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This Robot Kangaroo Can Pretty Much Hop Forever

Festo The BionicKangaroo, revealed by Festo Thursday, can jump for long periods of time without tiring

But it's no toy. The technology behind this self-charging bot can be applied to increase the endurance capacity of other machines

A German company has successfully emulated the jumping behavior of the kangaroo in robot form, the company said.

The bionic kangaroo has self-charging legs that allow it to keep jumping indefinitely without tiring, just like real kangaroos capture and re-use energy by using the tendons in their legs like springs.

It’s thought that the robot kangaroo technology could lead to advances in endurance for products such as cars and other robots.

The BionicKangaroo, which is made by the German tech company Festo, weighs 15 lb (7kg) and stands 3ft 3inches (1m) tall, and it can jump 2ft 7 inch (0.8 meters) horizontally.

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