Obama Calls for Expanded Fleet of Arctic Ice Breakers

White House says U.S. needs vessels in the hotly contested region to "maintain the open seas"

President Barack Obama will call for an expanded fleet of Arctic ice breakers on Tuesday, warning that the U.S. risked losing control of shipping routes, fishing grounds and pristine habitats if the Coast Guard does not strengthen its presence in the region.

The plan hastens the construction of a new Arctic ice breaker by two years and urges Congress to release “sufficient resources” to build still more vessels, the New York Times reports. The U.S. Coast Guard currently has a fleet of two active ice breakers, far fewer than Russia’s 41 vessels, with 11 more in the pipeline.

The rush to build new vessels comes amid an expansive thaw of Arctic ice, which have enabled nations to break new passageways through the region.

“The growth of human activity in the Arctic region will require highly engaged stewardship to maintain the open seas necessary for global commerce and scientific research, allow for search and rescue activities, and provide for regional peace and stability,” the White House said in a press statement.

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Polish Cops Block Treasure Hunters Seeking Nazi ‘Gold Train’

Authorities blockaded a rural tract of train tracks amid an influx of treasure hunters

Authorities rushed to blockade a stretch of train track in rural Poland after the reported discovery of an abandoned train reignited long-held rumors that a Nazi train, freighted with gold and gems, had supposedly vanished into the hills in the spring of 1945.

Dozens of treasure hunters, some equipped with metal detectors, have swarmed into the wooded hills outside of the city of Walbrzych in southwest Poland, the AP reports. Governor Tomasz Smolarz said that police have been deployed to block entry points into the woods and ensure infiltrators do not attempt to walk along the still active train tracks and risk an accident.

The gold rush surged after deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski reportedly said that ground-penetrating devices appeared to show the contours of a train in an underground passage.

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Ben Carson Tied With Donald Trump in New Iowa Poll

Top-Polling GOP Candidates Participate In First Republican Presidential Debate
Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images Republican presidential candidates (L-R) Ben Carson, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Donald Trump participate in the first prime-time presidential debate hosted by FOX News and Facebook at the Quicken Loans Arena August 6, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.

“These results mark a significant shake-up in the leaderboard"

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson tied real estate mogul Donald Trump for the top slot in a poll released Monday, the first time another contender has matched Trump’s lead in the state.

The Monmouth University Poll showed a groundswell of support for outsider candidates with short political resumes.

Carson matched Trump with 23% support among the state’s Republican voters, both of whom were followed by former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina with 10%. None of the remaining candidates, including established political players such as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, managed to crack the double digits.

“These results mark a significant shake-up in the leaderboard from Monmouth’s Iowa poll taken before the first debate,” Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute said in a public statement.

The poll of 405 registered Republicans in Iowa who voted in at least one of the last two state primary elections and said they were likely to attend the caucuses was taken from Aug. 27-30. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

TIME Crime

Mother Charged With Murdering Her Twin Sons

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Mugshot of Mireya Lopez on Aug. 30, 2015.

Police said the mother confessed to drowning her 2-year-old sons

Arizona police said they were holding a mother on charges of murder after she confessed to “intentionally” drowning her twin sons in a bathtub.

Emergency responders found Mireya Alejandra Lopez’s twin 2-year-old sons lying unresponsive on a bed, after responding to a family member’s 911 call from inside the house, The Arizona Republic reports. Authorities said Lopez, 22, confessed to drowning her sons and attempting to drown a third child before other members of the household intervened.

“We won’t officially say it’s a drowning until they go through an autopsy,” said Avondale police Sgt. Brandon Busse.

TIME politics

Here’s How Denali Became Mount McKinley in the First Place

"McKinley never got near it."

President Barack Obama announced Sunday that he would restore the original Native American name to the tallest peak in North America: Mount McKinley will once again be Denali.

Ohio lawmakers vowed to battle the decision, arguing that the name change would dishonor one of the state’s most famous personages, former U.S. President William McKinley, from whom the mountain derived its name. “This political stunt is insulting to all Ohioans,” said state lawmaker Bob Gibbs.

The idea of changing the mountain’s name is not a new one—in the 1970s, for example, Alaska’s state government made a serious effort to persuade the federal government to do what Obama has just done. As explained by a TIME story about that legal battle, the name “McKinley” was itself the product of a surprisingly personal political spat:

The mountain’s name was a fluke. As local historians tell it, in 1896 W.A. Dickey, an ornery gold prospector and one of the first U.S. explorers in the area, fell into an argument with two supporters of William Jennings Bryan and his free-silver movement. The prospector retaliated by naming the mountain after the champion of the gold standard, then Presidential Candidate William McKinley. The name stuck and gradually worked its way into maps and books. Now there is virtually no resistance in the state to the proposed name change [to Denali]. Few Alaskans feel that the long-dead President deserves the honor. Says Anchorage Daily News Publisher Kay Fanning: “McKinley never got near it.”

At the time, Ohio Congressman Ralph S. Regula was the one to respond with outrage, writing to TIME to dispute the idea that Alaskans wanted the switch, and to question the relevance of whether McKinley had visited the mountain or not. “It would be interesting to see if other Alaskan landmarks—Mount Foraker, Jefferson Peak, Fillmore Peak, Mount Cleveland, Grant Peak, Lincoln Island, Wilson Creek or Point Hayes—were visited by people for whom they were named,” he wrote. “All information I find indicates they were not.”


Rupert Murdoch Touts Michael Bloomberg for President

"It's time for next billionaire candidate, Mike Bloomberg to step into ring"

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch announced his top choice for a presidential candidate on Sunday, urging New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to “step into [the] ring.”

Murdoch touted Bloomberg as a serious contender to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who has held a narrow lead in the polls, despite stiff competition and a string of controversial comments. Murdoch dubbed Bloomberg as the alternative “billionaire candidate.”

Murdoch was tweeting from a yacht above the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia, where he also seemed to suggest climate change damage to the reef was untrue.

He later seemed to backtrack:


Watch Jon Stewart Get Body Slammed by WWE Wrestler

WWE SummerSlam 2015
JP Yim—Getty Images Jon Stewart gets into the action at WWE SummerSlam 2015 Barclays Center of Brooklyn in New York City on Aug. 23, 2015.

"Stewart asked for it"

Jon Stewart returned to the ring Monday evening to mend fences with WWE wrestler John Cena, one day after the retired Daily Show host swung a chair into Cena’s gut.

Cena claimed to “understand” why Stewart launched a sneak attack, and asked for Stewart’s understanding in return, before treating the comedian to his signature body slam, the Attitude Adjustment.

TIME Companies

Blue Bell Ice Cream Will Return to Stores at the End of August

Blue Bell Ice Cream is seen on shelves of a grocery store prior to being removed on April 21, 2015 in Overland Park, Kansas. Blue Bell Creameries recalled all products following a Listeria contamination. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire—Getty Images Blue Bell Ice Cream is seen on shelves of a grocery store in Overland Park, Kansas, on Apr. 21, 2015.

The company was forced to close its plants after a listeria outbreak

Blue Bell Creameries announced that its first shipment of ice cream will ship to “select markets” on August 31, roughly four months after a Listeria contamination forced the company to issue a nationwide recall.

Blue Bell resumed production at its upgraded Alabama creamery in late July, while its Texas and Oklahoma facilities remain closed pending further upgrades.

“Over the past several months we have been working to make our facilities even better, and to ensure that everything we produce is safe, wholesome and of the highest quality for you to enjoy,” Ricky Dickson, Blue Bell’s vice president of sales and marketing said in a press release.

The company announced a phased shipment plan that will begin with deliveries to parts of Texas and Alabama and eventually fan out across 15 states.

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TIME celebrities

Watch Heidi Klum Shrug Off Donald Trump’s Latest Insult

"Sadly, she's no longer a 10"

One day after Donald Trump declared Heidi Klum “no longer a 10,” the supermodel struck back at the Republican frontrunner over Twitter on Monday, showing that as far as she was concerned, his opinions amounted to a big, fat zero.

Klum shrugged off his critique in a video response posted to her official Twitter account, in which she can be seen feigning shock as she’s demoted to a “9.99” during a photo shoot. A quick shrug of the shoulders says it all.

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