NHL 2014: Blackhawks vs Blues APR 17
Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville during the first period in Game 1 of the NHL Playoffs between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Billy Hurst—AP

Michael Jackson-Style Crotch Grab Earns NHL Coach $25,000 Fine

Apr 18, 2014

Now if he had followed it up with a moonwalk, things might have ended differently.

The National Hockey League levied a $25,000 fine against Joel Quenneville, coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, for grabbing his crotch during a playoff-game tirade, the league announced Friday.

In double overtime Thursday night during game one of the playoffs with the St. Louis Blues, Quenneville launched into an excited outburst after an official failed to call a penalty he thought should have been called, Sports Illustrated reports. After shouting and waving his arms about he punctuated the end of his address by grabbing his crotch in the manner of Michael Jackson or streetwise toughs looking to start a fight.

“I was definitely excited, disappointed [in] the call, but I’ll apologize for my behavior,” Quenneville said. “It wasn’t appropriate at all. It was a bush-league move on my part.”

Bush league or not, the Internet loved it.

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