The Brief

Calais Migrants
Rob Stothard—Getty Images

'I Am Always Scared'

Desperate conditions in France's sprawling migrant camps — the ones in Calais are known as "the Jungle" — drive more migrants to seek a future across the Channel in England, but many remain in the crowded camps for months or years

Boko Haram

Nigerian Troops Rescue 178 People From Boko Haram

Nigerian troops rescued 178 people from Boko Haram in attacks that destroyed several camps of the Islamic extremists in the northeast, an army statement said on Sunday. The nation's air force reported killing "a large number" of militants in repelling an attack


Obama's 'Biggest' Move to Combat Climate Change

President Obama will unveil regulations to curtail greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants and eventually revamp the energy industry, which he bills as "the biggest, most important step" ever taken to address climate change


Hong Kong Protesters Cry Out 'Breast Is Not a Weapon'

Around 200 protesters staged a demonstration in front of Hong Kong's police headquarters on Sunday, wearing and waving bras and carrying placards to protest the recent conviction of a woman for assaulting a police officer with her breast


Drug-Testing Data Suggests Pervasive Cheating in Athletics

Doping in athletics is much more pervasive than previously believed, according to a recent investigation disputing the accuracy of drug tests carried out by the International Association of Athletics Federations. The World Anti-Doping Agency is investigating further

Cecil the lion

Cecil's Brother Is Alive, But Another Lion May Be Dead

A Zimbabwe conservation group retracted its claim that Jericho, Cecil the lion's brother, had been killed by hunters — even as officials in the country said a second American citizen illegally killed another lion several months ago

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz greets supporters at the Georgia Republican Convention in Athens, Ga. on May 15, 2015.

Ted Cruz Says Climate-Change Fears Falsified by Scientists

Senator Ted Cruz on Sunday said facts don’t support climate change, in a speech that described the notion as a front for power-hungry politicians. "If you look at satellite data for the last 18 years, there’s been zero recorded warming," Cruz said

mission impossible rogue nation

Mission: Impossible Attracts Rogue Nation of Viewers

Mission: Impossible is still box-office gold. Rogue Nation debuted to a solid $56 million this weekend, exceeding expectations and outstripping everything else in theaters. Meanwhile, Vacation opened with an undercooked $14.9 million for the weekend

Marco Rubio

Rubio: Iran Could Bomb California Within a Decade

The Florida Republican warned GOP donors in Orange County of a pending apocalypse. “I don’t think any of us wants to live in a country where a radical Shi'ite cleric in Tehran can have a nuclear weapon ... that can hit where we are sitting right now," he said

Al-Nusra Front

Capture of U.S.-Trained Fighters Sets Back ISIS Fight

This capture of around 20 rebel fighters was a cataclysmic event for the division and a serious blow for the U.S. train-and-equip program, which will now certainly face steeper challenges in recruiting new fighters and maintaining their morale

Rocky Fire

Wildfire North of San Francisco Threatens Homes

Wildfires blazing in several Western states chewed up forests and threatened homes but were most numerous in Northern California, where dozens are raging and setting off evacuations. Wildfires are also burning in Washington and Oregon

Suspected Malaysia airlines MH370 Debris Renunion

Malaysia Broadens Search for Missing Jet Debris

Officials said they would seek help from territories near the island where a suspected piece of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was discovered to try to find more plane debris, as a reported second discovery turned out to be unrelated to the Boeing 777