But Nadella isn’t just in it for the users. At a January press event at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington headquarters, he stunned the room by unveiling the HoloLens, an augmented reality headset that adds computerized images to the wearer’s physical environment. It was hard to tell which was more shocking: The HoloLens itself or that such an innovative device was coming from Microsoft, long written off by some observers as past its prime. Overnight, the tech blogs started asking if Microsoft was cool again.

Nadella probably doesn’t hate headlines like those. Still, he can’t coast on “cool” alone. At some point, Microsoft’s new users will have to be turned into paying customers — before Microsoft’s moves to abandon reliable revenue streams in an uncertain quest for future growth make investors too jittery. For now, however, stockholders are being patient with the new guy: Microsoft’s stock is up about 12% since Nadella first became CEO. That’s not a bad start. But Nadella’s true test will come later this year, when the release of Windows 10 will offer the first major stress test for his strategy.

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7 Exercise Apps For People Who Hate Working Out

Antonio Saba—Getty Images

Whether you're motivated by money, competition or a simple push notification, there's an app to help you get moving

Looking to get in shape for summer? Fitness may be its own reward, but these seven apps can sweeten the deal by prodding, encouraging and even paying users to roll off of that couch and unleash their inner gym bunnies — or just move a bit more. No pressure.


Human can track a whole range of movements, in and out of doors, whether the user is pounding the pavement or dancing alone in front of the mirror. Any activity short of shifting about in a chair counts toward a daily goal of 30 minutes in motion (busybodies can revise their goal upwards to 60 or 90 minutes). On those occasional inert days, the app automatically prods the user to get moving. It’s a great starter app for anyone who wants to get active, but doesn’t want to commit to a single, repetitive fitness routine.


It pays to workout with Gympact, literally. A community of users bet $5 to $10 that they’ll stick to their weekly exercise routine. Those who break their pact automatically lose money, which is disbursed to those who uphold their end of the bargain. The app tracks progress toward your weekly goals using the phone’s motion sensor for movement and GPS for gym visits. With payouts ranging from $0.30 to $5, the carrot doesn’t quite match the stick. Then again, it’s one of the only workout apps to brandish a carrot and a stick in the first place.


Fitocracy adds a competitive twist to the workout routine, awarding points for each recorded workout, badges for significant milestones and bragging rights on a social network of more than one million users (including Arnold Schwarzenegger). If points, public glory and a loose affiliation with the Terminator aren’t motivation enough, users can also hire a personal trainer for coaching and nutritional advice at $1 a day.

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K may sound like an ambitious goal for anyone on the couch-end of the spectrum, but this app’s training regimen starts easy and gradually ratchets up the run time from one training session to the next. Audio cues from a personal trainer prompt the user to push just a little bit longer than the previous session. Stick to the program, and novice runners can complete a 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) circuit within nine weeks.


RockMyRun arranges music mixes by tempo, so that the beat falls roughly in line with your running pace, whether its an easy jog (120 beats per minute) or a hard run (150 beats per minute). Android users can manually change the tempo, but iPhone users can take advantage of the latest feature: tempos that automatically sync up to footfalls or heartbeats.

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout

Ever since a groundbreaking fitness study found that 7 minutes of exercise could yield impressive results, there has been a veritable explosion of 7-minute workout apps. Johnson & Johnson whipped up the cleanest looking interface. Reading the instructions is the easy part — actually following through on the high-intensity workout, not so much. On the upside, the end is always seven minutes in sight.

Type n Walk

The absolute last refuge for texting addicts, Type n Walk uses the smartphone camera to display the pavement immediately in front of you in real-time. Compose texts or emails against this moving backdrop. “This combined with your peripheral vision is just enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles,” the app makers say. Test their claim at your own risk.

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Indiegogo Suspends Crowdfunding Campaign for Oklahoma Deputy in Fatal Shooting

Campaign for Robert Bates did not raise a single dollar before being suspended

Crowdfunding site Indiegogo suspended a fundraising campaign Tuesday for Oklahoma reserve deputy Robert Bates, who was captured on tape in a fatal police shooting.

Bates, 73, says he mistook his hand gun for a stun gun when he fired live ammunition at 44-year-old Eric Harris, who could be seen on the video filmed April 2 being pursued by police.

Shortly after the footage went public, a campaign page was placed on Indiegogo by an anonymous user seeking up to $25,000 for a legal defense fund. “Help us end the vicious attacks on police,” the organizers wrote on the webpage, shortly before the campaign was suspended on Tuesday. The page has since been taken down.

“Our trust and safety team regularly conducts verifications and this campaign is currently suspended pending review,” an Indiegogo spokesperson said to TIME.

No one had donated to the campaign since its launch on April 13. Indiegogo recently shut down a previous fundraiser for the South Carolina officer who was charged with murder.

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Read Malala Yousafzai’s Letter to ‘Brave Sisters’ Abducted by Boko Haram

Malala Yousafzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Christopher Furlong—Getty Images Malala Yousafzai holds a bouquet of flowers during after being announced as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, on October 10, 2014 in Birmingham, England.

"To my brave sisters, the kidnapped schoolgirls of Chibok," she wrote

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai wrote an open letter to the 219 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram militants, one year after the girls were seized from a boarding school in the rural northeastern town of Chibok.

“On this first anniversary of your captivity, I write to you with a message of solidarity, love and hope,” the young Pakistani activist wrote in a letter posted to Medium, which she also read aloud in a SoundCloud audio recording.

Yousafzai described her own meetings with Nigerian officials, in which she urged Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to secure their release. “I am among many people pressuring them to make sure you are freed,” she wrote.

She also described emotional encounters with grieving parents and survivors of the attack. “Last July, I spent my 17th birthday in Nigeria with some of your parents and five of your classmates who escaped the kidnapping. Your parents are grief-stricken. They love you, and they miss you,” she wrote.

She added that girls who had escaped the attack received full scholarships through the Malala Fund to complete their secondary school studies. “We hope to someday extend that same scholarship to all 219 of you, when you return home,” Yousafzai wrote.

Read the full letter at Medium.

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Ohio Gov. Kasich ‘Seriously Considering’ Presidential Run

Benjamin Netanyahu Address
Tom Williams—CQ-Roll Call,Inc./Getty Images Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) talks with the press after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint meeting of Congress in the House chamber, March 3, 2015.

"If it makes sense, you know I'll do it"

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he is “seriously considering” a presidential run, joining an already crowded field of contenders for the Republican presidential nominee.

“If it makes sense, you know I’ll do it,” Kasich said Monday during a luncheon at the Detroit Economic Club, CBS Cleveland reports.

Kasich highlighted his opposition to deficit spending and illegal immigration as two issues that would shape his campaign platform if he decided to run. But he said he still needed to discuss the decision with family and friends.

The comments came the same day Senator Marco Rubio announced his presidential bid. Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have also entered the Republican race.

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